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Blognostications - 2017 Week 9 - Redskins @ Seahawks

Due to a mix up on the part of the Blognostications staff, we have a special, dual Blognostication this week featuring pieces by member (and Seattle resident) Johnssbass and staff member LoyalSkinsFan. Hope you enjoy these somewhat differing view points.

Blognosticator - JohnssBass

Preface: Thanx for the opportunity, Neo!

What about dem ‘Hawks and how'd they get to 5-2?

3 of those wins were Indy, NY Gnats & the 49er's. Those teams have a combined 3 wins – you ought to beat those teams. Their 4th win was over the Rams where LA pretty much out played Seattle except they turned it over 5 times so you ought to lose when you give the ball back that often. Last week, Houston (3-4) whose defense still might be worse than Washington's. The most points the Redskins have given up is 34. Texan's have given up more than that 3 times so far.

Seahawks lost to the Pack & to the Titans – both are 4-3. Against teams that are at least .500 they're 2 – 2. Against the common opponents shared by the Redskins and the Seahawks are the Rams; who gave up more rushing yards to 3 different Washington RBs than the entire Seahawk team ran for and the 49ers where Seattle scored only 1 TD and had to come from behind in the 4th quarter to snatch a win. At home.

Speaking of Seahawks at home – they do play well here. Right now, 3-0 but 2 of those teams were the Colts & the 9er's so not a huge bar to jump. Their fans have only seen them play 3 times and they are chomping at the bit to get out to Century Link to get loud cheering for dem ‘Hawks.

How loud is it? Well, I work outside right next to the stadium and if it's anywhere near as loud inside as it is outside it's pretty freakin' loud. But those #12's aren't on the field in those butt ugly uni's trying to stop our Burgundy & Gold.

Not gonna dwell on injuries – we all know about them. However, some new guys and backups showed some promise against Dallast.

Bergstrom at RG had some good plays. One of the few times this season that Skins ran (alibi only 15 total rushes) well between the tackles and it was through his side. Lanier was strong on the line and able to break through their O-line. He also saw more snaps than McGee. I like the direction that's going.

So, what does it boil down to? – It's a very winnable game by the visitors. Ioannidis being out really hurts but Seattle doesn't have an Elliot in the backfield. Hell, they may not even have an Alfred Morris. Their best available back averages 2.5 yards a carry.

Washington 24 – Seattle 20


PS - I'm going to try to get to the game but have major issues at work right now so that may not be possible.

And Blognosticator - LoyalSkinsFan

“No, the OTHER Washington”.

Being a Redskin fan living in Southern California has its plusses and minuses. An obvious plus is the weather. Typically, it's gonna be 70-ish no matter where you live and in years like this year, you can go to a Redskin game here against the Rams in September (it was 70-something) and again against the Chargers in December (it'll be 70-something) and it really won't suck. Last year I went to the Redskin-Packer game at Fedex Field in November and it was freezing. We won, so there's that, but it was frigid/stupid cold.

On the flip side, unless you ARE a Redskin fan, people out here really don't understand us. I'm constantly asked about our team name and how I could root for such a blatantly racist club. Other times, I'm met with surprise when they're told I'm not from the Pacific Northwest. That one always gets me – that a segment of our population simply doesn't realize that Washington DC, our Nation's Capital, is an east coast city. Sad, but given the climate of our country these days, I suppose not entirely unexpected.

Having said all that, we're off to Seattle to play the Seahawks this week. I must admit, like the Oregon Ducks, I love their color scheme and uniforms. Flashy, neon, yet somehow they manage to still play masculine. I grew to love Coach Pete Carroll during his SC days and I've heard thru friends who know him (he lives nearby) that he's a pretty good guy. I've always loved his enthusiasm for a game that I also love and can appreciate his go hard or go home mentality. Of late, like with all teams in time, things have slipped a bit with the Seahawks, but I never feel like they're completely out of a game and with a predictably unpredictable quarterback like Russell Wilson they're always dangerous and a threat.

Just ask the Houston Texans about that.

The Seahawks game against the Texans this weekend was a lot like the Dodgers-Houston game last night. Back and forth the whole game until, finally, one team came out on top. Still, as this game showed, the Seahawks are vulnerable these days - even at home with their “12th Man” (which reminds me wistfully of how RFK used to be). Wilson had to dig deep into his bag of tricks and call on his slick talents to keep drives alive – which, on this particular Sunday, worked out. It was a surprisingly high scoring shootout, something I don't typically think of when I think Seahawks.], but it showed me that they're still a team capable of adapting on the fly and one able to do whatever it takes to win, no matter the opponent.

So, I ask you….as a Redskin fan……does that sound like OUR team this year? Do you think that the 2017 Redskins are the kind of team that will adjust, adapt and do whatever it takes to win a game? Do you think we currently have leaders on the field that can win a game in the clutch or steal an ugly one?

My answer: Nope.

Here's the thing. I really admire our team's heart this year. I truly believe that we have a solid core of players that bring it every week – and, for a change – have the talent to back that up. I feel that we have a TON of young talent that in time will prove out – and with players like Trent Williams, Brandon Scherff, Chris Thompson, Zach Brown, DJ Swearinger, Josh Norman….I think the heart of this team is beating for the first time in years. The elephant in the room, of course, is Kirk Cousins. Do I think he's super smart and talented? Yes. Do I think he can win in the clutch? Yes, he's capable of that. But, do I think he can CONSISTENTLY win with a game on the line? No. Do I think he can CONSISTENTLY take this team down the field in the waning minutes of the first half to get some points and go to the locker room with some momentum? No.

And, therein lies the problem. Kirk (I almost wrote Kurt) is a good, solid leader….who goes off track and makes baffling decisions at inopportune and often critical times. Game killing times. We had two – count ‘em, TWO – near interceptions that showed me that he isn't learning the things that will take him to the next level. This year's team overall seems to have the ability to put together strings of successful drives but either can't keep them coming or is simply unable to respond with one when it matters most with Kirk at the helm. Do I think we could win in a shootout with, say, the Seahawks? In Seattle? No….probably not.

You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned the injuries. Well, I really don't know what to say other than to point out the obvious – that they have seriously impacted our progress this season. Losing Jonathan Allen was a HUGE loss. I can't say that enough. He and Matt Ioannidis complemented each other so beautifully and it was plain to see how his absence, in particular, played a role this weekend against the Cowboys. Our line just couldn't stand up to their offensive push. We didn't have the strength to push back like I'd seen earlier this year. As for the offensive side, well, you can't lose players like Williams, Scherff and Long and not be hurt by it. Add to those the injuries at many other slots and it's amazing we're able to field a team at all. I saw a tweet by Joe Jacoby yesterday……he wanted to suit up. Truth is, I wanted to run him out there.

I really have no idea what our team will look like this weekend in Seattle – which makes it difficult to try to come up with some sort of educated prediction of how the game will turn out. Of course, I want the Redskins to win….and believe that it's entirely possible they will. My fear though, is that it's asking a lotto expect them to fly their walking wounded across the country to field an abbreviated version of a team in such a partisan environment…..and then to come out with the win. But then, maybe we learned our lessons with Wentz and Dak these last two weeks – maybe we'll keep Russell Wilson pinned down…..maybe we'll keep it close….maybe we'll be the one to make the plays in the clutch…..


But probably not. Seattle with the win, 27-17. In week 8, they have too much and we have too little. It's really as simple as that.

Make no mistake though, I'll be watching….like I always do. My burgundy and gold colored glasses work just as well in the OTHER Washington as they do in DC.

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