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Giants Game - Random Observations

Just a few quick hit thoughts about the game. These are the things that stand out in my mind after watching it live and then reviewing parts on Tivo when I could drag myself away from the Bears/Packers tilt last night (at least Cutler played a worse game than Campbell yesterday).

  • While it appears the sky is falling (and in many ways it feels like it to my heart), it is important to remember that the Meadowlands has always been a house of horrors for the Skins. We got beat by a Giants team that is only 18 months removed from winning a Super Bowl and 8 months removed from posting the best record in the NFC. Without the weirdness that is Plaxico Burress this team likely would have played the Steelers in the Super Bowl last year and they are arguably better now than last year.
  • The two cheapest guys who get playing time in our defensive secondary showed more hustle, desire and smarts than the other big name, big money guys combined. I am thinking of Horton and Doughty. They were great and thank god because Hall, Smoot and Landry were not. The verdict is still out for me on Rogers. I need to watch the rest of the tape but I know he didn’t really stand out during the live broadcast.
  • I know Orakpo is a rookie but I expected to hear his name during the game in more than just the introductions. This is of course good and bad. Good because he did not get taken advantage of in such an obvious way so as to get embarrassed on national TV and bad because he did not make any plays requiring the announcers to figure who #98 was.
  • While the run by Portis to start the game was great, I can’t figure out why you don’t open with a deep shot to Kelly. I would have bet money on it. The Skins have to establish the #2 spot as a weapon for Moss to ever be a regular threat again. Until Kelly makes someone pay for doubling Moss and ignoring him, Moss will get blanketed. To be honest, had I been the Skins Offensive Coordinator yesterday every pass play on the script to start the game would have had Kelly as the primary target. To not even attempt a throw to him until the 3rd quarter is nearly criminal.
  • Moving ARE to the slot where he obviously belongs really makes me wonder about the intelligence of the coaches in previous years. Surely he is just too productive in that position to justify ever playing him outside for any reason. If yesterday’s game is any indication he will have a career year in 2009.
  • Deangelo Hall may be a great athlete, as has been reported a lot of places this spring, but he is a lousy CB. I think I would rather have an injured Springs standing on the sidelines than a healthy Hall playing. At least with the former there is a chance of getting good CB play at some point.
  • I really want to know who is responsible for the Betts carry behind RG on 3rd and 8. Was it designed to go that way and called by Zorn or did Campbell audible to it at the line?
  • This team does not play well against real physical teams. I miss the days when we knew before the game that win, lose or draw the Redskins would be the most physical team on the field and the other team would hurt on Monday.
  • Took real guts to call that fake FG. Wish the same guts were being used to call plays for the offense.
  • I saw some good things from the defensive line yesterday but over all I was under whelmed. I keep reminding myself that the Giants offensive line just might be the very best in the NFL today but I was really expecting more after all the pre-season hype and some of the flashes I saw from these guys. To get dominated that seriously so early in the game was disheartening.

I expect to see a different team this next week against the Rams at the home opener. Until then, I will be working at keeping the emotions in check and staying medium, although I am beginning to wonder if that might not be part of the problem.
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