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Cake or Death: Hold On - Let Go


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Feb 1, 2010
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Waynesboro, VA
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Wearing shorts today. It's wet, rainy and generally ugly in beautiful downtown Chester, VA today, high of around 80, but I'm wearing shorts.

Ask me why.

(assuming you asked me here) Because I am not ready for summer to end! I love the beach, love vacations, love lazy hot days (not crazy about the Virginian humidity, but it could be worse), and I'm not ready for fall. Granted, I LOVE fall too. My job takes me over into Highland and Bath Counties from time to time, and I usually plan a trip out there right at the height of the leaves turning, and there is nothing like seeing nothing but the most brilliant reds, yellows and oranges uninterrupted as far as the eye can see. Can't wait!

I really love the end of summer because of hope. Each year I get sucked into the Redskins, and lately, with a few exceptions, I have not been much rewarded. Usually, the hope of summer is replaced by the realism of fall fairly quickly.

So I am wearing shorts today. Allow me to hold on to summer for just a few more days.

Yes, I know. I will accept reality soon. But I wonder if others will?

I want to hold on to Summer a while longer as well but that's because living in Colorado, you have to deal with looooong winters. Unfortunately, I'm already wearing sweatshirts and hoodies in the morning or after the sun goes down. During the day, however, Hawaiian shirts and shorts will still reign supreme for the next couple of weeks. I've learned to adapt.

I just pray Haslett is willing to. The ONLY guy that seems to "love" this horrible 3-4 is Laron Landry. We don't have 3-4 personnel so staying with it full time just AIN'T gonna work. Belichick-type arrogance + our schedule = an extremely frustrating season if he doesn't adjust.

We may play down to our level of competition but when we play good teams, we'll likely still lose even though we may play better. As I said in another thread, the book on this defense has already been written. The Rams did the same thing the Texans did but with a better mixture. You may not beat us deep but you sure as heck can beat us short. Just don't make mistakes and you'll usually score.

I'm flat out scared of watching Peyton Manning against our D. If changes aren't made and we can't pressure him, we'll be lucky to stay within three touchdowns of the Colts. Is staying committed to the 3-4 the remainder of this season really a good thing? I think you know my vote.

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