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BEL: Inconsistently Inconsistent


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Jun 30, 2009
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For years now, the Redskins have reminded me of my golf game. On any given day, I could go from tee to green in regulation but then 3 or 4 putt. If I was nailing my putts in a single stroke, I played tee to green like old people drive…slow and all over the place.

Fact is, if I could have played both long and short game well on the same day, consistently, I could have turned pro.

It was so frustrating to me that I have long since sworn off the game, sold my clubs and...

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We've been consistent in that we haven't scored more than, like, 17 points in a game in what feels like an eternity. I said prior to the season that I'd take a 42-41 loss rather than the same old same old. We've been so piss-poor on offense the last ten years that seeing McNabb and company throw for over 400 yards negates my concern that it showed only HALF and offensive system at work. I was upset that we lost.....but buoyed that we showed some life for the first time in forever.

Jason Campbell showed the same "consistency" he ever has...and, as a result, has been shown the bench in Oakland after only a game and a half.

I'll take what we've got so far this season......and hope that we are able to get both parts of both sides of the ball to start showing up each Sunday. THAT'S a consistency I'd much prefer........but I'll take what we've got for now.
I fully expect you to make the catch and hurdle the coffee table for a first down.
Until then, I will watch and wonder how long we are doomed to spoil our long Sunday afternoon walks wondering whether it will be the long game or short game that fails us today.

So I'm assuming the only thing consistant is the walk itself. Would that be the Special Teams? Please, please, please don't tweak a hammie on this week's walk. ;)
@Mike - Thanks brother. I laughed over those while I was writing them too.

@Loyal - I know it feels like we haven't scored much in a long time but this team actually put up more than 17 in 5 of it's last 8 just last year, including 27 against Denver, 24 at Philly, 30 against New Orleans, 34 at Oak and 20 at San Diego. For those of you scoring at home, 3 of those 5 teams made the playoffs and one of them went on to win the Super Bowl. The problem is that in those same games, except the Oakland match, the defense folded up like a pop tent.

@riggins - Catching might be an issue after a couple homebrews and hurdling the table is right out. :)

@Jimbo - I thought about working in Special Teams but ARE would have blown my premise completely as he was disappointingly consistent as a punt returner during his time here. Not only that, I couldn't come up with a third part of my golf game to tie it to so just left it out.

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