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2011 - Week 4 @ St Louis Rames

Blognosticator - MikeSr619

As I sit here with the taste of venom in my mouth I can’t help but wonder; what in the hell happened last night? In the red zone and we call an inside pitch to Moss? Santana Moss who is about a buck fifty when soaking wet? Grossman; you can look over your shoulder when running for a first down in the beginning of the game but when it is on the line and you need to run for your life you just don’t even bother to have any presence of your surroundings?

But enough about that…I will just stew on it.

Let’s go back to 2008, shall we? When we were playing at home against a sorry 0-4 Rams team that were still using Marc Bulger and looking like they were capable of never winning a game. The game was back and forth throughout most of the first half but then the Rams take the lead in the 3rd. “Who the hell are these guys?” is all I can keep screaming at a television that seemed to have no answer for me. “What in the hell are we doing?” I kept asking my beer as if it could somehow tell me what I wanted to hear. But in the 4th we came back with 10 unanswered points and took the lead. HAIL, right? NOPE! 3rd and 13 and here goes Bulger throwing a strike to Donnie “Freaking” Avery for a 43 yard gain to put them smack dab in the middle of field goal range! That play happened in slow motion I can remember as clear as day. Wide open, going down the field and when the ball caught up to him there was our CB playing catch up. But it’s not over yet thanks to Incognito and his bonehead ways. That guy did his best to save our asses but alas, we were meant to lose this game. We drop to 4-2 and Zor…well; we know where that ends up.

2009, probably one of the worst played games we ever had against a team that I considered inferior. When we pick our record each year I always look at certain teams and say “Oh man, this is a W for sure!” Turns out I was slapped in the face and shown just how inferior we were as well when all we managed was 3 FGs. I remember trying to argue half-heartedly “we did what we needed to in order to win” but it was a hollow argument. We sucked and proved it all throughout the year. That loss to me stung worse than losing to a Lions team that hadn’t won a game simply because in the Rams game it was just a battle of who sucked less.

Last year, well last year was just a good ol fashioned butt whoopin put on us by a team with a hungry young QB in Bradford, a great run by a vet RB in Jackson (who scored the first TD before getting injured) and whatever other rag tag WR corps they had at the time. I mean, who knew Amendola would be able to become a legit threat? But yet they were and we looked foolish.

This year they are the same rag tag bunch as always. They’re 0-3 but looking to get on track and would LOVE to use the Skins as that team. The stats aren’t impressive (Bradford 685 and 2TDs, Cadillac with 202yds) and Amendola is hurt, Jackson is another year older and another step towards the brittle stage of a RB’s career. But they still have the dangerous players that can get to us.

The point to all of this is that we just have never known how we would match up against the Rams. They are always a tricky team for us and seem like a trap game. I mean, we should always roll right thru them and dominate them like any second tier team should be but we always end up doing something to ruin it for ourselves. Whether crucial fumbles, lack of offense/defense or just getting our butts kicked it is always something!

The Rams are 32nd in opp. rushing yards and we are 9th. We have one of the best tandem running back duos in the league with Hightower and Helu and I see us exploiting that against the Lams. If we can stop Laurinitis we have a good shot of hitting those home run plays and both Tim and Roy have shown they make good cuts and decisions when they hit the second level.

Passing is something I always worry about with the Skins. Grossman has looked solid at times but then he throws an INT and images of Grossman “unleashing the dragon” (NSFW language) come entering in to my head and I get nervous. Not making smart decisions when deciding to scramble is another problem I have. He is either going to wake up, catch up and figure out what to do properly or we are going to hear, “Mr. Beck, you’re up” and I will be OK with it.

What I am hoping for this week is we get to see more 2 TE sets and finally more of the old Cooley. I have been waiting to see if Armstrong is going to step up and take the #2 spot but it doesn’t seem like he is and that’s been left to Gaffney who isn’t doing a bad job of it. We have no real “studs” or anyone who you look at and go “that guy is unstoppable” but what we have are a bunch of teammates and real players who are all coming together for the common good.

And our defense; well, looking at how they played last year this is a whole new team and one that could potentially be great. We are finally deeper than just the starters on the line, our LBs seem to be doing what they need to do and of course we have the everlasting, never aging London Fletcher back there to bring them together and focus them on the common goal. Like a lot of you when we picked up Kerrigan I said, “OK, but who is this kid again?” and within the first week I KNEW who he was and was telling people to watch out for him. He and Rak coming off the edges are going to be a force for offensive linemen to deal with and have nightmares about for a loooooong time!

We slipped up majorly and gave away a game we shouldn’t have and we all know it. But this is where real teams are made and wannabe’s are broken and fall apart. We need to walk in to that dome not looking past these guys and realizing that these guys always play us tough and know us inside and out. Or at least they used to. These aren’t the Skins of the past…these are STILL the first place Washington Redskins!!

Redskins – 28

Rams – 17
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