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Confidence Or Hubris

This is it.

The real deal

The first official game of the Redskins 2015 season.

Redskins fans are looking forward to this

So are Dolphins fans, as it turns out

Talk about confident, Dolphins fans are mostly supremely confident.

1.) That they will win this game.

2.) That it will be by about two TDs

3.) And that the Redskins will suck.

There were, as you might expect, those who advised caution in making overly optimistic projections but they mostly encountered

disagreements from the super-homers. I did not, except for a couple of Skins fans doing drive-bys, see a single post actually predicting a Redskins win.

Chuck Willie

Every week I'm going to make an official prediction thread so we can come back and look at our assanine predictions and our stellar ones.

Miami @ Washington

I'd be downright deflated if we lost this game, but we won't. I think Lamar Miller is going to go nuts and the play action will be huge. I can

see us getting up early and riding the running game to a 27-13 season opening win on the road


This years team is actually gonna be good. You can just see it. Even when they are making mistakes they are still winning. our offense looks

capable of putting up points in anyone and the defense has been downright scary upfront so far. My prediction is Kirk cousins has a rough week

1. He's gonna be getting hammered. Dolphins 34 redskins 20.


My prediction: PAIN!

Also score will be 35-10 Miami, All Washington's 3 QBs will make an appearance. Cousins starts, RG3 will be used for some deceptive Wildcat-like

plays and Colt McCoy will appear because Suh and Wake will converge on Cousins and break him open like a cheapass can of Natty light

zach attach

I havent seen Tannehill and this offense for 4 quarters. In the preseason game against Atlanta they played the most, and they were not very

effective. I do not see how someone is picking 41 points, but we are all fans here.

1ST game jitters will come into play and some mistakes will be made. We win though 24-16.


He must have forgotten that Brandon Scherff is lining up vs ndamukong suh in his first pro start. And Morgan Moses vs Cam Wake. That's cute.

Get a stretcher....they may need it for cousins.


Why are Redskins fans taking us so lightly? Either they are delusional, don't know anything about us, or we're the ones who are crazy.

Honestly, to me, anything less than a win with a 10 point difference in the scores will be disappointing.


Why wouldn't Redskin fans feel their team can beat the Dolphins at home? The Dolphins are coming off an 8-8 season and haven't been in the

playoffs since 2008.

While those of us who follow the Dolphins feel this year can be different because the talent level is the best this organization has fielded in

over a decade. Fans around the league who don't follow the Dolphins continue to see the Dolphins as an average team. I don't think the fans of

other teams who see the Dolphins on their teams schedule assume their team can't win that game.

It is up to the players and coaches to prove that this years team is not the same old Dolphins that gives it's fans a lot of hope going into the

season, only to collapse when the pressure of making the playoffs becomes a reality.

Like you, I think the Dolphins have the talent to beat the Redskins by double digits next week. Now they just have to go out and show everyone

that this Dolphin team is different than the teams who have disappointed their fan base for far too long.

Tin Indian

They, like most are really sleeping on us and that is ok. I like it that way. I don't think they have watched this team in preseason but I

have watched a little of the Redskins. If we don't win by 10, as others have said, it will be a disappointment.


I fully expect a three touchdown dismantling at least. 34-6


That's more than a bit optimistic imo .

If we play well overall and win it's a positive start . Sure it would be great to dominate but let's see how we perform when it matters before

expecting anything like that .


You cant take ANY team lightly in the nfl. If you do, its almost always a complete disaster or white nuckle, down to the wire, wut dafug just

happened i now question this team let down.

The team is on a mission with hungry players. If they show up to DC all biz, washington goes down in a SUHnami followed by a 9 on the ricter

scale earthkWAKE.

I'm ready for the (long over due) new era of dolphins football.

Nappy Roots

Won't be a stretch run if we aren't in a good position. Some of you guys forget this is the NFL where every game matters. Not MLB. Take

Washington lightly and their going to punch us in the face. We will be wondering what the hell happened when we are 0-1.


I would be worried, but Washington wouldn't even beat Ohio State.

Nappy Roots

How many teams have ever gone winless? 2? Ever? Don't just count definite wins. We aren't the Seahawks yet. Especially without Albert.


I agree, and I don't get the mentality. The Redskins have a lot of speed, a good tailback, and a QB with experience in the NFL. The

overconfidence is a bit much. While I'm expecting us to win, a blowout is an unlikely result. Any given Sunday.

Dol-Fan Dupree

They have speed. They do have good tailbacks.

They have a QB with experience of playing poorly in the NFL.

IMO, Cousins is a step above John Beck, however not by much.

Dol-Fan Dupree

IMO, it doesn't have much to do with the Dolphins. I think any 8-8 mediore team is going to kill the Redskins. I think they are going to be

historically bad.

Piston Honda

I like Miami over Washington but not by a wide margin at this point. Not until I know who's playing LT. Will Jamar Taylor be healthy?

Washington has two physical backs. If anything crazy happens, blocked punt, TD on a KO return, tipped ball, pick 6, in their favor, this "easy

game" could turn into a tight contest. Especially on the road in week 1. Any win is good enough for me, whether it's 38-6 or 13-10.


I understand that us as Phin fans, we should never overlook any opponent but I mean, c'mon man! Its the Redskins, they are literally expected

to be the worse team in the NFL, they are simply horrible and this is gonna be a statement game for us when we pick them apart, piece by piece,

brick by brick.

Piston Honda

That's what Cowboys fans thought on Monday night when they lost to the Redskins, at home, vs a third string QB.

I'd feel a lot better if RG3 were starting the game.


The Redskins are not a good football team. If we lose this game, I want Joe Philbin's nuts on a platter.


I'm going to say we win reality, this should be a walk in the park, but I have been conditioned to believe we will start super

slow and only pull things out in the 2nd half....and until they prove mw wrong, that's why my thought process defaults to.


I know it makes for fun conversation but in 16 years in the investment world, I've learned one thing about the media. They want to sell

advertising. It's their job to get a fanbase excited with optimism or rage from disrespect. None of this will matter when the first whistle is


To add what others have said, we have some reasons for optimism that the rest of the experts may not be seeing. This is one of the most talented

teams Miami has fielded. We appear to be relatively healthy. RTH is in his 4th year and many are excited that he may take the next step which

would get us over the hump.

Either way, I'm just excited that I get to watch them again. Hopefully the ending is a little better than last year.


Cousins won't make it out of this game alive. I'm thinking about benching A. Morris in my league this week. Our Defense will feast all day

long this early in the season with no wear or tear.

Like I said, supremely confident.

We'll see.
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