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Tussle in Toronto-a Bills-eye View

I wonder if any NFL fans like their team's D?

Watch the Bills defense make the Redskins QB play like Mark Rypien in the Super Bowl.

i agree with this, i'd say that carolinas offense is better than ours, especially the passing game and i dont think we are goin to have alot of luck running against wash.

Note: I found surprisingly little mention of Fred Jackson in these threads. Weird.

Skins D is not one to be taken lightly and our D leaks like a siv.

Skins have John Beck starting at be honest if the Bills can't stop him I really have no hope of making the playoffs.

The problem here is we don't have any linebackers who have the speed and coverage skills to play the outside.... Batten has the speed... but he's been grooming as a 3-4 OLB... he would get torched in coverage. Moats is strictly a pass rusher/run stopper. You could try Sheppard at the outside... but he's been playing ILB his entire life... that's a tough position for him to learn on such quick notice... especially with some of the Tight ends he would face in the NFL.
The Defensive Line would be Solid though... It would look something like this..

Carrington - Edwards - Dareus - Kelsay

Spencer Johnson would be subbing for one of the end positions and Troupe for the inside.

Edwards is too big and not fast enough to man the outside Line in a 4-3...

Kelsay would be much better suited in this formation, we all know that is where he is most comfortable, 4 point stance on the line.

I actually think our pass rush problems could be fixed with that 4 man front alone... The problem is who mans the outside linebacking positions?

I'd rather just run a nickle defense instead of a 4-3...
We have no outside LBers that can cover in the 4-3, it would make no sense to run it...

a reply to shaunta53

Yea, we'll probably see that... gonna suck though. Basically any QB will be able to pick us apart because zero pass-rush will be generated.
John Beck 300+ yards this Sunday... Dope.

We look like crap in Toronto. Skins QB John Beck has a Peyton Manning like day against the non-existant Buffalo "Pass Rush". Bills constantly drop 8 on 3rd and 5s giving Beck all day to find an open WR.
Skins 34, Bills 24

And this showed up again...naturally:brood:

This Game is A Must Win!! No two ways about it

The injury questions are big-on both sides:

really they lost their best WR in moss they lost their best TE in cooley they lost their RB Hightower and Fletcher has a bad hamstring injury and their QB situation is a dumpster fire
as i said unless the bills play piss poor... interceptions fumbles tons of drive killing penalty's they should win this game they are the better team

Facepalm AllStars
Honestly, davis is their only weapon. I really cant' see how we lose this game. they have worse players and a defense than cinci when healthy and they are all injured. And if it wasn't for a ref blown call we beat cinci. bills win 31-14

2 huge blows to the skins. Moss specially.

In any case we have to bring the heat on Beck. Yes he sucks, we all know that. But this team has a knack for making the most mediocre qbs look legit from time to time.

With Brian Orakpo and Brian Kerrigan coming town play this week this is NOT the time to be without Bell or Hairston.

They will also be without their starting tackle and guard, i believe. We have our own rash of injuries, however, with our #2 & #3 WR out; our LT out; our DT out, and Merriman probably out..we need to win this game with the Jets beating the freaking chargers.

There's a lot of Shanahan discussion (even entire threads!). Opinions seemed to vary....

Coach Tuesday
Someone in another thread recently - and incorrectly - stated that Gailey is a "system coach" and doesn't tailor his scheme to his players. Obviously, this is 100% wrong - the exact opposite is true about Gailey. By contrast, Shanahan is the quintessential "system coach." He believes that he can coach up players to exceed their statistical averages by getting them to fit his scheme. As the article points out, at times that worked in Denver. Unfortunately for Shanny, his ego is so large that those successes actually hurt him in the end. He became convinced that his system is so genius that he can fit any QB or RB into it and they'll become All Pros. His hubris has cost him dearly in D.C., and it's fair to speculate whether an owner like Snyder has him on a short leash already.

Having said all of that, wouldn't it have been interesting if Shanny had come to Buffalo in 2010? He would've had a better QB to work with, and better running backs - along with an owner who would give him more time to build his roster.
Anyhow, I love Gailey, I'm glad it worked out the way it did.

Aren't you being a little premature on deeming Shanahan as a failure? In only his second year he has substantially turned over the roster. He has gotten rid of the high priced divas (such as Portis, Hanyneworth etc) and added a number of contributing mid-level free agents. When he took over the team it was at a very bloated cap level. In a very short time span he has shed a lot of the high priced and non-productive players and put the franchise in a very sound and flexible cap position.
The Skins simply don't have a franchise qb on their roster. They didn't reach to address that critical need in this past draft. They will in next year's draft or through free agency address that position. When MS took over he made it known to the very impatient and petulant owner that it was going to take 4-5 years to build a roster to become an upper echelon team. In two years he has done a lot to move this franchise away from the past short term approach to a more football (less marketing) type approach to building a winner.
Shanahan was never going to come to Buffalo under any circumstances for whatever amount of money Ralph would have offered him. Ralph and his business advisors run the franchise in a stifling way in which he would never accept. Dan Snyder is for a change allowing his HC and GM (Bruce Allen) to make all the football decisions. Only time will tell whether it will work out. It is very premature to make a judgment now. In another couple of years one can have a fairer take on whether the Shanahan hire was a good or bad hire.

WarriorCanuckI for one am glad we have Chan Gailey instead of Mike Shanahan. I cannot say with honesty at the time of the hiring I felt that way.

I think Mike Shanahan is going to see what he has sitting on the bench this week, and develop the rest of his year around that. For that reason alone I doubt he is going to explode on the sidelines this weekend

steckmeister03I think Shanahan is so polarizing because of one simple reason, he is almost unrivaled at running the particular brand of system he's been known to run, but terrible if he deviates from it.

The problem is that it takes a very particular combination of offensive personnel to run his offense.

You need a strong armed QB that can throw on the run, a highly mobile offensive line, a one cut running back, WRs who can block down field, and a do it all TE. Those aren't every day players and if there's poor quality at those positions the offense tends to sputter. That's when Shanny starts to go a little looney with his play calls, he's smart enough to realize things aren't working and he knows that his offensive system is sometimes too rigid to adapt to varying personnel so he thinks he needs to throw curveballs all game if he wants to win.

You look at those years when Clinton Portis was pumping out 1600 yards a season and Jake the Snake was hucking the pigskin out of the bootleg and you saw an offense that really gave teams a lot of problems. They were **** hard to stop because they beat you in such a unique fashion.

Beck is decent enough and mobile enough to be a poor man's Jake Plummer and you see a lot of similarities between his game and Jake's. Hightower is the right running back for their zone blocking scheme, but their offensive line isn't suited and they don't have the receivers for it. That's why they're struggling right now and it will only get worse with injuries to Hightower and Moss.

One Bills fan found a major sore spot for Redskins fans:
Anybody still upset we didn't hire Shanahan? Kyle Shanahan is the biggest problem on the Redskins team now if you ask me.

One final thought:

I dunno, Bills have a knack of making obscure qb's look like all pro's and struggling to put up points on decent defenses. As was evident last week any team can beat any team in the league on any given "Sunday", i hope our boys do well but i wouldn't put any money on it.

We know how you feel, dude. Sorry, but I hope we ruin your weekend.

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