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Burner’s Burning Questions – Week Eleven, Dallas Week, and Final Bye Thoughts

A win! A blowout by the Redskins! It feels great and now it is quick turnaround to the Thanksgiving Day game in Dallas. After the “time to evaluate” comments from the head coach a couple of weeks ago to possible playoff talk, the Redskins find that the cure for any negativity is an old fashioned blowout. This week, we will ask some old questions that were left over from the bye week and take a look ahead as well. Let’s get right to it.

Q1: Is it time to shut down Pierre Garcon? What do you think?
A: BBQ highly suggests that it is time to shut down Garcon and place him on IR. In the Eagles blowout game, he was non-existent. The roster spot can go to a young receiver, defensive tackle, or safety from another team’s practice squad. BBQ also believes that Alameda Ta'amu, DT on the Steelers practice squad, deserves a look.

Q2: Do the Redskins still have a realistic chance at making the playoffs?
A: If the team can pull off a win on Thanksgiving Day, then it can enter the conversation. If they can get to a winning record, then let the formal talk commence. Do you think the chances are good at this juncture?

Q3: In the previous version of BBQ, I asked for opinions about the upcoming free agency season. Ryan (Ryman) answered the call with a detailed list of his own. We need to keep in mind that the salary cap situation will continue to hamper efforts for one more season. Do you have any other free agents on your radar?
A: Here is a suggested list that Ryan produced along with other members of BGO. BBQ has taken a look at these players from the list (added a few) and any two or three should be signed.
OG - Andy Levitre, Bills
OT – Andre Smith, Bengals
OT - Branden Albert, Chiefs
OG – Chilo Rachal, Bears
S – Jairus Byrd, Bills
DT/DE - Glenn Dorsey, Chiefs
CB – Mike Jenkins, Cowboys

Q4: Once again, it is time to take a look at draft prospects for the Redskins. BBQ continues to believe that the draft should focus on safety, cornerback, right tackle, defensive tackle, and tight end. Who do you like in the draft? Here is a list of players that should be considered.
A: This list is presented in no particular order.
Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas
Eric Reid, S, LSU
T.J. McDonald, S, USC
Robert Lester, S, Alabama
Shawn Williams, S, Georgia
Dallas Thomas, OT/G, Tennessee
Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan
Oday Aboushi, OT, Virginia
Travis Howard, CB, Ohio State
Sanders Commings, CB, Georgia
Darius Slay, CB, Mississippi State
Prentiss Waggner, CB/S, Tennessee
Larry Black, DT, Indiana
Kwame Geathers, DT, Georgia
Mister Cobble, DT, Kentucky
Philip Lutzenkirchen, TE, Auburn
Michael Williams, TE, Alabama
Lucas Reed, TE, New Mexico

Q5: As to free agents – who amongst the free agents on the Redskins roster should be retained? Who should go? Too, who should be released after the season is over? Feel free to add your preferences.
A: Here is a list of Redskins FAs that BBQ believes should not be retained:
Rex Grossman, QB
Jordan Black, OL
Kentwan Balmer, DL
Chris Baker, DL
Chris Wilson, LB

Here is a list of players that the Redskins should release:
DeAngelo Hall – Cap savings of $8.3 million – no cap hit to release.
Brandon Meriweather – Cap savings of $1.35 million and $1.65 million against the cap. Should return at much lower price if agreeable.
London Fletcher – Cap savings of $4.0 million and $3.25 million against the cap. Should return at much lower price if agreeable.
Reed Doughty – Cap savings of 1.15 million – no cap hit to release.
Jammal Brown – Cap savings of $1.5 million and $3.3 million against the cap.
Santana Moss – Cap savings of $4.15 million and $2 million against the cap. Should return at much lower price if agreeable.
Evan Royster
Chris Cooley
Niles Paul

Total cap savings would equal $20.45 million. Dead cap money would equal $10.2 million. The Redskins are currently at $3.3 million below the cap and that carries over to 2013. The cap hit from the release of Chris Cooley last summer is $1.8 million, so the Redskins are truly at $1.5 million in cap savings for 2013.

Candidates for restructuring contracts include:
Pierre Garcon
Josh Morgan
Trent Williams
Josh Wilson
Barry Cofield
Chris Chester
Stephen Bowen
Adam Carriker
Brian Orakpo

BBQ firmly believes that these players should be retained and the savings could amount to as much as $15 million with the 2013 cap.

That is all (a lot actually!) for this week. See you again next week and keep the comments coming. There is a lot to talk about this week – feel free to add your ideas and constructive criticism.

Hail To The Redskins!
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