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Burner’s Burning Questions – Week Twelve Grades

First and foremost, BBQ would like to apologize for getting the weeks wrong in last Friday’s blog. It should’ve been weeks ten and eleven, but the effects of a lingering concussion led to some confusion. BBQ for this week will be much more accurate.

It is time to hand out grades for Monday night’s game and the scores are simply atrocious. The Redskins were obviously outmatched in every phase of the game and did not play with any sense of urgency. Let’s get right to the carnage.

Robert Griffin, III did not get any help from the offensive line and the play calling was very subpar. This does not excuse Griffin at all, but he rarely had a chance to be comfortable in the pocket.
Grade: D+

Running Backs:
The only bright spot on offense for Monday night’s game in spite of poor offensive line play. Alfred Morris had several nice runs from scrimmage and Roy Helu picked up a key first down that led to a field goal.
Grade: C+

Wide Receivers:
Horrible play calling led to a terrible night for the receivers, but some of this was poor execution too. Aldrick Robinson briefly broke off of a fly route that would’ve been a touchdown had he kept his stride. No one player stood out in a positive way or had any inkling of a good game.
Grade: F

Tight Ends:
This unit was virtually non-existent and was not a help in the receiving and blocking schemes.
Grade: F

Offensive Line:
By far, this was the worst performance of the Shanahan era. The only positive was opening a few holes for the running backs, but that could not save the night for such a despicable performance.
Grade F:

Defensive Line:
The good news for this group of players is that they were able to stop the run for the most part. The bad news is that they could not stop the passing game of the 49ers, but did get some pressure at times and garnered two sacks (one by opening a lane for Brian Orakpo).
Grade: C+

Brian Orakpo did get a sack and Perry Riley deflected a couple of passes. London Fletcher had a couple of tackles behind the line of scrimmage. However, this unit failed to stop the intermediate passing routes and allowed several drives to continue.
Grade: C

Josh Wilson looked lost and even though he had an injury that hampered him the entire game, his play was much less than stellar. DeAngelo Hall simply can’t cover every receiver, but his efforts are valiant under the circumstances. Where was David Amerson?
Grade: C-

The best overall performing unit for Monday night’s game had a very respectable showing. Reed Doughty was making plays all over the field and Brandon Meriweather provided a steady presence in and out of the box.
Grade: B

Special Teams:
The only thing Niles Paul can do on kickoff returns is run straight ahead toward a group of defenders. Why was Santana Moss returning punts and not Nick Williams? Sav Rocca had an above average game and Kai Forbath made two easy field goals.
Grade: C

For the first time in Robert Griffin’s pro and college career, the team he plays and played for did not score a touchdown. The defense did fairly well under the circumstances and special teams had no glaring mistakes. The problems for Monday night’s game centered on a lackluster performance on offense, including poor blocking, too many wide receiver screen schemes, and allowing the opposition to control the tempo.
Grade: D

Do you agree with the grades for this week? What can be done to turn this franchise in the right direction? Is it really time to look for a new coach in early January? Can Robert Griffin, III return fully from his injury? Is it time to start younger players and let them gain some valuable experience? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on the grading and these questions. See you again next week.

Hail To The Redskins!
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