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Blognostications: 2012 - Week 7 @ NY Giants



Blognosticator - China

Redskins vs. Giants
October 15, 2012

We’ve reached...


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Aug 1, 2009
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Florida State

Pretty spot on China, great job. I will repeat what I said to Boone in another thread, the Giants have been struggling at home this year having lost to the Cowboys, narrowly escaping a defeat by the Bucs and going down early to the Browns only to come back to win it in the end.

If we hadn't gone up there last year with Rex and beat them up, I would not have as much confidence. Our offense is as you say, a totally different dynamic...we score points. If Rex can put up as many points against them see no reason Griff can't score 30. Can our pass rush disrupt Eli is the question that could haunt us.

Thanks for a great write up China! And thanks for giving the members of the board a chance to shine, there are many quality writers on this site.


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Jul 15, 2009
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Columbia, SC

Awww maaaaan, just when I was feeling good about last week China brings me back down to Earth. Pretty good write-up and some very good points.

The real key, of course, is Eli. He can be so streaky. Against the Skins, he has been rather pedestrian as of late but that doesn't mean he's not capable of blowing things up. As long as RG3 can avoid the blows, I've no doubt we can keep it close.

I'm just hoping Baby Manning, as a buddy of mine calls him, ends up throwing a head scratcher of a pick just when we need it.


Good job, China. Though I differ with you on the final outcome.

I think our D will get to Goober. He should be be good for two turnovers.

As for the Giants D, it's all about their line. If you can marginalize them, and we did it twice last year, their secondary ain't that different from ours. Pressure from the D-line makes them seem better than they are.

Having Zo in on more of our defensive packages seemed to add a spark. I look for more of that. He'll likely be directly involved in one of Goober's mishaps.

Everyone expects Goober to put up big numbers on us. I say all that talk is doodley squat. They'll be lucky if they break 20.

Redskins, 31-19.

**** a NY Giant.


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Jan 8, 2010
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Wheatland, ca

I'm hoping for a win and the sensible side of me tells me it's a divisional game so anything could happen. The Skins very poor pass defense is going to be tough to overcome every game they play for the remainder of the season.
Its going to take a lot better production from the receivers and Te's. Typical NFC east type of game ball control, field position special teams etc. I see a close game and not a lot of scoring until the 4th quarter. Skins by 2.:munching_out:


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Dec 12, 2009
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Orlando, FL

Kent State

Excellent read China I also think the key will be the defensive backfield. If they act like the proverbial swiss cheese like they have most of the season, it could be a long day. I happen to think that we're in the Giant's heads, from the early flapping about RG3 for no apparent reason, they're paying attention and have been since we swept them last year. I foresee an early Skins lead, mounted by a Giants comeback in the 3rd but the Skins finally putting a team to rest in the 4th quarter so we might for once, have some finger nails left after the game.

Skins 31 - 20


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Aug 3, 2009
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Falls Church, VA

Michigan State

China said:
I foresee a good old-fashioned NFC East slugfest coming down to the wire. RGIII keeps us in it to the end. However, captain comeback Eli Manning plays for the Giants, which means, in combination with our defense, the game won’t be over until it’s over. With a little undue luck the Giants steal a win with a late score, 27-24.
Sometimes it sucks to be right.

China said:
If I see Cruz doing another salsa in the end zone I think I’ll puke. The Redskins will need to continue the recent trend of not giving up the big play.
And, yes, that play made me physically ill.

Lanky Livingston

This defense really has a way of keeping the other team in it, doesn't it? Dang. Nicely done on the prediction, China! Too bad you couldn't have been very wrong. :(

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