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2015 Week 2 - Rams v Redskins

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While I write this in my dining room in Plano TX many of you who will read this are hoisting a cold one in the parking lot outside FedEx. Wish I were there. Have one for me, eh lads?

So…the Rams.

We could talk a lot about the players on the field but this game starts with the head coaches. Specifically, the Rams have a real one in the Jeff Fisher. Perhaps the best head coach in the game today to not have one the Super Bowl, he will have his team ready to play. Who knows…he might even have a few head games in store for the Skins as he did in the last meeting when, for the coin toss, he sent out the 5 guys drafted with the picks they got in the trade for the rights to draft RG3.

Fisher brings a toughness and leadership that the Skins seem to lack right now. Are you listening Jay Gruden? Time to step up or step off, Mr Gruden.

I see this game as a defensive struggle. The Rams put up 34 points on Seattle last week but 14 of those came on a punt return and an offensive trick, both with Austin. Yeah, Foles threw for nearly 300 yards and didn’t have a turnover but they still only had 20 points to show for it. Without Austin’s amazing punt return and the nifty trick lining him up in the backfield, the Rams come to FedEx 0-1 rather than on top of their division.

They did a decent job against Seattle’s offense but still allowed the 'Hawks to hang onto the ball for over 38 minutes. Even counting overtime that is not a winning formula.

The Skins, on the other hand, held what is accounted to be a pretty good offense in Miami to 10 points last week. In fact, take away a soft TD given up during the 2 minute drill before the half when the D was busy playing prevent and they only gave up 3 points. Not a shabby day.

I see this one coming down to defense, ground games and maybe one or two big plays made when the other team has a mental lapse.

Look for Kirk to throw 2 picks again but also put up 2 TD’s, one to Reed and one to Garcon. The Butler will have another good day behind Callahan’s big offensive line, putting up more than 100 yards for the second game (Lynch only had 83 yards last week against this stingy Rams front so this is no small prediction).

Foles will have another good day, throwing for 300 and 3 TDs against a poor Skins secondary. Granted, he will also get sacked 3 times for his trouble, 2 by Kerrigan, who will have a game he is much happier with.

Wild predictions…

- FOX will show Jay Gruden more than they show RG3.
- Matt Jones will rip off a 40 yarder
- The Skins will have more touchbacks than returns on kickoffs
- Jordan Reed won’t get hurt
- Crowder will have one electric punt return and get tackled by the last Ram to have a shot at him
- The BGO tailgate will drink all of Boone’s beer and another grill will pay the ultimate price.

Sadly, none of that will save the Skins from losing a second straight home game.

Rams 27 – Skins 17

Sorry lads.

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