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Blognostications: Week 6 - Indianapolis Colts

Hey, I'm not mad at anyone. Blame the scantily clad blond who pulled names out of a bowl in my living room.

Nice work, my friend.
Nice write-up!

Pulling stats out and everything. RELEVANT stats, no less. I feel smarter for having read your blog, and that's saying something, 'cuz I'm really smart. :)

Seriously, really really good stuff.
I think you have great stats here and really did your homework; great job! Watch out for that Neo character...Ive heard he went to Virginia.

To put the record straight, I did not attend UVa. My father did and so did my best friend (law school, anyway) but I did not have the honor of being accepted there. Apparently you need more than a winning attitude and pretty face to get in at UVa. Who knew?

I actually attended ACU, for which we do not have an option in our profiles, so I chose to associate myself with Division I school I cheer for the most.
Great write-up, G. You probably know I'm a numbers-guy so you had me hooked quick.

Justin Beiber??? Aw, please, Brady's been through a lot lately. LOL! :rotflmao:
Great right up!!! Thank you.
Pics or it didn't happen!

How am I supposed to record the results of the draw, hold the bowl (you really wouldn't expect a scantily clad blond to hold the bowl herself would you? I mean, it would block the view) and take pictures all at the same time?
Masterful, brother. Absolutely masterful.

Perfect blend of real information, laugh lines, and genuine writing skill. Great job!
Hey, I'm not mad at anyone. Blame the scantily clad blond who pulled names out of a bowl in my living room.

Nice work, my friend.

Was there a hidden camera there?

I THOUGHT I saw a red blinking light.

I'll take 4 8 X 10s please.

And 25 wallet size.
Was there a hidden camera there?

I THOUGHT I saw a red blinking light.

I'll take 4 8 X 10s please.

And 25 wallet size.

If it's really Blondie, double the 8 x 10's and throw in a poster-sized. I'm a "big picture" kind of guy! ;)

Nice write-up and VERY bold. Manning will move the ball and put up points. You beat the Colts by holding the ball, limiting their offensive touches and creating turnovers. The Texans and Jags were both able to do that. They were able to consummate long drives with TD's and get a key turnover or two. You can't beat them without running the ball and playing very, very well on offense. McNabb and Torain will be key. If we muster less than 100 yards on the ground and 275 in the air, we'll most likely lose.

Defensively, we have to make them one dimensional. If Peyton can mix it up and dominate Time of Possession, we're screwed. Fortunately, Addai and Brown are not 100% so we have to make sure they don't run the ball and we have to be ready for that damn no-huddle. Hit the receivers hard and make them think.

The Colts are beatable but they're one of a handful of teams I really hate playing against.
Something that will probably work in our favor against the Colts is punting. The Colts right now are ranked 29th in the league with a meagre 5.9 yard per punt return average. Given Hunter's knack for burying teams deep in their own territory this could enable us to deprive them of good field position.

BTW, as a note of interest, the Redskins are tied with the Kansas City Chiefs for first place in punt return average at 15.4 yards.

It seems the Chiefs have this little speedster named Dexter McCluster returning punts and we have....Brandon Banks.

McCluster and Banks are ranked #1 and #2 respectively in the league in punt return average-the only two averaging over 20 yards per return.

That's the other half of the punting story with the Colts. They are also ranked 29th in the league in average punt return yardage by their opponents at 14.1. That may not be as much of an advantage though because forcing the Colts into three-and-outs isn't easy-they've only had seven punts returned in 5 games.

Info source:http://www.profootballweekly.com/nfl/statistics/teams/
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Rock on dude, simply solid work. Obviously you came prepared, put the pine tar on the bat, adjusted the gloves, wiggled the jock strap and hit it out of the park.
Great job dude. The bar has been raised for sure. These things keep getting better and better!

And yes, I'm EXTREMELY happy with the use of Bananas Foster. :D
You all are too kind. Thank you.

Serv, great point about the punting. I have a feeling Banks may break one. Either that, or they will expend time and energy kicking away from him, which will probably pay off in field position for us at least once.

I don't see us forcing many three and outs, but if we can limit their third down conversions, that would be great. Against Jacksonville, in a loss, Manning was something stupid like 70% on third down. Ridiculous.
Great writeup. Tough game to pick in all honesty. Before the Packers game, I honestly had the Packer and Colts as 2 losses for us. But then I had the Rams as a win and the Texans as a probable. Fortunately, the way I pick games is very scientific so I can work my way to my final position in a slow, methodical way :)

Now where did I put that Indian head nickel....... gotta go make my picks...
Six entries - six awesome blogs. The tradition of picking the Redskins to win continues. :)

I hope we can pull it off tonight, but I'm fearful of Peyton Manning and his uncanny abilities. Got my fingers crossed.

Again, great job G! :)

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