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Are we as good as they think we are?

Boy, play a tough game against Dallas and beat the Seahawks on the road and all of a sudden upcoming opponents fans start getting worried-and contentious. The Redskins are a hot topic now...for Jets fans at the moment.

They expect a tough game.

Moss is back now and he should get the Revis treatment. Cro on Gaffney. They have a good TE in Fred Davis, though. Running back Roy Helu is a rookie who is impressive, running and catching. But they start Rex Grossman!

Defense comes after the QB (33 sacks are 3rd most in NFL) -- that kind of scares me. The skins have a pretty good D-- better vs. pass than run.

Not sure if we have Kerley and LT back. Does suck to lose Devito, though
If our O-Line doesn't build on their effort from Sunday we'll be in trouble.
WAS has pass rushers and are aggressive. Their offense is inconsistent
because their QB situation is unsettled and Grossman is Grossman. But
let's be real unless the Jets play better in all phases they can lose any game
With the way this team has played the last 3 weeks yes, we should absolutely take the Skins seriously. This is a team with a solid defense and some offensive weapons. Are they a team the Jets should beat? Yes, but this team has a good defense so the Jets really need to play well on both sides of the ball. Don't turn it over!!!!
Rex Grossman has actually had back to back nice games. The Redskins pass rush has emerged. Santana Moss is back and healthy. Roy Helu has finally been given the reigns to the run game. Good Tight Ends have been killing us (Fred Davis is one of the best right now). I was confident going into Buffalo. I am much less so against Washington.
They have played better the last 2 weeks and have not mailed in the season, so we should expect a good effort from them and an interested home crowd. Grossman is the type of player we should be able to force into turnovers.

Their defense could pose problems for us, especially their pass rush. Expect a low scoring game. The key, as always, is to avoid turnovers that let an inferior team hang around.

We should win, but you can never be certain with this team
The Redskins have a good defense....they are also susceptible to the big play.

their run defense is OK but their pass rush is stellar.

Offensively, Helu breaks em for yardage at times, frankly mostly in the pass game and Grossman has the ability to kill you for 50 yards then throw 3 picks.

Jets should win this one. key to this game is slowing down the pass rush using misdirection, which actually plays into schitty's hands.
the angle that the skins are playing better is way overstated.. it took these jokers a month & a half get their last win!! the bills & fins whooped up on em so we should be in SOJF mode just because?? the AFC east will sweep these dopes.. i believed that before the season started & still do..
They're 4-3 with 2 pt loss and a 3pt loss with Grossman as the main QB.
They're 0-4 with the atrocious John Beck at the helm.

Use the facts. They're playing better now than they were when Beck was in there.
the only fan base that fears grossman is the skin's.. saying beck is much worse than grossman is not much of a statement, BTW..
Most score predictions were on the low side and fairly close.

Well this game is pretty much guaranteed to be ugly and low scoring. Cant wait for the action.
Jets 17 Skins 13
Redskins 20
Jets 13

Kerrigan and Orakpo combine for 5 sacks. Sanchez has a pick 6.
Jets 13

Redskins 9

The special teams score Jets only touchdown. Six of the Redskins nine points are from turnovers.
These two posts in the same thread were among the most interesting-same score different result.

Jets- 17

And I'll take the under.
Redskins 17

Jets 16

Difference maker is a thrice bobbled Sanchez Pass going back for 6 the other way early in the 2nd quarter.
Everone on the schedule scares me ! Have you guys watched OUR TEAM? We scare no one

As one of the other posters said ---Fred Davis and the rest of the Redskins scare me as our guys have a very hard time covering them! The Bills TE's were open ALL DAY!!
Posts showed up in almost every thread about this game mentioning Orakpo and Kerrigan

Their pass rush worries me. They are tied for the second most sacks in the league.
The Jets should be going to the run against the Redskins. Orakpo and Kerrigan will cause a lot of havoc against the OLine, especially Hunter.
The Dark Knight
With Rex Grossman, No O-line, No RB's, I am hoping the Jets D can dominate. Moss, Gaffney and Davis are receiving threats. I like the matchup for the Jets D though.
2 things that may/should concern you:

1) they have outstanding pass catching tight ends and backs

2) they get after the passer

its a game we should win, if we dont turn it over.
Helu may hurt us on edge with his speed like McFadden. Hopefully Greene and Tomlinson are healthy and we run a lot because their D will likely give Sanchez problems.

