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Blood In The Water?

Seldom have I seen so much hinge on he condition of one person's knee.

It's got Browns fans-most of them at least-salivating.

Some Browns forum threads about the upcoming Redskins game are like sharks circling when they smell blood in the water.

I'd rather see him at 100%, that way we know who we really are.

I don't want another repeat of the off season of 2007 where we thought we had our QB, a great offense and were headed for great things only to end up scratching our heads the entire year.

These next two games will let us know where we are really weak when it comes to becoming an elite contender.

Maybe the third (Steelers @ Heinz Field), but I think we can still take them in their place.

My two cents...

Game plan should be the same for both rookie QBs.

Hit them Hard n Often. If RG3 plays a game plan of contain should be cancelled as he will no way have the mobility he has had previously - he will have to stay in the pocket n rely on his OL which is not that good. Stop the run n Hit whoever is QB Hard n often. I think Shanahan is just Bsing all so that we cannot game plan solely on Cousins.

The way we are hitting the qb lately, Washington would be INSANE to play him and risk further injury to their young stud.

I expect him to play through it, and I won't be surprised at all if he is eluding our DLine and outrunning our LBs.

I'm gonna sound crazy for saying this...but I think even if RG III DOES play, our Browns still have a good chance at beating them. This game is in Cleveland, and this team is one play away from being 5-0 at home. That, combined with the fact that the Skins have an atrocious pass defense tells me that we can win this game. No matter WHO is playing as their QB. Especially an injured QB who likes to run. I say we come out Sunday and just beat their butts into the dirt. know what quote comes to mind from one of the best movies of all time, "Major League"? (it will have to be the PG version...I don't want to get banned!)

"I guess there's only one thing left to do."

"Oh yeah, what's that?"

"Win the whole freaking thing."

I doubt, even if he does suite up and play, he will be a lehthal mobile threat like he has been in previous games with a sore knee.

RGIII comes from military family, he'll play unless doctors say NO, I don't care, I'd rather they have Howdy Duddy in, all I want is another W......we should know were he is, pocket, and hope we can contain him.....being selfish, doesn't bother me a bit he's hurt.....a W is a W.....GO Browns!!!!

Obviously I don't care who plays either, I REALLY just want another win! I can't tell you how much fun I'm actually having now watching this team and coming to the boards and reading articles. It's night and day compared to earlier this year. But enought about RG III, there are other components to this game!!

Pierre Garcon missed about six games due to injury, but it's very easy to see what he can do when he's healthy. He and RG III already have a good connection going. Good news for us is that we have Joe Haden, who has been playing BALL lately. QB's are hardly throwing his way. It's crazy.

The Skins rookie RB, Alfred Morris, is having a better year than Trent Richardson. Crazy huh? This guy can tote the pill and it will be job number one for our defense to shut him down. No 80 yard td runs to start the game anymore! hehe.

I want us to get our TE's involved early and often. I want to start out throwing the them and to the RB's, and then fire the ball deep to Gordon once we lull the CB to sleep a bit. The Skins give up an average of 290 yards through the air EVERY WEEK....this is the game where Brandon Weeden can win us the game. It's a game he NEEDS to have for many reasons. He can do it, Browns fans.

Kardyak Kyd
its a lose-lose for them regardless what they do. if he play's (regardless of how "fine" he says he is), there's a strong chance that he re-injures that knee with how we've been gettin to the QB lately. he won't be nearly as mobile either. this does not work in their favor at all. i can picture him wincing and favoring that knee throughout the game in my mind right now. if he doesnt play, they'd be throwing another rookie fresh off that warm part of the bench against a team thats hungry right now and will do him like they did Batch. he wont have a chance. thats how confident i am in our defense.

either way i think they will play him out of desperation, but its gonna come and haunt them in the end whether they win or lose. RG3 playing will come with a cost. its extremely risky.

all the while, im saying BRING IT!!!

There was advice for the Skins present also...sort of.

if he starts on sunday i'll be amazed, and i'll be wrong. but until then shanahan will keep our coaching staff guessing until an hour before game time. at which time he'll name cousins as the starter.

and i'll have been right.

hey man, no disrespect to the skins fans. i think you guys are a lot like us. you're in one of the toughest divisions in football and have had 2 teams ahead of you for god knows how many years and now you see a glimmer of hope. just don't f*** up the next 10 years because you want the playoffs so bad this year. it would be a tremendously bad move not to sit the kid for the rest of the season. it's not like you were/are going to beat the giants or 49ers or atlanta or green bay or.........

There was some homerism along for the ride too.

King Ghoolie Lives
RG3 is now on his way out of the NFL. Each time he coemms back a wee bit slower, it is more likely he will get knocked the f*** out again.

RG3 will be a distant memory in 3 years and Luck will be a joke.

Weeden, by far teh better QB of the three.

I hope to see rg3 play so we can watch the browns defense crush him!

I had to post this one becuse it's getting hard to find this stuff anymore. :)

F*** the skins. The worst city, or tied with Baltiwhore as the worst. Full of homeless and **** crime areas. Take it and flush it down the ghoolie drain.

