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Blognostications: 2012 - Week 13, New York Giants


Blognosticator - SkinsOrlando

Until recently, I have reserved the utmost level of venom for a specific team in Dallas. In fact, I’d still argue that the blood-curdling, absolute...

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Very nice!

One small correction. Had we won the first Giants game, the Giants would be 6-5 but so would we, and we'd be at the top of the division.

I really really do hate them this year.
Who wrote this week's Blognostication? I don't see it attributed to anyone. I like it!
Sorry 'bout that, Eric. Misplaced some grey matter this morning.
... and like Eric, this is one I would really, really like to put in the W column.
Great job SkinsOrlando!

This game WILL set the tone for the rest of the season. Win and the team and fans will feel like there's NO stopping us. Lose and we get the big fart noise as the wind leaves the overstuffed balloon.

I still have nightmares from years past of playing division rivals after dark. I desperately want this RG3 guy to be the cure for those nightmares. I hereby deem him "The Chosen One". We shall be cursed no more!

Can I get an AMEN!

I still have nightmares from years past of playing division rivals after dark.

Spurrier's flapping lips during a blowout MNF loss (to the Packers?) haunt my dreams in slow-motion. They replayed that clip a THOUSAND times - ESPN was SO happy to see us fail.
That was abso-friggin-lutely outstanding!!

And this...

"Watching RG3 play quarterback is like watching all the pieces of a symphony played by one individual."

...was the BEST way to describe how I feel about watching this young man lead our team. I couldn't have said it better. And believe me, I've tried.

"Haslett reaching down deep and finding those things he forget(s) so often, his balls."

Did you have to end by bring up Haslett's balls? Ugh, there went lunch.
Haslett is, in my humble opinion, doing about as good as he can. I think you are being a bit too hard on him. Problem is, we really didn't see how bad the loss of Carriker AND Orakpo would affect us. Look at the performance of the D before and after Carriker and Orakpo went down; it is noticable even if it was only 2 or so games into the season.

This team's D is predicated on getting pressure from the front 7.

1. Rob Jackson, Alexander (initially), and Chris Wilson are not getting the pressure Orakpo did - that is a drop off.

2. Golston is off season ending surgery last year and is not making the impact Carriker was making - that is a drop off.

3. We also lost Chris Neild, Barry Cofield's backup and now have to rely on Chris (why are there so many players on our team named Chris?) Baker as Cofield's backup - that is a drop off.

4. Jarvis Jenkins is not having the impact the team expected; he is a different player since his injury last year in training camp and has been a non-factor - that is a drop off (and a major disappointment). You don't see any sports writer columns talking about how getting Jenkins back is like getting another #2 draft pick this year. In fact, you don't see any sports writer columns saying anything about Jarvis Jenkins now.

Combine that with the fact we are playing without the FS and SS we intended to have start this year and you have a compounded problem. How much more can you send against the opposing offense without exposing an already sub-par backfield? Meriweather's 1/2 game start showed me enough of how Haslett WANTED to call the D; it is a different unit without him and he is only one player. Gomes is decent, and improving, but he is not Meriweather. Heck, most people thought our picking up Meriweather was a bad thing because they thought he wouldn't play well at all.

I hate the Giants as much as Dallas now, which is saying a lot. It's worse for me down here in Miami because I am now stuck with Sid Rosenburg who eats, sleeps, and lives for NY teams. Listening to him eat crow on Tuesday morning would really make my day.
I disagree Mike, Lo is better on coverage but he simply isnt the athlete Rak is and doesnt require teams to roll protection or chip, and he isnt as dangerous , he is better at being in certain spots and I wish we would move our guys around more as LO is way more effective when moved around
Thanks guys, I feel really good about this game. I think we are in the drivers seat, notice no smack talk from.the gints this go round, they know and knowing builds doubt in there ability.
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Great job. I believe the biggest keys to success will be the play calling of Kyle and Haslett. If Kyle decides to pitch to Banks in the red zone, then we are in trouble. I really hope he is becoming smarter.

And Haslett needs to stay aggressive. We can't play like pansies if we get the lead.

On another note....bonus points for the use of the word vomitous.
This game will be different but the same. That is they won't get there the same way but it will come down to the last couple of series and will be a close one. I think the Redskins will start off strong (with the Giants nursing a hangover from their GB win) but the defense will let them back in the game in the second half. Hopefully we can take this one to make up for the one they stole from us in the Meadowlands. The defense will need to come up big in the 2nd half to hold off another Manning comeback. I predict another game with both teams scoring under 30.
Good job, SO. I liked it-especially your predicted final score. :)
arent you the one who said Rak isnt getting to the QB and was overrated?

If Im wrong I apologize, but I can recall you saying that Rak was horrible in the 3-4 and didnt get sacks like you thought he should.

I have said several times that Rak is not as effective in the 3-4 and the fact that he makes plays is due to his strength and athleticism. He has a very limited pass rush toolbox and relies a lot on his quickness and brute strength and its been enough to make him a solid but not spectacular player. if he had more pass rush moves or was used more effectively he would be awesome.

as for Lorenzo, he lacks that smooth athleticism and suddenness he is very athletic for his size but lacks top end speed, acceleration and sudden strength, he makes up for it somewhat with great instincts, a ridiculous motor and desire to make plays, but he simply isnt the threat that Rak is.

as for the game, the Giants D line overmatches our Oline, Ill be surprised of we have a consistent running game, and if Rg3 has enough time in the passing game, but as always the x factor of Rg3 gives us a punchers chance.

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