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Cake or Death: Nerd Alert (Part Deux)


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Feb 1, 2010
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Last time I did this, we looked at the Redskins' O-line, today, horror of horrors, we are going to look at the D-line. It ain't pretty, kids. Better put the wife and kids to bed first...

Most, if not all of these stats are courtesy of Footballoutsiders.com.

Let's look at RB yards gained first. On average, we suck. 5.04 ypc, worst in the NFL. Only the Colts at 5.01 are above 5 ypc also. The leader in the NFL (also the only team under 3 ypc)? Pitt, at 2.92 ypc. Yikes. Let's change focus quickly to something else...

...how about the one encouraging stat, Power Attempts?

Good post, I may have to break my rules about reading blogs.

Gholston is a high effort guy who is a great fit as a 4-3 DT rotation player, he will give you 10 -12 snaps a game of high effort balls out football, what he is not is a set the edge stack the gap DE.

Holliday used to be a versatile de/dt tweener who played base end in a 4-3 with some time as a tackle mostly as a pass rusher, he also played some 3-4 end. 5 -6 years ago he would have been a great fit here. now hes lost his explosiveness and relies on strength and gets blown out a lot.

In all honesty we have No dlinemen other than carriker who are decent in a 3-4 most of ours are flat out bad and carriker lately hasnt been great either. this is a far cry from when our dline in a 4-3 was AC ,gholston/griffin, AH/ monty, daniels/jarmon. thats a solid front four right there with some depth even lol
The crazy thing for me about the defense haters, and I agree you have the stats to back it up, is that the only way we win games is when the defense keeps us in it. The O is not putting up points, we win in overtime or if we can squeeze it out.

Thats defense. So you can drag them over the coals for your own pleasure, but they are winning us games. One needs to look where the problem is to fix the leak.
Agreed Dreamingwolf, believe it or not. I am more thann pleased with the effort and the focus on turnovers the defense has this year. I just wish we had better players to run it. As I have said in multiple threads, multiple times, I think Fat Al throwing his fit in training camp screwed Haslett and Shanahan's decision to run the 3-4. It would not surprise me to see some improvement in the D statistically and performance-ly (yeah, i made up a word, so what?) given that they will have more time together and presumably Fat Al will play more.

My blog was just pointing out our D-line has problems, which I think we all knew.
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being barely decent while playing with passion and heart (which aside form the eagles game we have done) is not the same as being solid and doing the same, dont confuse the turnovers increasing with a formation, its strictly because we are playing aggressively that we are getting turnovers.

Alberts tempertantrum during camp was something anyone with a brain could see coming, and his ability to play NT has far more to do with his skillset than anything else (which again was something any experienced dline coach could have told shanny)

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