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anybody know someone at Verizon?


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Jul 28, 2009
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Yorktown, VA
Verizon was suppose to upgrade my business dsl to Fios on Monday. Due to strike they couldn't. In meantime they deactivated my dsl account, so we are dead in the water. Can't find anyone who knows what to do, plus dsl people can't do anything until Fios people do something. I'm pissed.
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My buddy is an engineer for Verizon, and my old baseball coach is on the regional management team. Both are on strike. What is it you're trying to find out, so I can see what they say?

He said while the strike is going, a lot of things will be hard to get done, but not impossible. He gave me a list of phone numbers and said that right now, these numbers are your only hope to get anything done until there is either a deal reached, or until employees start to cross in a week or two.

1-800-356-2355 (Verizon Business Team)
1-888-649-9500 (Verizon Business DSL Team)
1-888-244-4440 (Verizon Business Fios Team)
1-888-481-0387 (Verizon Local Business Office - Yorktown)

Good luck, hope this helps. He said call all of them. He told me to warn you it will be a headache, but don't give up, one of these will be able to help you. He said don't take the we need to wait for XXXX to do their end, because it's a bull**** run around tactic when they don't want to deal with it or don't know what to do. He said if you get through all of these and aren't satisfied, call them back, starting at the bottom of the list and working your way back up, and ask to speak to a supervisor.
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Thanks for the info. They just got me back online. I finally got a real person and had a come to Jesus discussion with them. They got a supervisor on the phone and things got resolved.

Amazing what happens when you talk about switching everything to Cox. :)
Lol, that's one way to get things done. Sadly, Cox is much worse. I've dealt with both, and the only advantage Cox has is that they are pretty quick to show up when you complain. The down side is, they only fix the problem half the time, and play dumb or make it worse the other half of the time. Not to mention the fact they charge twice as much.

Glad to hear you got everything straightened out.
So far, so good here. I have FiOS internet and TV. This community is out in the boondocks - err, Boonedocks - and I have my fingers crossed that no problems will occur.
Oh man, this reminds me of the epic ES thread about dollars, cents, units of money & that dude's Verizon bill.

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