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2014 - Week 6 Redskins v Titans

Blognosticator - Dead Money

Hey all... Happy week #7 of the 2014 NFL season, better known as the
time where the Raiders, Jets, Jags, Rams and yes of course our
Washington REDSKINS' fans start realizing we were all duped again.
Yeah, I'm not known for painting a rosy picture and I fully admit that
I haven't been paying 1/4 of the attention I normally give this team for
the past few weeks, but this is where I'm supposed to talk about the
game last week and dazzle you with some stats that show we have a
chance at being a gnat on the ass of the eventual Superbowl XLIX
Champion. Here goes nuthin:

Sunday October 19th will bring the Tennessee Titans to Raljon,
Maryland and Fedex Field the home of your Washington REDSKINS. With
the Titans brings yet another week where we can question what bad
decision Daniel Snyder will make in regards to the name change
debacle. I did a little research about Native Americans and the great
State of Tennessee... Did you know the word "Tennessee" actually
comes from Tanasi, the name of a Cherokee town that was located in
what is now southeastern Tennessee. The Cherokee were not the only
tribe in this area of North America but today sadly there are no
federally recognized tribes of Native Americans in the State of
Tennessee. This could mean less protests this week and maybe, just
maybe Snyder won't feel compelled to trot out any members of the
Native American community to prove that we belong... Already
something positive to root for folks, this is progress!!!

So who are these former Houston residents who were relocated to the
"Athens of the South" and renamed by Bud Adams in 1999? Well they are
not the "Titans of New York" who some would confuse them with at times
when the NY Jets break out those god awful uniforms from 1959-1962
era, What they are is a team with twice the wins that the current
REDSKINS squad have and not just because they play Jacksonville twice
a year.... they have only played them once so far this year, winning
16-14 at home. Their other win came during the week 1 drubbing of
supposed contender KC, 26-10 where Jake Locker was 22-33 for 266 yards
and 2 TDs with no INTS. On the other side of that great win for them
we had Alex Smith throwing 3 picks. Throw in the Titans rushing
rushing 38-162, and making 4 field goals we start to see how they
upset the Chiefs. How did they beat the Jags? By not turning the
ball over while forcing turnovers and by punting half as many times as
their opponents. Not exactly our strong suit huh? Well we creamed
the Jags so we should cream them! The end.

Although that would have been a funny way to end this ridiculousness,
I admittedly don't have much more. We have a shaken and stirred
backup QB, some key injuries taking their toll and the growing pains
of some very young and mediocre talent being thrust into starting
positions. This backup QB has been so hot off the bench and had so
many turnover issues in the 4th quarter it has been suggested we start
the 3rd string QB for 3 quarters then and throw the backup in in the
4th quarter!!! Our defense has been stiff at times and invisible at
many others. Our pass protection was overlooked for the past couple
of years because of the holes they plowed open in the run game, but
low and behold that has dried up too.

Titans offense stats:
PTS 17.3(28th)
YDS 334.3 (22nd)
PASS YDS 218.2 (24th)
RUSH YDS 116.2 (14th)

Redskins offense stats:
PTS 22.0 (22nd)
YDS 395.8 (7th)
PASS YDS 296.5 (5th)
RUSH YDS 99.3 (23rd)

Titans Defense Stats:
PTS 25.5 (23rd)
YDS 375.0 (20th)
PASS YDS 247.3 (18th)
RUSH YDS 127.7 (24th)

Redskins Defense Stats:
PTS 27.7 (27th)
YDS 336.2 (10th)
PASS YDS 228.3 (13th)
RUSH YDS 107.8 (12th)

Titans ST:
FG s: 14th
PAT: 25th
PUNTS: 8th
KOR: 21st
PR: 30th

Redskins ST:
FG s: 26th
PAT: 15th
PUNTS: 4th
KOR: 27th
PR: 11th

Well at last check the Redskins were favored by 3 at home so its a
wash. Who would you pick at this point? The fan in me has to say we
finally get our second win to boost us to 2-5 and drop the Titans to
2-5 making us the mirror image of each other. A couple of teams with
questionable coaches, big questions not just at QB but personnel
overall, maddening defenses and trouble running the ball consistently.

Redskins: 24
Titans: 20

Its gut check time Redskins. Show us.
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