NJJ Jersey Jets
Their offense makes ours look like the Packers. Just sayin'
lol Mark sanchez vs. rex grossman. that's all you really need to know. we win by a touchdown at minimum
But once again, if we cannot beat Roy Helu and Rex Grossman and a bunch of below average receivers we do not belong
Grossman will give us some, we can't just give it back to them.

Helu is the ground game and he gets a TON of touches, via ground and in the pass game.

1- Contain Helu
2- Fred Davis, he's gonna be the TE we will have a helluva time covering, we have to take care of him.
3- Gaffney is really their #1 threat, I'd venture Revis would cover him
There was disagreement about Gaffney;

If healthy, Santana Moss is undoubtedly their #1.
This was kinda snide;

I'm glad they won so they wont be hungry for one when we play them. Good they got it out of their system

Orakpo and Kerrigan are gonna take turns making Hunter their bitch.

Deangelo Hall is gonna play under neath Tone and Plax all night in hopes of making a big play hopefully Sanchez is aware of that

Their offense though sucks and should not score at all, Moss isnt much of a problem and should be an easy task for

Revis, hopefully Cromartie doesnt fall into 1 of his lapses

All in all
Jets 20-6
They had a Jared Gaither thread in one forum because of concerns over RT Wayne Hunter.

If the Jets want to protect Sanchez, an upgrade over Wayne Hunter is needed. That RT spot needs to be shored up. Gaither is worth a look, imo.
[I[you HAVE to bring him in. What we currently have is less than awful. hunter and ducasse are a coin flip of suck-titude at this point. evan if Gaither isnt as good right away, at the very least it should light a fire under these two idiots and motivate them to work harder.[/I]

One forum even had a poll on how many sacks Ryan Kerrigan would get lined up against Hunter. As of 8PM Thursday the results were;

0 4 30.77%
1 1 7.69%
2 6 46.15%
3+ 2 15.38%

Offensive coordinators are having a tough time with fans in more places than Washington. OC Brian Schottenheimer isn't getting much love from Jets fans either.

They were having good success with rolling Sanchez out in the beginning of the season, but once Baltimore shut it down, Shotty has not gone back to it. Kind of surprised because Sanchez seems to do well out of the pocket and throwing on the run.
Start with last week's game and go back- there is no way that Schottzie should be keeping Sanchez in the pocket.

All his errors are made from the pocket. On the roll, db's don't know if they should come up or keep coverage- this often opens up possibilities to complete passes.

The mis-use( see previous blog) by Schott is the biggest issue for him as an OC. The continuance of this error (since Penny-arm) has retarded Mark's effectiveness and growth. The blocking schemes are not in place for a lot of roll-out, but they need to be instituted asap. This year may already be lost, but show what can be done in the future.
Sanchez is a pretty athletic guy and they are trying to treat him like Peyton Manning back there.

There are two things this offense needs to do more of to succeed consistently IMO. Moving Sanchez around more and some no-huddle outside of the two-minute drill.

He has been pretty successful in both of these situations and I just can't understand why they don't it more.
TheMikeIsHot got a quick reply;
welcome to schottyville..
it is so true about schitty not coaching and calling plays to his players strengths. the jets need to call more screens and play action if teams still put 8 in the box. roll outs help by helping the receivers to get open and forcing the lb's and db's to respect sanchez's ability to run. there is no excuse for many of the plays schitty calls or their bad execution. you practice the plays you need to win the game not suddenly call some dumb play because it's in the play book.

schitty can just go. he needs to be launched before the season is out. especially if they don't make the playoffs.

Schottenheimer believes in his crappy system not the strengths of his players.
Now where have I heard that sentiment before....?

We should be able to run some screens past orakpo.

That and the run game should get us the win

17-7 jets win
Lon Chaney
The Redskins are 2-3 at home and their average margin for those loses is 6 points ( 2 divisional foes; the Eagles and Cowboys and also the Niners)

This will be a close game. I highly doubt the Jets are going to win by 2 scores even if they don't turn the ball over. The Skins defense is tough.
Something to watch for?

...if sanchez is in shotgun on 2nd down, we're in trouble...

Of course there were the usual Skins fan imitators.

Royce Parker
That's my biggest concern too. Greene didn't look like a week of rest was going to put him back at anything near 100%. However, as we've constantly seen, even when the run game is going really well they still tend to abandon it and get pass happy which usually leads to 3 and outs. Especially with Sanchez looking so shaky lately, I'd really like to see them stick with the run for a change.
Are their fears justified?

Sunday will tell.

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