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The Jets: Crossing Bridges

The Jets are coming off a bye and are looking forward to two games.

Us and the Patriots.

Jets fans watched the Redskins/Falcons game wth great interest and again, there are concerns about the Redskins being expressed alongside the confidence a 3-1 record can give you.

A good deal of "Don't cross that bridge until you get to it" is on a lot of Jets fans minds.

First, though, a comment that probably would apply to most fan boards-including this one.


People on here get too high when the Jets win and too low when they lose.

I've seen that sentiment before.


focus on the skins boys (and girls I guess…are there any females on this board?)

they have a great pass rush and a good running game. they know that we know that Cousins is no threat in the passing game, particularly vs this particular secondary. So they'll try to beat us on the ground, but its not gonna work that well without any true threat through the air, no matter how much misdirection they may use to get Morris some running room. They'll wind up one dimensional and exploitable unless Cousins steps up in a way not previous seen so far.

We can very easily keep them below 13 points so long as dumb mistakes on special teams or dumb ideas on offense (Good work in general BMarsh, but don't do that shit no more) aren't made and we essentially hand them opportunities.

the biggest question on the opposite side is just how well can our pass protection keep kerrigan at bay. otherwise there no real mismatches that don't go our way, our physical trinity of offensive weapons are fully healthy, rested and ready to go.

Just a matter of focus and preparation really, the jets are the superior team in general they just need to step on their throats and refuse to let go.


As for Washington, some people said that they were overplaying the pass and that's why they gave up running yards. That is when I look back to the Colts game, in which they overplayed the run. Fitz found a nice pattern with Decker in intermediate routes. If Decker is healthy, we should be able to exploit that.

Washington is a team almost exactly like us. Solid defense, shaky QB play and they need to run the football to be successful. A key note is that of the 6 wins under Gruden, only 1 of them came on the road.


well, you're right in one thing, the skins aren't like the eagles, they have more talent. Garcon, djax, and reed are better than Matthews and Aghlor and Morris, Jones, and Thompson are better than Sproles and matthews....

There is a reason the skins almost beat undefeated Atl at home...while you point out the Eagles front 7, it's the redskins from 7 that has a top 3 run defense and top 10 defense.

Villain The Foe

Of course there's a reason why the skins almost beat ATL at home, its because ATL allows opponents to score. Look at their "points allowed" totals for this year. Of all of the undefeated teams they've allowed the most points. So scoring on ATL has not been the problem this year, its been OUTscoring their offense.

Look man, making every game some sort of "trap game" or "This team is better than what they've shown" is boring now. You can feel that their talent is better but their talent are against our strength and they dont have a mismatch player like Sproles on their team imo. At the end of the day trying to make this team out to be more than what they are is what I see Jetfans doing.

When we play average to below average teams its always the "trap game", anytime we play a good team "Dont expect to win", anytime we play the Pats "No way in hell we can sweep them or win the division with the way they're playing".

This fan base has the most excuses I've ever seen in my life of any fan base of any team in any sport.


Agree with those at TGG that suggest we worry about Washington and stop looking ahead to the Patsies. We need to stay on track and come out on fire one game at the time.
I also want to go on notice now and mention that we are playing a pretty good team with the skins, so please some of you after the fact Jet fans, if we beat them on Sunday save your breath with your usual BS. I really don't want to hear any more crap about we have beat nothing but a bunch of scrubs, yadda, yadda, yadda. Each game is important and weighted the same, not to mention that they damned near beat the Falcons. This team has promise and we should give them some credit for each win.


Stop looking past the Skins!

They have a running game, viable receivers and a solid front 7. We will worry about the Pats after this game.

The 1985er

We can look past the Skins but it's a problem if the players and coaches are doing so.

Mangold Goldman

Bowles is gonna blitz the hell out of cousins and show him many different looks to confuse him. Just look at what they did to Tannehill, he was completely flustered by what Bowles threw at him.

Honestly the key is stopping the run, if they are in 3rd and 5+ constantly, I like our chances to force punts and turnovers.

