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A Word of Thanks


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We've been so busy keeping this place humming and buzzing, and trying to keep content fresh, highlight some of the cool (and if I can so it without sounding arrogant), unique stuff here on BGO that we have forgotton something.

And that's to express our appreciation for the support you guys have given the site. :cheers:

As most here know, there are a wide variety of choices for internet-savvy Redskins fans out there, certainly no dearth of alternative choices, and we are truly appreciative you've taken the time to check us out, and hung around. We don't take a single member for granted. Our original sentiment in building this place revolved around a couple key concepts, that there were a lot of thoughtful, articulate, and intelligent Redskins fans out there, that we might be able to build a site lovingly-crafted to appeal to them, and that we wanted a real customer-service focus. We wanted to build a place based on what our members liked and wanted, where our members voices were the loudest, not stifled, muffled, or mocked. A friendly and welcoming place. We hope you can feel that and that we never let you down in that regard.

Anyway, we're just getting started, but we hope you'll keep telling us what you like, using all of our functionality and features, tell us how we can make our little watering hole even better, and that you have fun doing it.

Thanks for being a part of getting BGObsession off the ground!
Thanks Boone and all the rest of you guys. This is turning into my "go-to" site not only for the fun gameday chats and, but for the wealth of Redskins information that is concise and organized...just like my anal retentive personality desires.

I have high hopes for this site and look forward to watching it flourish :D
Not a problem, once I heard about BGO (there had been rumblings in hushed voices about it on other sites for awhile but I didn't know exactly what was being talked about) I had to sign up and ironically become a premium member.

I was very angry when somebody had jokingly brought it up on the other site but when BGO brought it up with all the extra content......well, you guys sold me. Plus, I wanted to help out the site as much as possible.

Thank You all for the work and the effort, it shows and I'm proud to be a member here.

Also, thank you for posting It Is What It Is on the Redskins blog forum. It has increased my readership and has encouraged me to add more content to my blog.......

So much so, that I'm hoping to start a podcast on IIWII in 2010.
Thanks WD - we are glad you are here - and you don't need to 'thank us' for helping promote your blog, it's a pleasure. You do a great job :cheers:
I have to give many thanks to everyone here. In over 40 years of being a Redskin fan can't remember a season like this. This site has been like therapy. I am able to get pent up frustration off my chest and see I am not alone.

No way am I about to give up my love for the team. Just want to say thank you for putting up with my frustration.
Hmm.. maybe I'll have to do a blog about what it is like living in the middle of Steelers Country surrounded by not only Steelers fans, but Mountaineer fans (not a bad thing), and, believe it or not, Cowboy fans and a few Raider fans. But when I wear my Redskin gear (which is like 99% of the time)... I always get a few "Go Redskins" when I walk my dog.. so there are a few of us here.

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