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Week Six Grades, Evaluations, Questions

Week six is in the books and now we take a look at how the entire team fared against the Jets. All week long the BGO Facebook page and Twitter joked about MASH 4077 being re-activated and placed in Ashburn, VA. Yes, it is nasty out there, but we have a job to do. So now it is time to make some sense of it all as BBQ hands out grades and evaluations. Feel free to offer your own grades, evaluations, and opinions. Also, we have some questions to close out week six.

Let’s take a look at the grades.

This was as ugly as it gets. Open receivers that didn’t have a chance. Screen passes that were off target. The interceptions. Indecisiveness. Kirk Cousins was simply atrocious and he set the tone for the entire team.
Grade: F

Running Backs:
The running game was stuffed by the Jets defense as they were willing to live by the run and die by the pass – just as the Eagles and Falcons did in the prior weeks. The line did not help, but it looked like a very lackluster effort.
Grade: F

Wide Receivers:
Once again, it’s difficult to give this group a poor grade when you consider that they are not contortionists. Passes were simply off the mark, woefully short, or aimed at defenders. Jamison Crowder continues to impress in the slot position. Andre Roberts continues to have the dropsies.
Grade: C

Tight Ends:
Derek Carrier continues to impress and should have a larger role until Jordan Reed returns.
Grade: C

Offensive Line:
This unit was decimated by injuries in the past week, but played admirably in the first half. Too much inexperience doomed the young OL corps and it is painfully obvious when Trent Williams is absent from the lineup. The blocking scheme in the running game was lacking and sorely evident.
Grade: D+

Defensive Line:
They played remarkably well in the first half, but disappeared on Sunday in the second half. Their stud running back (Chris Ivory) duplicated what Devonta Freeman did a week earlier. The offense did them no favors and was battle weary in the second half.
Grade: C-

First half was pretty good, but not much to get excited about in the second half. The opposing quarterback was allowed to roam at will and also scored a touchdown.
Grade: D-

The corners were stellar in the first half as Bashaud Breeland was able to dominate and create turnovers. Will Blackmon struggled throughout and the second half was nothing short of a disaster for both corners.
Grade: C

It’s the same story as the other positions. Good in the first half and porous in the second half. The run defense and pass coverage simply broke down after halftime.
Grade: D

Special Teams:
Dustin Hopkins absolutely nailed that fifty-four yard field goal and it had more than enough leg. Kickoffs were great. Tress Way had a solid game, but did shank one punt. Fortunately, it took a favorable roll. It was great to see a blocked punt for a touchdown. The return game was horrible on kickoffs and virtually non-existent on punts.
Grade: A-

The first half was great all around. The failure to make adjustments in the second half doomed the team to a blowout loss. We can’t deny that the massive number of injuries took a toll, but the lack of any adjustment was troubling and it is a disturbing trend. The entire team looked focused in the first half and then they looked tired, old, and confused after halftime. The only exception was special teams. Even if it is a loss, you want the Redskins to perform for sixty minutes, not thirty or forty-five. Given the number of injuries, we will take that into account and also recognize that special teams saves the coaches from a failing grade.
Grade: D

How would you grade each position and the coaching staff? After this showing against the Jets, are you now concerned about the Bucs this coming Sunday? Again, we must ask, how much does the team miss DeSean Jackson? Would it be too much of a stretch for the front office to inquire about someone like Landry Jones for a seventh rounder? What can be done about the third quarter and second half play? Did you think the Redskins would score a touchdown off of a blocked punt this season? What are you expecting in the game with the Bucs? On to game seven.

See you again next week with grades, evaluations, and questions.

Hail to the Redskins!

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