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an interesting idea or someone smokes too much weed?



Nov 17, 2010
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I live in the warmest city in the coldest provinc


While discussing the state of my redskins and my buddies Cowpies, he brought up an interesting point, So im gonna ask you guys a question and then talk a little about it.

how many of you have watched a CFL game? I know some of you have seen AFL or AFL 2 and UFL and USFL, but the CFL has a few things that make it a very interesting draw. I don't really care for the CFL as I like watching Elite athletes and the CFL only has a few.

I think if the NFL moved to CFL rules we would see a much more dynamic game and heres why.

the field is wider and longer, it makes for much more "wow" plays, there is an extra man and an extra down. right now the best players who come up here are usually tweeners in the NFL who have good speed. I can only imagine what NFL calibre athletes could do with CFL rules.

here are the biggest differences
1- longer and wider field with deeper endzones.
2- a down is removed forcing teams away from the pound it philosophies.
3- there is motion allowed in the backfield which helps receivers.
4- there is an extra player on the field.
5- the defence lines up one full yard off the line of scrimmage.

now before the purists get all heated up, one of the problems the NFL has is with casual fans, casual fans dont like 3 yards and a could of dust, they dont care about smashmouth run 10 times drives. they want scoring, they want open field running, screen passes in the open areas , big plays and huge hits. We are looking at the NFL becoming a worldwide sport, a few years back when I was serious about playing I was in contact with several leagues overseas, there are serious semipro leagues in Italy, in germany, england and Finland. the popularity is growing.

I think CFL rules would do the following,
1- it would open up the game, offences could get very creative.
2- it would reduce injuries because right now part of the problem is that players are too big and too fast and the field has become too small. Open it up and suddenly guys wont want or need to be so massive, in fact it becomes a liability.
3-the game becomes about speed and athleticism again, more importantly it would help protect QB's who are becoming more and more endangered despite all the rules to protect them.

now I now its a pipe dream, there is no way it would happen, too much would have to change but I do think it would be an amazing game to watch and would be better for the players.



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Jun 30, 2009
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Raleigh, NC


I've watched Canadian football and found it interesting and fun to watch because of the differences. My personal preference would be to have it around as an occasional diversion away from the NFL but not as a replacement-but I just happen to be fond of things done a bit differently just for variety's sake once in a while.

As far as your idea goes I see a lot of potential resistance due to an almost worshipful attitude toward "tradition" as an abstract idea. In addition, people in the U.S. have simply become accustomed to and therefore comfortable with the NFL as it is right now-and I believe there would also be inevitable conceptual comparisons to arena football which would have a trivializing effect.


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Jul 22, 2009
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I remember 30+ years ago (I was in my early teens) calling in to the Ken Beatrice show and asking him (and guest Dave Bing) if the NBA would ever go to the 3-point shot (which was then in the ABA)--I thought it would open things up, make games more exciting, allow for the realistic possibility of far more comebacks, etc. (I didn't have the slightest idea what I was talking about b/c I only actually cared about the Skins.) Their reaction: hmm, I doubt it, but interesting idea. And the NFL has adopted the 2-point conversion, so you never know what might happen.

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