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A Fair Assessment?



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Jul 16, 2009
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Now THIS is a good response!!

Rivera took a different tone Friday on the Kevin Sheehan Show, rebuking the Giants’ coach.

“To be upfront about it, it disappoints me because for somebody to make a comment like that and not really know the circumstances of the situation we’ve gone through,” Rivera told Sheehen, via Ed Valentine of SB Nation. “I mean for goodness sake, you know if you pay attention to what’s happening you would have found out that we had just had one of our most popular players [Deshazor Everett], a guy that’s very popular amongst his teammates, was in a terrible car accident where his longtime girlfriend is killed. We had another player [Montez Sweat] who lost his brother to murder, and then we had another player who lost another brother.

“There’s reasons why things happen, and to take a shot at people when people are going through what they’re going through, that’s not right. If you don’t know and understand other people’s teams, talk about yourself; talk about your own team. That’s what’s fair.”


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Apr 12, 2009
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I don't care what Rivera says or doesn't say publicly. That's just coaching style and style doesn't make a coach good or bad. There are good and bad Drill Sergeants, good and bad Player's Coaches, good and bad Play-Designing Geniuses. Whatever. You win, and your style is charming. You lose, and it's annoying.

I don't blame Rivera for this season. I don't blame any of the coordinators. I don't think any of that matters at this point. SO many different coaches and coordinators have come through this town, some very successful elsewhere, only to fail here. The team has had top ten offenses, top ten defenses, pro-bowl veteran QBs, pro-bowl draft top draft pick QBs, pro-bowl low draft pick QBs, top RBs, a slew of great LTs, top pass rushers, top corners, top safeties ...

Literally, everything this team has ever needed to be successful has passed through its doors over the past 22 years. There is no magic, if-only-we-had-this-thing, solution that will make the team long-term successful.

Well, except for one thing. And that's not happening.

So I don't have a solution for you. This is a badly run team. That won't change by replacing the coach.


Nov 17, 2010
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i remember every year people made excuses for why we sucked under norv, its really simple, we are not great at evaluating talent and we havent been able to find players outside the draft at all. that said, great coaches find ways to win games they shouldnt and win games they should. after 3 seasons if we arent doing that, then its time.

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