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Arcade Issue


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Aug 3, 2009
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FYI, I was playing in the arcade and when playing Boomstick, I achieved the high score. When I tried to submit it, it said I didn't have permission to access the page. I checked and I was logged in. I had previously posted a high score in another game with no problem. I thought perhaps my membership had expired but I still had two days less. Nevertheless, I renewed. I played Boomstick again and again got the high score and again got the "You do not have permission to access this page" message when trying to post the high score.

Oh well, not a big deal but I thought you should know.
I had that happen to me once too ... as I recall it was a one-time thing and worked fine the next time I submitted a score. Wasn't able to trace the problem. Boone's our arcade guru though, so perhaps a more learned eye is all that's required. We'll look at it, hermano.
Om's being generous again :) I have noticed this with some games as well. There are several types of game file formats we are using and I know that we've had this issue with one specific file type. What would help me would be if we kept a running list of games where submitting the high score is not working. I'll take a look and see if I can come up with a fix.
I just spent 3 hours trying to troubleshoot the issue (which is a well known on with this add-on) with no luck. Probably the long-term solution is just not to upload games that exhibit the issue. I know it's frustrating to demonstrate our Jedi warrior skills and not be able to revel in that high score moniker - sorry :)
No problemo. Thanks for checking into it. :)
As to you suggestion to keep a running list of games I just thought I'd tell you that my score from Lost City of Gold did not post/submit. There was a warning on the game listing that you had to complete the whole game (all the levels) before you could save your score. I won't bother telling you how much time I wasted making it through all the levels, but I will say I was frustrated that after wasting all that time it still wouldn't save my score. One caveat, I don't think this is an interface or BGO issue as much as it is an issue with this particular game and how it works (or doesn't) in this regard (software issue for the game itself).

Just a fair warning for anyone else that may try to post a score with this game.

Although I will say I did enjoy the game (I should hope so with how much time I spent playing it).
Yeah, I'm having arcade issues too. My issues revolve around the fact that people keep beating my high scores. Can't we find some way to lock those down?

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Good Topic

I looked through the whole topic, I'm going to digest the information:)

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