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Article-Vick, Redskin related


The 1st Round Pick
Jul 16, 2009
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A Little Vick-Redskins Update
I just spoke to a league source who told me Michael Vick recently was saying he thought he would either join the Redskins or 49ers. But two other league sources told me there's nothing there with the Redskins, at least at the second I'm writing this. But the latter two sources also reminded me that anything can happen when Dan Snyder is determined to pursue a player. After all, as some of you have correctly pointed out, the Redskins last July said there was nothing in the works with Jason Taylor and then traded for Jason Taylor a bit later in the day.

I can't imagine that Jim Zorn would want any part of the circus-like atmosphere that would accompany Vick landing in Ashburn. I mean, these guys are getting ready to open training camp Thursday, the team struggled in the second half of Zorn's first season as a head coach and he probably needs to reach the playoffs to return for a third season. And after Snyder's attempts to replace Jason Campbell in the offseason, bringing in Vick would really help build the starting quarterback's confidence, wouldn't it?

Agent Joel Segal represents Campbell and Vick, and Segal knows Campbell as well as anyone. I just dont see this making sense.
Michael Vick doesn't fit with the Redskins for any reason whatsoever......
And by the way, I don't give a damn whether he's a felon or not. If I thought he would help this team I'd say "Bring him on".
Devil's advocate:

I have been around enough people who have been to joint and come out different. The ones that seem to succeed are the ones that understand the sheer size of the opportunity they are given at another shot at life. What if he has changed for the better?

At this point, everything that would help me make a decision on him is stuff that we fans will never have access to. So I have to have faith in our front office and coaching staff.

We'll see. I am still excited about Campbell though this year.

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