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The Steelers-Monday Night Football-Hello NFL World!

Well, here it is-the first regular season game for the Skins-MNF, no less-against the Steelers.

Time to get a first look at what all the offseason maneuvering and football cookery has concocted.

Now to the topic at hand, what are Steelers fans saying about Monday Night?

Well, for one thing, they don't expect to just run the Skins into the ground in a ho-hum opener against a bottom-feeder opponent.

They expect a tough, hard fought game. Some Steeler fans are picking us to win.

I found that kind of surprising, a little bit anyway.

There weren't a lot of forums about the game-first game and all-and nobody's seen anybody play really seriously yet

but there were some forums about the game.

Most of the comments, interestingly enough, involved score predictions on a few boards


US 31


Pittsburgh: 21

Washington: 24

The Renegade

Pittsburgh 23

Washington 27

The first few picking the Skins to win elicited this response:


i am surprised 2 out of 3 have us losing

Pit 32
Was 24

Things shifted after this but a lot of the scores indicate the Steelers fans are not looking for a blowout.


Us 35
Them 24

Some got really detailed in their predictions


Steelers struggle somewhat in the red zone, resulting in 2 of Boswell's 3 FGs being from there.
AB gets out of the gate with 90 yds, but doesn't punch it in.
Rogers gets 7 for 70 and 1 TD
Wheaton 4 for 60
Deangelo goes 20 for 85, 1 TD
The Skins throw for 300
Reed gets 100 of that including 2 TDs
50 insignificant yards on the ground, with 1 short score.
D-Jax goes deep for a big one.
4 combined turnovers between the teams as they're a bit sloppy out of the gate.
Skins 30 Steelers 23 with most of the Steelers' offensive production coming in the second half after they wake up from a slow start. They play catchup, but just fail in the red zone too many times in the stretch to pull it out.


38-24 Steelers over Skins

Big Ben 26-35, 363 yds, 3 TDs
-AB 10 catches 111 yds, 1 TD
-Eli Rogers 4 catches 63 yds
-Markus Wheaton 3 catches, 60 1 TD
-Sammie Coates 3 catches 57 yds
-Jessie James 4 catches 42 yds, 1 TD
-DeAngelo Williams 2 catches 30 yds

DW: 21 carries 104 yds, 2 TDs

The Boz 1-1 on a 42 yd field goal to end 1st half.


Pressure between the tackles with Heyward, Hargrave, and Tuitt, get in Cousins face quickly, and force him into bad throws. I've heard quite a few people recently talk about how turnover prone he can be, and that he got very lucky a lot of times last year.

Along with getting an early lead, I think forcing Cousins into mistakes is our best chance to take a tough game on the road to open the season. If he has time, and the Redskins are able to dictate the pace, it could be yet another season opening disappointment.


We win 37-35 thanks to two successful two-point conversions early. AB and DeAngelo score at least two TDs each


Steelers 17
Redskins 27

Passing yards- 315

I've already said before, the Steelers will go 2-2 in the first 4 games... with losses to the Redskins and Chiefs. Penalties and inconsistency on both sides of the ball will do us in. I think by the end of the 3rd quarter vs. skins... the score will be 20-7.

I hope I'm wrong.


Season openers are always tough to predict, especially with all the players out for the Steelers.

I see this being a tough, hard fought, close game that will probably be decided late. I see the Redskins doing everything possible to take AB out of the game. I look for other WRs to make some big plays in this game. Rogers and Coates doing damage would be the best case scenario, with Wheaton expected to do some things. The running game is able to do some damage as well. The defense will probably have some rough patches, and we don't have a healthy or finished product on the field.

If the Steelers win this game, they will be in great shape going forward. It will also mean that many of the backups played well enough to win, which is a great sign of what is to come when they get healthy. It would also allow Tomlin to hold out injured players longer while the team is able to win.

1-0 would be huge.


We are going to kill them, 35 - 15. Hargrave and Heyward will play. Shazier will play lights out and have a career game. AB will torch Norman in the first half, then Ben will exploit the over protection and Coates and Wheaton will have a great second half. Jesse James will prove himself and Chickillo will have a sack.

REal DEal Steel

Going to be a tough game. No proven second wide receiver and I don't have any reason to believe in Weahton because he's dissapointed when given previous chances. I'm thankful for Eli Rodgers in the slot; I hope he and JJ will allow Ben to get the ball out of his hands as quickly as possible. I'm going to assume we'll be able to run the ball. So...

Steelers 23
Redskins 16


I have faith in the Steelers to get the win over the Redskins. I am not going to post a score. I do horribly with predications.

Well, dagone, I have trouble doin'them "predications " mah self which is why I don't much.


Steelers 31
Redskins 30

Blast Furnace

Steelers 24
Redskins 21


27-24 Steelers. Jordan Reed is gonna eat up the middle of the field. Both defenses struggle, but Jordan Berry will help us with the field position game. Difference is a 48 yard Boswell field goal with less than a minute to play.


Steelers lose 31-24 because half our starters and key backups will miss the game due to injuries


Washington does their damage with Jordan Reed over the middle, but that's it.

Defense bends but doesn't break.

Redskins jump on the Steelers early and actually play very well through the first half, but Pittsburgh stays tough and wins it in the end.

30-24 Steelers.

I would really love to see a season opening win over the Steelers-kind of a "Here we are get used to this" statement game.

Go Skins!!
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