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Barry Bonds: Guilty of Obstruction

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The Commissioner
Aug 1, 2009
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Florida State

You know...I don't really care...But WTF does Kobe Bryant have to do with Barry Bonds being convicted of obstruction of justice? :laugh:

Lanky Livingston

I'm so glad in this time of economic crisis the government felt it necessary to spend money on this ridiculous trial.

Also, Kobe should be suspended for hate speech.


Thanks again to Bill Clinton, who single-handedly removed perjury from being considered a crime for the rich and/or famous.

And Kobe should be reimbursed for NOT being a pc phony.

Burgundy Burner

The Commissioner
Joe Gibbs Club Member
Oct 1, 2009
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Memphis, TN


Baseball remains a joke because of this trial. The powers that be in bb knew that players were juiced and did nothing about it. Bonds suddenly becomes a massively sized specimen. Records were suddenly being shattered on a daily basis. McGwire and Sosa not only break Maris' record, but made it look like an obstacle that was no more than two inches tall.

And the powers that be in bb didn't know of PEDs at that time??? Please.

Baseball was still dealing with the fan drain from the early 90s and needed a lot of spark to ignite interest again. Mission accomplished. They turned a blind eye to these things and they know it. We all knew it at the time, but it was fun to watch the McGwire-Sosa thing and other records being smashed. There were no definitive rules about HGH and other PEDs.

Word of advice to baseball - get off the moral high ground - you were never there anyway. Drop the Bonds and Clemens crap. Don't waste any more tax payer dollars on this stuff. You were an accomplice and you know it.

Disclaimer - I am not a baseball fan at all. Some of the record chasing a few years ago held my interest to a certain extent, but nothing more. I hope that Nats do well and can win a lot of titles - it would be great for the region.

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