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2023 Washington Roster Moves

I love Taylor but him moving on is the best thing for both sides.
Was a fun and also frustrating ride with TH but it was still a cool story in reflection to be a part of, too bad he wasn't the next Kurt Warner.
A name for backup Qb that would not surprise me?
Chase Daniels
He knows EB’s system, can mentor Howell and can start in a pinch.
I mean he’s 36 years old so that’d be right up our alley. Maybe he’s improved since the last time he was in DC (in 2009!!!)…
It'll be interesting to see the details on TH contract, 2 years and 20 million seems to be putting the backup QB market price tags into starting RB money lol.

What does Baker Mayfield command? Mariota as some have mentioned amongst others with some experience as former starters.
Slim pickins getting slimmerer and slimmerer.

Matt Ryan getting released by the Colts. If ever there were going to be a 'mentor' type for a young QB - he might be it. Could do worse - 100% true pro and he can still play if he has to.
They tried to lure Chad Henne out of retirement. Man - guess the bar for backup is really really low?

That move actually makes a lot of sense for Washington if Bieniemy feels like Henne really understands the offense and might be a good resource for Howell.
I feel kind of bittersweet about both losing Heineke and McKissic.

TH filled this franchise with a kind of excitement we hadn't seen in a while. He left it ALL on the field and I think as fans we really appreciated that. He was no prima donna like many other QBs we see. I wish he could have had the elite talent to go along with his character. It was clear that the guys on the team adored him, and would play for him. But, he wasn't our future and I'm happy he's got some well deserved cash elsewhere, especially as it's his home team.

McKissic gave us some real highlights, and I was glad when he came back last year. But the injuries just wouldn't let him regain that form. Sad, but it is what it is.

Looking forward to this year.
That sucks. Holcomb has been out there carrying most of the water for a very weak LBing corps. And it just got even weaker. They’d better have a plan.
That sucks, not the most talented but can't say he didn't play with hustle, heart and tenacity.

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