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Week Five Grades, Evaluations, Questions

Greetings from the international headquarters of BBQ.

Week five is in the books and now we take a look at how the entire team fared against the Ravens. The Redskins found a defense on Sunday, but some fans are questioning the efforts of the offense. It was the third straight win and we will try to make some sense of it all as BBQ hands out grades, evaluations and questions. Feel free to offer your own grades, evaluations, questions, and opinions.

Let’s take a look at week five.

Question: Some fans are disgruntled, but is there anything wrong with a win?
Answer: Cousin Kirk went 29-41, 260 yards. On the road. Against a solid defense. In very windy conditions. It certainly wasn’t perfect, but this was nothing close to a disaster. It was decent, but not spectacular. Stat of interest – KC after first five games in 2015: 1,224 Yds Passing, 5 TDs, 6 Ints, Record of 2-3. 2016: 1,432 Yds Passing, 7 TDs, 5 Ints, Record of 3-2. Bottom line – it’s a win.
Grade: B-

Running Backs:
Question: Why were the number of passes to rushes higher after two weeks of success with the running backs?
Answer: There can be no doubt that many more passes occurred, but there are times when the defense simply clogs the middle and dares you to pass. The Ravens all but took the running game away, but Matt Jones did have a couple of good runs on key drives.
Grade: Incomplete

Wide Receivers:
Question: It sure was windy – how much did it affect the receivers?
Answer: They would probably not use it as an excuse, but the winds likely affected the passes. We’ll never know if DeSean Jackson has a sure touchdown late in the game, but the wind factor can’t be ruled out. Jamison Crowder is now an established weapon. Pierre Garcon proves his worth as well.
Grade: B

Tight Ends:
Question: How much of a factor were the tight ends against the Ravens?
Answer: They may not show up in the box score as much as we would like, but this unit had some key receptions when needed and timely blocking.
Grade: B

Offensive Line:
Question: Do we like the unit from the Browns game or this game?
Answer: The only difference was at left guard. A very notable difference this week – the offensive line had to go up against a stout defense on Sunday and did a respectable job. It should be noted that Brandon Scherff had a solid game and continues to mow down opponents far better than last year – and last year wasn’t exactly shabby.
Grade: B-

Defensive Line:
Question: Hey, who were the new players?
Answer: There were no new players on the defensive line, but it sure seemed like it. Trent Murphy has really solidified his resume. Ziggy Hood had quite the impact. Even Matt Ioannidis had a good game after a shaky start. Stat you need to know: The Ravens had 74 yards rushing in the first quarter and forty-four yards thereafter.
Grade: B+

Question: Just how good was this unit against the Ravens?
Answer: 2.5 sacks. 16 tackles from the Mikes. Ryan Kerrigan preforming admirably. Preston Smith making key tackles in the open field. This was their best game of the season thus far.
Grade: B+

Question: Just how concerned should we be about the injury to Josh Norman?
Answer: It’s definitely something to watch, but we don’t need to have the alarms glaring loudly at this point. This unit is just rock solid with him in the lineup. The depth is phenomenal. Bashaud Breeland comes back soon. There is a lot to like about this group.
Grade: A

Question: Wow. Having Duke Ihenacho in the lineup really made a difference this week, didn’t it?
Answer: We will let the author of the Dead Man Walking blog answer this question: “The safety tandem of Duke Ihenacho and Will Blackmon played superbly together. With 11 tackles combined and solid coverage all day, you have to be pleased at the way they stepped up”. Well said.
Grade: A

Special Teams:
Question: We’re going to ask the same question as last week. Is this the best special teams unit ever for the Redskins?
Answer: It’s hard to make an argument otherwise. Tress Way is a great punter. Dustin Hopkins is a great kicker. They did a superb job given the extremely windy conditions on Sunday. Jamison Crowder is simply incredible. Blocking on the TD punt return was a thing of beauty. It appeared as if several Redskins players quickly recognized that the Ravens kicker was lined up as a left-footed specialist on their fake field goal attempt – the play never had a chance as the passer and receiver faced a lot of pressure. Again, special teams will continue to be a strength of the Redskins this season.
Grade: A-

Question: That hot seat is taking a back seat with a winning record after five weeks, right?
Answer: Ok, ok. No need to beat that horse. The offense did what was needed against a stout defense and got a sweet road win against a team that was one foot inbounds from being 4-1. The defense was superb. You would be hard pressed to find any real problems in the secondary this week. Special teams continue to be a unit that makes this team roll. We could nitpick several things, but here is the bottom line look: Three straight wins. One against an undefeated division rival. Another against a perennial playoff team and recent Super Bowl champion. It deserves our praise.
Grade: A-

How would you grade each position and the coaching staff? Just how special is our group of corners? Has Spencer Long cemented his starting position at center or does one bad snap make you queezy? Was the tackling better this week? Again, should Josh Doctson be put on injured reserve? On to game six.

See you again next week with grades, evaluations, and questions.

Hail to the Redskins!
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