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The 1st Round Pick
Jul 16, 2009
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This guy could be something special.

Anthony Alridge runs under a 4.3 forty, and is a great receiver out of the backfield. Oh did I mention he returns kicks…and does it well?
Alridge might turn out to be the homerun threat, the 'Skins have been without for a decade.
He attended the University of Houston and spent time with Broncos last year before going down with an injury. Mike Shanahan was fired after the season and new Denver coach, Josh McDaniels cut Alridge.
Shanahan advised Vinny Cerrato to pick Alridge up, saying he was the fastest player player with the football he has ever seen.
For a guy who has produced 1000 yard rushers by the boatload, that’s high praise.
The Skins are without a legitimate change-of-pace back at the moment. Ladell Betts runs in the same style as Clinton Portis, which means the 'Skins could an East-West style runner.
Stretching the field both vertically and laterally are musts if Washington wants to improve its offense. Last year opponents crowded the box because there was little to respect outside it. Alridge gives them the ability to stretch it laterally.


The dude can certainly motor.
I got the chance to see Aldridge during preseason with the Broncos last year and, although he was a little raw, I was impressed with his quickness and, of course, speed.

With a guy like that, you need to get him in space where he can use his attributes. He needs to get stronger and prove his durability before he can be compared to a guy like Darren Sproles. He's not gonna run over anybody until he gets bigger but, if given the chance, could become a pretty special player in a WCO-type offense.
coach zorn noticed his game-breaking speed at trng camp day 4. i would like to see him return kickoffs in preseason. need some touchdown sparks from special teams this season...
While the speed is nice, this dude isn't any bigger than I am and I can't help but think that's a bit small for the NFCE.
if he is going to make the team he is going to have to be able to win out as the regular kickoff or punt returner. Given his size and potential durability issues, he is going to get limited touches in the backfield even in the best case scenario.

If he could take over the KR/PR duties and run perhaps 5-10 plays per game on offense it will have been a good signing.
Not holding my breath...Cartwright has a death-grip on that 3rd RB spot. He's just too good on special teams.
ryan ohollaran reported that alridge botched two handoffs in yesterday's afternoon session.
ryan ohollaran reported that alridge botched two handoffs in yesterday's afternoon session.

Yeah, I heard that too. In order to unseat Rock, his replacement has to be near perfect. Not looking good for Aldridge early on.
according to cbs sports, aldridge bounced back yesterday with a 'near flawless' practice. no details though.
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aldridge fumbled again, this time in the scrimmage. i'm thinking he's toast unless coach smith is feeling particularly charitable.
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