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The Cowboys: Monday Night Madness

So....Dallas is playing their best football in years, the Redskins are playing musical chairs with QBs and generally underacheiving and making way more
mistakes than we fans would like to see and it's a MNF game and Dallas fans are generally optimistic.

Generally, but there is worry underneath that optimism-perhaps surprisingly-but worry nonetheless.


Colt McCoy to start vs Cowboys

And Orakpo is out for the year (again)

7-1 without question.


Hate facing these QBs we don't have any real film or book on.

Joe Realist

Skins still have talent - Morris, Jackson. Don't be shocked if this is very close


Yup, two guys. That's about it. We're going to destroy them. A rookie is taking Orakpo's place, who not to mention, will be facing our All-Pro LT and they'll be starting a 3rd string QB. DJax and Morris will probably have a big play or two but, and I'm going to say it, we are too good. It' may be somewhat close at the half then we will pour it on, wear them out and once again that fan base will wish they were us.


Divisional game, rivals, I expect this to like the Giants game, closer than people think.
I hope we blow them away, which is possible, but going into it expecting a hard fought game.


I was much more worried about the Giants than the Skins. Their secondary is very suspect

Rob Mexico

Too bad we don't have Terrance Newman to cover D Jax anymore, Newman always shut that fool down. We should win though. They just aren't very good.


They are a division opponent, which generally means it will be a close contest. Their D has not been bad at all and the O has being putting up yards, their problem has been the turnover. If McCoy is not a turn over machine like Kirk was, I think this games is close and hard fought.


It'll be close in the first half then we'll pull away in the second. We win by 17


Just win baby!

Thats all that matters.

I lived there for 30 years and NOTHING brings me any greater joy than thumping the Skins, but a win is a win and we have much bigger things to think about than just the Skins. This is all they'll play for all year. This is just one more game for us as we march on to things that really matter!

Kal-El of Krypton

Hoping for another solid win, think it will help a lot that Orakpo and Hall are out. Too bad Cousins got benched, would've been nice to see him throw our secondary a few picks.


Hope hatcher disappears this game !!! Their secondary is wiped out right now, their D is ranked pretty good though, redskins are a weird bunch I can't figure them out ! But they always play us hard ! I hope McCoy starts ! Didn't Morris get a little dinged up vs titans ?

Kerrigan is the only one who makes me nervous !


Ball control, as we've been doing the past few games, is how we'll beat them. They're not that good but they still always give us a hard time.

McCoy wil be replaced by Cousins before the end of the


Washington has a pretty stout d-line that defends the run as well as any team in the league. This will be another test for the O-line, but if they can keep playing the way they have I am pretty confident that Dallas will get the win.

This guy sems to be a Colt McCoy fan


If McCoy was a rookie, I would be worried due to no film on him. But I bet McCoy is gonna be pumped and motivated to do well in Dallas. It's a homecoming for him of sorts, I would say. And while he doesn't have the athletic prowess of Vince Young, I feel he has more QB prowess than VY, and not a headcase. And we all recall what VY did that one game in his unofficial homecoming, lol.

I think the McCoy led Longhorns could have beaten Bama, except the OC for Texas thought he would get cute and run option with McCoy against the #1 defense in college that year. Needless to say, McCoy got hurt. Who does something moronic like that? Sorry got carried away, lol.


In all seriousness that win vs the titans by mid week will add a teeny tiny glimmer of hope in the eyes of the skins fans especially if rg3 is back soon, they will start talking about when they ran the table after a bad first half and made the post season rg3 first year ! This is very important to smash their teeny tiny glimmer of hope before it gets a little bigger ! A redskins win will get the organization a little pumped and their hope will build ! Like we did to the giants we need to smash their hopes and dreams now ! This game is crucial to put them away ! This game will be the back breaker to their season just like we did to the giants put them into draft talk mode! This way all attention can be placed on the eagles and putting that fan bases pre season we got this division talks to bed ! We have the chance to end 2 opponents in the NFC east now just before the midpoint. Our team is taking nothing for granted and will play hard as always I expect the redskins to come out fired up like always, but by the 3rd quarter they will want no part of this O-line, Murray, Dez, Williams , Witten , Escobar , Beasley, they will wear down like the rest. I would love to see Harris return a punt or kick as well it is well overdue this year !

