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The Eagles: Landing on the wrong wire?

Maybe the Eagles fans were in a state of shock after that unexpected loss to the Lions but there wasn't anywhere near the amount of chatter about the upcoming game with the Skins as I had thought-or hoped.

Be that as it may, there was some, mostly fairly confident, but, as I have seen on other boards, a fair amount of wariness about playing a suddenly streaking Redskins team.


Calling it now, it won't be that close. Coming off a surprise loss in Detroit, the Eagles will hammer out a 31 - 24 win that only looks that tight because of a garbage time touchdown and field goal.


Eagles-Skins games are almost ALWAYS close


My gut tells me we are better at QB and on Defese than Washington but they seem to have our number. Jaccpot loves killing the Eagles. If they can stop crowder and their backs on screen type passes and hit Cousins we win the game


Redskins defense is horrible, keep 3rd downs manageable and they should be able to move the ball all day. Theyve got a lot of weapons on offense, they're definitely gonna score. Gotta make Cousins screw up a couple throws with pressure. I like the Eagles in this one


No more of Billy Davis making Cousins look like Montana. I have confidence in Schwartz and the defense. This should be a easy win. After we get to harass Sam and give the Vikings their 1st loss.


Cousins can't beat teams with winning records. Eagles win. Their defense is garbage, too. 3-4 TDs by Wentz.


The Ravens have a winning record but you're right


Oh I forgot they beat the Ravens. Well then, point is he doesn't do well under pressure and against solid teams for the most part. Poor track record.


This game will be decided by the ability of our defense to control Cousins and the Redskins passing attack. Between Jordan Reed, Vernon Davis, DeSean Jackson, Jamison Crowder, and Pierre Garcon that is a lot of weapons. Cousins has destroyed us in the past.

Captain Obvious

Don't give him time to throw the ball. Especially to Jackson downfield.


No idea what to expect from this game, Skins have explosive playmakers on O , Schwartz needs to be on.


Between Bradham and Jenkins, I think the Eagles can prevent Reed from going off. Garcon worries me because he always hurts the Eagles and Carroll (who I assume will cover him most of the game) hasn't been very good this year.


Hi, the Skins are an up and down team. I bet they have a bad game this week.


Isn't reed out with a concussion too?


That's what I've heard. And he self-reported. So it was missed during the game Sunday. He probably won't finish the protocol before this Sunday.*

This last, and longest post was the most thorough game related analysis I ran across.


1) We need a plan for covering TE Jordan Reed. (NOTE: Reed experienced concussion symptoms this week during practice, and as of now there is no word on whether or not he will suit up Sunday. If he does play, we need to be ready.) I’m not sure that we have a LB with the skillset to go step for step with Reed. Having to keep Safeties back deep to help with WR DeSean Jackson, means that bracketing Jordan with OLB Nigel Bradham and SS Malcom Jenkins is out of the question. Alternating coverage concepts underneath will help get the job done, but only if we get enough heat on QB Kirk Cousins to keep him from making reads in time.
2) Work the edges. Like we did with the Steelers who also run a 3-4 defense, we need to force the 'skins OLB’s into coverage. Their two best pass rushers (Ryan Kerrigan, Trent Murphy) are OLB’s who don’t excel at playing in reverse. Against the Steelers we needed to pull the OLB’s out. That favored using RB’s. For the 'skins we need to push the OLB’s back. That means short passes along the hash marks to WR Jordan Matthews and TE Zach Ertz.
3) Do NOT punt directly to WR Jamison Crowder. Even without his 85 yard return for a touchdown, he’d still average 18.5 yards a crack and has 5 returns (out of 7) of 20 or more yards. By the way, he’s only fair caught 2, so he’s looking to scoot if he gets his mitts on the pig. So don’t give him the chance.
4) Protect the rookie. Rookie Halapoulivaati Vaitai, will be starting at RT after not suiting up for any of the previous games this year. His belly will be LOADED with butterflies. Settle him down by letting him mash on the guy across from him, early on. On passing downs help him out with TE chip blocks. The game will be faster than he’s ready for at this point. Hanging him out to dry could damage his confidence and stunt his development. (Remember the game against the giants where LT Winston Justice was stuck against Michael Strahan with no help and victimized for a million and half sacks? Let’s not do that again.)The 'skins will be our toughest test so far. Yes, even tougher than the Steelers. The 'skins are built to compete against the rosters in their division and will be playing in their house, in front of their crowd, for actual stakes. Winning this game would be a clear indication that the balance of power has indeed shifted in the NFC East and establish the Eagles as the team to beat

We were not a good encounter for the last flock of birds trying to take us down so lets make it two.
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