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The Patriots: Who's Next?

Finally, after several weeks of opposing team fans posting concerns about playing the Redskins I encountered some good old fashioned disrespect.

A lot of Pats fans pretty much dismiss all NFL teams not named the Broncos.

The Redskins are dismissed at a "You're kidding, right?" level by many.

There were some who gave the Redskins credit for what to many has been a surprising, if sporadic, decent level of play but they were few and far between.

Some comments came down on the snarky side of the fence naturally.


WAS squeaked out a 31-30 win against the gawdawful Bucs. Cousins for the season has 9 TD, 8 INT, 3 FUM. Pats score 40+, no contest.


The Pats won't take them lightly.



This is gonna be the Patriots 60+ point game. Cousins, Brady.....62-10 Patriots.


I sure would like to see Brady hit 8tds and break the record and set him on pace to break the passing tds and yardage records this year. I just don't like Manning having his name there lol


He is on pace to break the yardage record, the TD one will be tough, but not impossible.


Man they say "any given Sunday" but we are gonna beat the Redskins by 50 pts


Hes on pace to break the current record but Rivers is ahead of him so at their current paces Brady still wouldn't have the record


The next 3 weeks (WAS, @NYG, BUF) are tune-up games for the big one ... Pats @ Forehead. The Skins suck, the G-man have no defense, and Rexy's Retards are in free-fall. This is where BB gets everything tuned up and locks down people's roles. After the Broncos it's pretty smooth sailing - last two games (@NJJ, @MIA) are problematic but certainly winnable.


Looks like Desean Jackson will be back Sunday


Yep, I think they run it up n this one. I'm not sure about 60, but a 50-burger is on the menu.


I think this could be a more interesting game than expected. Just from a familiarity standpoint neither team is really all that familiar with the other. Fortunately it does work in the Pats advantage as they are much more complicated on both sides of the ball.


You know what I like best about playing the Redskins? I am immediately brought back to week 4 of 2003 in my mind. The Patriots lost to the 'Skins and (if I remember correctly) TFB's elbow looked like a plum-colored grapefruit.

That was the last game they lost prior to running the table and winning the Superbowl.


Brady was sobad in that game. Sobad.


Given we had the bye in week 4, it will be nice to get another one mid-season. Pats schedule is setting up nicely. The last two division games at NY and Miami may not even matter if we keep rolling thru the garbage.

Darth Despot

I think we might be in trouble.

The Pats like to take away the opponents strength, but what if they don't have one?

How do you gameplan for that?


With the Redskins a possible trade partner (according to I think it was Bert Breer on the radio this morning) - would it make sense for Belichick to let the Redskins win if they trade them a serviceable offensive tackle?


Washington is the classic "better than record suggests" team. Some of their losses have been very close, and they have good team stats. I can see them trying to run us hard early to set up the pass later. They're very good on 3rd downs, due to having a strong 1st and 2nd down running game. I don't think we'll blow them out, but I'd give us 27-17.


Kirk Cousins versus Bill Belichick's defense

We know how this story ends.


Yeah, this is going to be like 38-17.


There isnt much I see the Skins can do against us.

This was the most conciliatory post I happened across.


I'll agree this should be a win but I have seen the skins play some quality football this year, they are however a team with no identity a shame really. I think we all agree the Pats will try to establish the run and pass just enough to keep them honest. I fully suspect Brady will not be the leading rusher this week, if he is two things to ponder, 1. WTH is wrong with our run game, 2. How many yards could Jimmy G get?

To the Skins fans posting, best of luck I think we all agree no injuries would be a nice occurrence and please any chance you get to hit the Cowboy's in the mouth please do!!!

I do have to give credit where credit is due on one thing. At least it seems most Pats fans can spell and write grammatically correct sentences-.something I don't always encounter on these recon trips.
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