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Cake or Death? - Don't Call It a Comeback


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Feb 1, 2010
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90% of my readers' minds went here, upon reading this title.

(side note: my Dad clicked the link. Guaranteed. Has no idea what I'm talking about, and is now listening to the song a bit confused that I listened to that, and probably a bit amused as well)

Yep, Mama Said Knock You Out came out when I was in High School and we loved it. This pale white boy listened to Young MC, BBD, Fresh Prince, then graduated to Onyx, Snoop, etc (while also loving Grunge and Classic Rock - I like to think of myself as a Renaissance Man, musically. No, not THAT Renaissan... nevermind). My preparation for this piece consisted of me listening to this song on repeat 3-5 times. Still gets me pumped.

I saw the other day that Peter King is predicting Griffin will win the NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award. Don't call it a comeback. He was never gone. But he is gonna knock you out.

Do you think for a minute that Robert Griffin III worked his ass off all off season (as much as 12-14 hours a day according to some reports) in order to come back and be a mediocre player? Steve Young has been on PTI and SportsCenter the last couple of days telling anyone who will listen that Mike Shanahan's goal for RG3 is to be the Preeminent QB of his Generation. I have a feeling Griff wants something similar. Remember last year when the Pistol offense and the Read Option took the league by storm? Well, this off season, the answer to that seems to be that opposing D's just need to tee off and concentrate on hitting the Quarterback. Clay Matthews said as much about Kapernick (I have NO idea how to accurately spell his name, sorry) and Griffin specifically recently. His goal will be to hit them and put them in harm's way so the offensive coordinator will have no choice but to remove those plays from the gameplan.

Seems sma... no, you know what? I can't even bring myself to say that. It seems incredibly stupid. So you are telling me that one or two members of the D will be focused solely on hitting our QB? GREAT! That's the best news I can think of! AlMo is gonna go OFF! Heck, AlMo may knock you out. I would think that most offensive coordinators would tell you that's a huge advantage to know the opposing D is so concerned about one player specifically going into a matchup, and that makes them even more susceptible to the fakes, mis-directions and bootlegs the Skins run so well.

Yeah, no... don't worry about your lane assignment or discipline, just go hit the QB. Awesome coaching there. I don't know what the solution is to stopping the read-option, but being focused on hitting the QB isn't it.

All off season, Griffin has had to listen to the experts talk about the rift between he and Shanahan, his injury, opposing D's will have caught up to our gimmick offense (but Chip Kelly's teams are legitimately fast, ya'll!) and all the other crap he's had to process. The great one's use anything they can to drive themselves to excellence. This was given to him on a silver platter, he doesn't have to manufacture anything.

If I didn't hate the Eagles so much, I'd almost feel sorry for them. But I do, so I don't.

Don't call it a comeback.

RGIII's gonna knock you out.​

I just picture RG3 sitting behind a desk, looking at the newspaper and in his best Jack Nicholson voice saying "Wait'll they get a load of me....."

Buckle up...gonna be a heck of a ride!
Excellent! Bravo! :clap2:

The Cowboys tried to shut down Griff and the passing game when they met the second time. It worked - the offense generated 100 yards in the air. Alfred Morris and the Oline said, "Ok, we can do it your way", and The Butler powered his way for 200 yards. To defenses around the league, pick your poison. The pistol and RO is here to stay - again, pick your poison.

I agree 100% with everything you said. So ready for Monday night and to get this season rolling.

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