Another key is getting off to a fast start in order to keep the crowd in the game. Against Philly, the crowd was amazing, especially on their 3rd downs but was quickly taken out of the game

The Dark Knight

The Redskins had a pretty good game plan today. The Falcons came out flat and had an off game on offense. Falcons move to (5-0), Redskins drop to (2-3). Ending the game with a Pick-6 in OT could be demoralizing for the team. This is preached weekly, but the Jets need to come out fast. The Redskins could get buried pretty early if the Jets get out to a quick lead. Easier said than done though.


Washington played the Falcons to the wire. The Jets will have their work cut out for them next week and if they are not prepared as they weren't against Phila, the same result will follow.


Any one who is looking past the Skins at NE could be in for a surprise. Not only did the Skinks take the Falcons to the wire, they also beat the Eagles.

Very concerned about this game after the team was given a week off


Anyone who thinks this is going to be an easy win needs to have their head examined. The Redskins have looked bad once this year, and that was when they played the Giants. I think we win it in a close one, 20 - 14.

Of course some just exuded all kinds of confidence.


Not only win, I am predicting the Jets control the game from start to finish. I know the numbers and our record vs the Skins. I also know our standing record coming off of bye weeks. But I am calling it right now. This will be a route. 34-10 Jets. Decker and Marshall both with 100 yards receiving, and Ivory for 110. 1 touchdown a piece. A rare touchdown catch from a tight end, and tac on two field goals late.


another trap game. we are 9-33 vs nfc east teams. 2-8 vs the skins. never won at home both wins in Washington. need to tread lightly. but we should win this one in a close game...hate the nfc east.


I don't think it will be an easy one. Skins defense looked good today. One good thing is we know out defense will find a way to shut down the Skins. As long as we score around 20, we should win.


People are underestimating the Redskins. Their defense is good. If they can take away those short slant passes from Fitzpatrick, the team will probably struggle to move the ball. They won't let Ivory beat them

I hope the D gets some turnovers and set up some short drives for the offense


I really just don't see Kirk Cousins getting it don't against our defense...It really just isn't going to happen, he's terrible. We can probably score 14 and win. Sitting at 4-1 (what should be 5-0 lets be honest) is about as good a start as could have been imagined.


Punch washington in the mouth early and they'll be beaten fairly easy. It's really all about how fitz responds to their defense..

Bills Over Jets

This should be an ugly game for both offenses, but Jets should win. 17-6. I think Kirk Cousins turns the ball over a few times.


I believe the Jets announced they only did 2 film studies this week, no practice or only 1 practice. So smith and Fitz would have to be playing together in the backyard.
But yes the entire nfc east should be wins for us. Hopefully we don't pull that garbage that happened against Philly.


The next couple of weeks IMO will be a very good test for this team. Washington is no slouch. They are not a very good team, but they are playing up to their capabilities IMO. That's in contrast to almost every opponent we've faced so far this season. Beating Washington will be a feat. It won't be a huge feat, but it will be a feat just the same.


People will look to the slip up vs the Eagles as the best reason to be leary of this game on Sunday. So based on that game let's take a look at what has to transpire during Sundays game to make it a "similar" outcome.

Ivory & Decker don't play- Fitz throws 3 picks- Marshall laterals to Skins- We run for 50 yards- We have 5 dropped balls- We give up a punt return for a TD- The refs are from Washington DC & call zero holding penalties on Skins Oline- Marshall gets interfered with on endzone play & gets no call- Davis gets personal foul for tacking a RB that leads to a TD- Jets D gives up 150 on the ground. Sam Bradford was 14-28 for 128 yards & we lost. Talk about a bury the ball type of game!

Jets will be healthiest they've been. Skins banged up. Skins are BAD on the road & shot their load vs Falcons (another NFC team). The only chance I give the Redskins is the "Any given Sunday" but a lot of things need to go the Skins way for them to leave MetLife with a victory. Another thing to consider is the Skins don't run their offense like the Eagles. Noise means nothing to the Eagles because of the way they send in plays & they like to run a lot of plays. The Skins will milk the clock, and get themselves in some trouble on 3rd & long with the clock ticking down, that's an advantage for our Dline to get great jumps, one of the advantages of playing at home. I see Decker having a monster day!
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