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2023 Washington Roster Moves

I think it's good that this team has legit WRs now and as fans we aren't just clamoring for a guy because he's big and we need big WRs.
Code for ‘we won’t offer him what he wants to play here…’

Well, the days of ‘they won’t let him leave the park’ when it comes to free agency are long gone.
If nothing else it proves they understand that the O-line needs work.

Another signing that isn't exactly earth shattering....
I like Martin so I count that as a loss.
I liked Martin when he was drafted given 4 years of experience in college and decent athleticism for playing inside, but he never put it together in any measurable way during his first 4 seasons in the NFL, being a disappointing starter and fringe/practice squader most recently.
Yeah - that's 100% fair. But he was a pretty versatile guy as injury insurance. If our OL weren't so sketchy to begin with, I wouldn't bat an eye at losing him. But...
I think we can come up with a veteran released over the summer that is better 1 year insurance than Martin.

Of course, if the team knows what it is doing in the draft it should be possible to use a #2 or #3 pick on a player who can contribute in Year 1 at guard, that's not too high a bar to shoot for.
Saving money is great, but we always seem to be trying to do that while teams like the Rams and Iggles are constantly loading up.
Yep, saving cap room for what exactly?

Zach Cunningham ILB was just released by Tennessee.

He was very productive in Houston, we should bring him in for a look see.

I think we need another linebacker with legit starting experience.
I am not sure this is just about saving cap $$. Sure, that will be a result, but you can’t tie up a roster spot on a player who hasn’t been able to stay on the field 2 years in a row. They should be doing the same with Logan Thomas imho. Give someone else a chance with those roster spots.
It’s hard to do that when you don’t draft ANY tight ends 😀😀

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