Ocassionally a comment was

i wish he was playing. He has very nice hair

The predictions tended to be optimistic-from the Browns fans perspective.

Browns 27 Generals 17

Browns 23 Readskins 16

Browns 24 Skins 21 with GR3

Browns 28 Skins 14 without RG3

I have a strong feeling that this could turn into a shootout. I hope I'm wrong. I'm going to predict that I'm right for the sake of reverse psychology.

Redskins 35
Browns 32

We've already beat the Chiefs, the Redskins should just lay down their weapons and sign the treaty!

Browns: 27
Skins: 17

jiggins7919 posted the longest and most in-depth analysis on any Brown's fan board.

I had a pretty good feel for the Chiefs game, but I don't have a great feel for this one. The Redskins do a good job of stopping the run, but a VERY poor job of stopping the pass. What we can expect to see is something very similar to what we saw against the Chiefs: Load up to stop Trent and make Brandon Weeden win the game.

As we all know by now, this is a scenario filled with uncertainties. The thing that Cleveland has going for them is that their WR's and TE's have all been playing pretty good ball and Weeden has done a nice job of getting just about everyone involved. I think our coaching staff had A LOT to do with getting our WR's and TE's so open against the Raiders and Chiefs, and if that trend continues, the Redskins could be in serious trouble. I know their sack leader Orapko is out for the season, but other than that, I am not sure who can pressure the QB consistently. Weeden has had a lot of time to throw the ball, and sometimes that's a good thing, and sometimes it appears to be an issue. One thing he could work on is to check his reads, and then tuck it and run. A five or six yard gain is better than a forced pass or incomplete attempt.

The Redskins give up about 294 yards through the air PER GAME. That's a metric buttload. Weeden is far from being an NFL prolific passer, but he has shown the ability to hit people on the run and connect on the deep ball. Expect a lot of people to be open this game with the big question being whether or not we can complete the pass. If Washington's secondary is really as bad as advertised, then they will have a difficult task ahead of them because the Browns like to throw it around.

Notice I haven't said anything about whether or not RG III plays? That's because I don't think it matters that much. I believe he WILL play, but that knee will be sore and his running will be limited. That's not to say that he'll be a statue back there, far from it, but they won't have as many designed runs for him, and that's a blessing. Think about it....why WOULD they? One helmet to that knee, or one tackle in which he gets pulled in a funny direction....and BAM. He's out for the game and possibly longer. RG III is an amazing talent who they want around for a long time. They would be wise to change their gameplan slightly.

The bad news for us is that RG III can do more than run...the kid can absolutely throw the rock. Their WR's are pretty decent and RG III is EXTREMELY accurate. He doens't need a big cushion in order to deliver the ball. Expect to see Haden on Garcon most of the time, who is their biggest weapon I believe. I'm hoping that RG III isn't used to playing against somebody like Haden and he'll test him.

The Redskins have a talented rookie RB in Alfred Morris (I think that's his name) and he has a lot more yards than our beloved rookie, Trent. We've done a pretty nice job of shutting down the run, minus that one 80 yard TD from Jamaal. We'll need to bring more of the same pressure and keep in them 3rd and long in order to shut down their offense. The Redskins are a decent team, but they are not a great team. Expect Trent to be fully aware of all the press and headlines that Alfred is getting and to come out ready to go. Trent is a guy who pays attention to what's going on and likes to be the guy proving people wrong. Although Washington is very stout against the run, I keep getting the feeling that Trent is going to have a monster game soon. If indeed that is against the Redskins, we will win and it might not be close. If the game comes down to Weeden's arm, then it's anyone's guess. It's important to remember that even though Weeden hasn't had the best statistical numbers, teams have been forcing Weeden to beat them for a while now. Think back to the Dallas game, and ever since then, teams have dared Weeden to throw on them, and he has come through more than he hasn't. We won that Dallas game, but besides that, ask Oakland and K.C. how that approach worked for them.

We're still a young team and far from being considered "good". We've taken steps forward in each of the last three weeks. Whether it be beating Pittsburgh finally and locking down another divisional win, to winning on the road by executing a beautiful 94 yard drive, or blowing a team out FINALLY with subpar talent....our Browns are taking steps forward consistently for the first time in a long while. The next obvious step is to win again at home against a team fighting for their playoff life. Think of this as our playoff game of sorts. We're playing a team that has EVERYTHING to lose. We will need our coach to keep improving as he has, our offense to continue to blossom and to get better in the redzone, and our defense to keep beating the living daylights out of people in order to win.

This is our playoff game, people. I know it's not as exciting as playing in January, but we gotta take what we get. It's still a VERY exciting game, and I have a feeling that the fans in Cleveland will be ROCKING. I have an overwhelming feeling that we're due for a downer soon, but there is also a small chance that we're discovering some tiny amount of magic in Cleveland and we're hungry for MORE. I'm going with my heart on this one, and it feels good.

Stone-cold, new life, mouth-slapping Browns - 27
Don't know what they're in for Redskins - 13
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