Skins welcome to the new TERROR DOME


Offensive side, we already know the formula for success: run well and persistently; be precise with passes; convert 3rd downs; protect the football.

Defensively, I think a major key will be to defend YAC well. I can't pretend I know all that much about McCoy's arm, but from what I remember at Texas, his time in Cleveland, and his game last week, he's not a tremendous deep ball threat. But Garcon and Jackson can be very dangerous with the run after the catch (as demonstrated Sunday). Garcon ate us up for about 3/4ths of the game last year in DC. For God's sake, whatever first half gameplan we had against him in that game last year, don't do that.

McCoy's 1st pass yesterday reminded me a bit of Cousins' first pass against the Jaguars. The media attention was focused on the wrong thing. I understand that "Backup QB's First Pass is a Touchdown" is a more glamorous headline, but with Cousins it should have been, "Backup QB Doesn't Miss Receiver Who Couldn't Possibly Be More Open." Colt's should have been, "Backup QB's Reasonably Decent 10-Yard Pass Turned Into 70-Yard Score by Fleet-Footed Wide Out." Then people acted all shocked when Cousins came back down to Earth. I don't quite expect the same total drop off from McCoy, as I'm thinking he'll play it a little safer and be less reckless with the football than Cousins. But I'm still not worried about him any more than I am any of the other QB's on that roster right now. But those receivers can make a subpar QB look pretty good if you let them.

Texas Triumph

I sound like a broken record every week but - don't turn the ball over and keep Romo on his feet.

protecting the ball is HUGE in this league....


Cant wait for Church and Wilcox to lay the wood on D-Jax


Something is wrong if we cant run away from the Skins. This should be a blowout by at least 3 tds. The hogs got nothing. Will be extremely dissappinted if we cant blowout the skins


records mean nothing. washington is coming in here with a new qb, one from texas no less, and the feeling that they can get right with a win, which would put them only three games behind us. there are no givens in this league, and the problem with a streak like we've got goin is it will end eventually, i just hope not to a division or conference team. yes, we should win, but only if we take washington seriously, and play them like the rival they are. but we have a difficult time putting pressure on the qb, and they have two fleet-footed wideouts. play our game, keep the ball in our own hands, take care of business, keep playing like the world is against us.


dallas 41 deadskins 14


They always seem to play the Cowboys like its their own personal Super Bowl. So, although I expect Dallas to win convincingly, DeSean & Company will do their absolute best to upset our squad.


Pound the skins Dline with the run in the first half and by the forth quarter we will be controlling the run game. They have to stick with the run game no matter what. It makes such a big difference in the 4th quarter.

Like we and the coaches didn't already know this


Well, the stage is set for an upset. We're facing a QB we haven't faced and we know how that curse works. If Gruden wants to get in Snyder's good graces and the fans, beating us is a surefire way and the team would love nothing better than to knock us out of the lead in the division. They will be playing for their season in this game.

We need to take control from the get go and take the crowd out of it. They will make a fight out of it but I don't see them keeping that up unless we help them. They'll come out pumped, we need to drive the ball down their throats against the best part of their team, the defense.

Of course, although not as prevalent as in past seasons, you do still have some genuine "haters"


I hate them. I want to crush them into pulp and use them as mulch except that it would only make my lawn more stupid. We'd better beat these bums to death this time.


Washington will be playing their Super Bowl. This game will be tougher than the Giants' game. It may be our toughest test yet. I really feel we're better, but Washington is desperate, they DO have some talent, and it's a division game. All hands on deck!


I hate playing the's always some goofy kind of game,where unexpected stuff happens. How about Dallas just blow them out,and be done with it for a change ...

Yeah, chrispierce, well our job is to make you unhappy...very unhappy.
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