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The Bolts in D.C.- Trick or Treat?

No matter what happens, no matter how badly the Redskins play in a game, it seems some fans of upcoming opponents are still wary, still worried about what might happen on the field.


All the posts here were made after the Redskins Broncos game, BTW.

I thought I'd get a more accurate gauge of Chargers fan thoughts that way.

Some Chargers fans are confident going into this game, of course, but, still, not all of them.


Washington is an awful team this year. They should not have rushed RGIII into the season like they did. Also, if they play as bad as they did against the broncos last weekend we should win 31-10.

The Broncos played like garbage and still won against a team that has no bite.

The Moekid

I thought they made a big mistake starting him game 1 after no pre-season. He either needed to play a bit in the pre-season or, if he really wasn't ready, sit the first few games.

He got beat up pretty bad by the Broncos. I think RGIII would disagree that they have no bite. They treated him like a rag doll.


I think pass rush will be an issue, if we can win at the line of scrimmage, I think we can come out with a win


I'm not yet sold on our defenses newfound ability (over the last 11 quarters) to keep teams out of the endzone. East coast, early start is always a disadvantage.

I like another TOP, ball control type of game here. But, If Washington loads up on the run. I don't think they can stop #17.

I guess the key is the Skins ability to bring pressure/stop the run without being creative or selling out. If they have to, I think it will be a long day for them. The way Phill has been spreading it around, I don't think they will have an answer.


Neither am I. Seems every year the Chargers defense has a few good games only to get completely annihilated in others. This could be one of those games honestly. Washington is a lot better than their 2-5 record and their offense has the potential to be explosive.


Agreed. We will have our work cut out for us and while I think we can score on them, I dont think we will be able to stop them either


If this game doesn't scare you, then it should. 'Skins dline is very fast and very strong. We'll need our RBs to provide a lot of help blocking. The secondary is susceptible to the big play and quick slants can go far because of their aggressive over pursuit. They also play very dirty, which is why RGIII was abused and late hit this past weekend. Fox was sending a message that if you cheap shot Peyton, your QB is getting a beat down. With the 'skins Being embarrassed on the road and coming home to face a West Coast team off of a does not work in our favor. I hope the bye week doesnt make us sluggish.

I think this will be a dog fight and both teams will be eager to establish a ground game early. If we can get on top early, I think we should be able to close it out. I'm looking forward to a physical football game in which the Chargers can prove to the rest of the country that we won't be pushed around and we will swing with the best of them. I'm tired of hearing how soft we are.


I don't think RGlll is nearly the threat he was last year but he improves every game.
I also think he's one hit away from a bad injury if he wants to keep running it....Something that im sure is in the back of his mind and makes him hesitate.

Another dangerous team that can easily beat us if we don't show up, give them respect and execute the game plan with precision.

We gotta make sure all our attention is given to beating the skins and forget about the upcoming games against our division rivals


Well we have to be cognizant of what they did to Peyton too. They really went after him in a more than somewhat questionable way...something Shanahan has been known to, if not outright condone, at least look the other way in the past. Fox retaliated though by sending his dogs after RGIII, and we have to be prepared to do the same thing.


Alfred Morris scares me more than anyone else on that team. He excels in Washington's system and gains extra yards by breaking tackles. Our tackling has been suspect lately. If that doesn't shape up we could have a tough time with him. And that's their key to a victory-- sustaining long drives with the running game.


No worries about RG3s legs, this defense is the only one that has figured out how to limit mobile QBs and their explosive runs since the Raiders game when Pryor was limited to 30 yards and 3 yards per carry after averaging 7 YPC. Way better than that vaunted Chiefs defense who allowed Pryor 8 yards per carry in the next game or the Dick LeBeau defense where Pryor set a new rushing record with that 90+ yarder. This D has played very discipline and in position at all times for the past 4 games when it comes to defending the run, from D line to LB to secondary, they play the run really well, just one of the many contributing factors to why there hasn't been a TD in 11 QTRS. RG3 has no chance.

Pink Parakeet

The Broncos put a BEATING on the Redskin's offense, especially RG3. I like our chances this game as I think they'll still be licking their wounds and I think we'll be able to get after RG3 like we did Luck and Henne. As long as we make sure to contain him, I think were good. I'm expecting another great day from Liuget and Reyes up front!


I can see us using the same gameplay that the broncos dished out the 2nd half to beat the redskins. I'm predicting that RM will have another big game. We may see a little bit more screens to get Woodhead and Mathews out into open space. I think that will kill the redskins defense. I don't believe that their linebackers will be able to keep up


Don't think for a moment that Rat Face is not capable of scheming to give us fits all morning long. RG3. Alfred Morris. Helu. Kerrigan. Orakpo. Merry Weather. Look out. Start strong. Put up a fifty. It's time for Laderius.


After watching the Redskins game against the Donkeys I don't know what to think but would not be surprised to see the odds makers call this a toss up. Imo it depends on which two teams show up the Redskins of the first half against the Donkeys or the second half Redskins. And then you have the two charger teams the one that self destructs and whose defense doesn't show up or the chargers team that looks like their headed for the play-offs. One thing for sure, we had better contain RG111 or it will look like "Ground Hog day" the same thing over and over and over...


As bad as RG3 looks. He is capable of making this defense look bad. Despite how it has been playing of late. Or should I say, this defense is capable of making him look good. As it stands, I have little confidence in this defense as of now still. I do not think the front 7 is good enough right now. Hopefully this improves each week.

El Tee

Tired of all the "have to respect our opponents" posts.

If all things are considered equal, we win. We have a better QB, we have better skill positions as a whole. FACT!

Of course it goes without saying that we can't lose the turnover battle by 5 or have half the team go out with injuries.

But barring something insane, we win by double-digits. Just go to the Washington forums and read away.

Those guys have more faith in the Chargers than many of you. Oh, the joys of being an NFL fan... sometimes without the joy part.

That line about Redskins forums? Wouldn't surprise me if that were the case.

His fellow Chargers fan mason, however, took issue with El Tee


The problem isn't our offense it's our D. We don't have the speed rushers like Denver does so how do we contain RG3? If we have our OLB's contain they won't get there in time for the sack and we really don't have a NT or DT that can get consistent pressure up the middle. I think this game is going to be back and forth and don't forget we have to travel to the East coast to play these guys on their home field after they were embarrassed by the Donkeys..Imo it's any bodies guess as to who will win.

One Chargers fan board had a score prediction thread for the game. Most of the scores were actually predicting a fairly close game-with one predicting a Redskins win. matter what there's almost always at least one who predicts a loss for their team.


Redskins - 33
Chargers - 24

Mr Swede

Chargers 27-12

Bristol University

24-16 Bolts


Bolts 31
Skins 20

There are, of course, some that predict a scenario too.


30-27 SD on a last second Novak FG.



Bolts pull off the win, and the team extends to a 3rd straight game without surrendering a TD.


Oh I see them giving up a TD in the first quarter, perhaps the first series.

I predict they'll be down at halftime but come back in the second.

23-20 Bolts.

Harder Charger

SD 27
Wash 23

A lot of close score predictions there.

A "W" by one is still a "W", of course, and right now I think most Redskins fans would love a "W"-even a one-point one.
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