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The Bills in D.C., the preseason continues

The Bills come to visit Saturday. As usual, there's not much "let's check out the opposition" chatter in the forums but I did either run across or get linked to a couple of interesting things.

Some weren't so interesting-or at least interesting in an odd sort of way.

I'll give you an example.

I ran across a thread on one Bills board with the following title.

"Bills vs. Redskins", number of posts, 15.

Aha, I thougt, paydirt!

This was the OP.

Will there be any bars in Toronto or nearby showing Bills vs Redskins game Saturday?

The following fourteen posts are about sports bars, and Toronto-including one suggesting a trip to-get this-Herndon VA to Jimmy's Old Town Tavern.

Apparently a bunch of Bills fans hang out there.

Geez. :insane:

I can't wait for the actual season to start.

One fan did post a brief take on the game- with no follow up comments yet.

No surprise there.

Now I know its just preseason, no one cares too much but as I've read before winning breeds winning and you gain positive morale/ momentum and fans get excited, so its all good. With that being said on Saturday vs Washington on the road, Buffalo will be playing their 1st team for hopefully a full half to 3/4 quarter of the game. Our defense has a chance to explode and wreak havoc on washington who will be playing Rex Grossman and Pat White the whole game. With No RG3 and now Cousins out til opener, this really excites me to see how feisty our defense can play knowing we have a 3rd string QB at the helm. Now for the offense, I imagine the D and Special teams will produce points but I'm really looking for Spiller/Jackson to get alot of carries and see if Kolb can gain chemsitry with Stevie/Woods/Goodwin. I think we need to see a little extra from the TE position as it has been quiet and look to see if Chandler plays more and how Gragg is. Graggs name has been mentioned alot in OTA's but he's kind of been quiet through preseason. This is usually the most important game as you get a sense of what our team can do with starters playing alot so I really want to see the O-Line gel and find the compatable group to mesh together and I lastly want to see a WR break away and become the clear cut favorite for the Number 5/6 spot. See what Hogan/Rogers/Sampson/Smith could do. I have the Wr's as Stevie, Woods, Graham, Goodwin, and I think Easley is a lock. If they take 1 or 2 more depends on the numbers game but so far I would give the edge to Hogan even though Rogers seems to have the most upside and a bigger outside threat as Hogan is kind of the slant pattern type receiver and I would like a bigger receiever to help out with blocking when Spiller bust out 50 yard TD runs. Let me know how you guys feel about the matchup even though it is a Preseason game.

In travelling through Billsfansland searching for input on Saturday's game I was linked to two interesting articles by blogger Scott DelleFave in articles with the following title;

"Buffalo Bills’ Public Enemy In Preseason Week 3"

The first is about London Fletcher, the second Ryan Kerrigan

Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher has been bringing the hurt to opposing teams’ offenses for what will be his 16th season in 2013. In the previous 15 seasons, Fletcher has amassed 1,320 total tackles, 37 sacks, 23 interceptions and three total touchdowns while playing in every single game since coming into the league in 1998.
There was much debate if Fletcher would return for his 16th season, however, he did sign a new two-year $10.75 million contract with Washington this offseason.Despite being 38, Fletcher looks like he hasn’t lost a step at all which is nothing short of amazing. What’s also amazing is that until 2010 he was always named a Pro Bowl alternate 11 times, thus he gave himself the title of the Susan Lucci of the NFL as she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy 18 times and finally won on her 19th time. Fletcher finally made the Pro Bowl in his 12th try.
He presents a problem for the Buffalo Bills as he can shut down both C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson from breaking huge runs that will result in scores along with any other running back the Bills have. However, the Bills can be successful against him due to his lack of size if their tight ends hover over Fletcher.
All in all it shall be interesting to see how well London Fletcher performs Saturday night in our Nation’s Capital at FedEx Field. It also will be interesting to see if Fletcher can play in the league until he turns 40 years old.

This upcoming Saturday, the Buffalo Bills will travel to our nation’s capital to take on the Washington Redskins, who have an absolute terror on the field that deserves the the title of public enemy: outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan.
He is one of the main reasons why the Redskins won the NFC East crown last year for the first time since 1999, and the first time the team made the playoffs since 2007. Kerrigan is an extremely athletic and smart linebacker who seemingly has a nose for the ball, as witnessed last night as he had an interception return for a touchdown against Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Kerrigan is an absolute monster, standing in at 6-foot-4 and weighing 260 pounds. He loves to force fumbles, as he did in college where he tied the FBS record with 14. So far in his pro career, he’s had six, which is pretty good for a player going into his third season of the NFL.
He even made the Pro Bowl last year for the first time, which might be a sign of things for years to come against opposing offenses. It is fitting that he played his college ball for the University of Purdue since boilers are what drive the train, and Kerrigan is a high speed locomotive with a seemingly unlimited fuel supply.
It’ll be interesting to see how long Kerrigan plays Saturday night in the third preseason game and if he can force a turnover or two as well.

He's very impressed with Kerrigan.

Yeah, we are too, dude. :)

The Bills have a situation similar to ours in that rookie QB E.J Manuel-playing lights out so far-is out with a knee injury and thus we get to face an old "friend"-Kevin Kolb.

Remember him?

Anyway a rather unusual thread showed up polling fans on how well they'd like to see Kolb play against the Redskins Saturday on a scale of 1-worst to 10-best

10 - Perfect 76.92%
9 - 32.10%
8- 6.99%
7- 2.80%
6- 2.10%
5- 2.80%
4- 0.70%
3- 00%
2- 00%
1 - Worst 5.59%

A few of them apparently don't want Kolb to jeopardize Manuel's likely position as starting QB with too good a performance-hopefully we can ease their worries on that score.

Jeff Tuel might try to make some noise in the QB situation but I think it's doubtful he could unseat either Manuel or Kolb.

Oh,there was one more thing I found-not relating to Saturday's game, but an issue on the minds of Redskins fans-and many others.

One large Bills board has a poll going on the question of should the Redskins team name be changed.

As of 3PM today (Tursday) and 513 votes cast here are the results.

Yes. It's a derogatory word and the NFL should set a good example. 159 votes-30.99%

No. It's not derogatory to most people and changing it would set a bad example. 290 votes-56.53%

Maybe. I don't have a strong opinion but I wouldn't be fazed by a name change. 64 votes-12.48%

I may, as the season continues, keep an eye out for polls such as this just to try to get a feel for fan sentiment across the league.
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