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  1. Random Redskins Thoughts

    while it's not required yet for assistants I think it's coming down the pipe where the NFL will tell owners they have to sit in on the assistants interview also. They have to sit in on the head coaching interviews or whoever is the principle decision maker for the team. Ron May have asked him...
  2. Redskins Announce Coaching Staff

    Prior to the 2019 season, the Panthers ranked third in rushing (16,982 yards) and second in rushing touchdowns (138) since Matsko joined the team. Four of the top six seasons in rushing average has come with Matsko leading the offensive line, and in 2018, the team led the NFL with a 5.1 rushing...
  3. Random NFL Thoughts

    There have been lots of meddling owners before but Cleveland takes the cake turning in the game plan to owner and analytics division by end of business Friday.
  4. Redskins Name Doug Williams Senior Vice President of Player Development

    how do you know it will fail? 5 of the twelve teams in the playoffs are coach centered and the coach wields just as much power or more than the GM.
  5. Redskins Announce Ron Rivera as Head Coach

    Howie Roseman says hi
  6. Redskins Announce Ron Rivera as Head Coach

    Schaffer turned down a contract extension in the fall my thinking was he was planning on leaving in May back then.
  7. Redskins Name Scott Turner as Offensive Coordinator, Retain Nate Kaczor

    better drafting has probably been the biggest culprit in that
  8. Redskins Announce Ron Rivera as Head Coach

    Just be glad Snyder didn't name and hand the organization over to Rick smith former Houston GM
  9. Random Redskins Thoughts

    how many have won on the first possession?
  10. Random NFC East Thoughts

    hopefully he still has his vanilla defense
  11. Redskins Name Jack Del Rio as Defensive Coordinator

    Jim haslett would be a great coach for the Giants DC just saying
  12. Random Redskins Thoughts

    Wasn't it the Viking losing in overtime a few years ago that got overtime changed to where a field goal gives each team a possession or the saints?
  13. Random Redskins Thoughts

    Pat Shumer as offensive coordinator?
  14. Random Redskins Thoughts

    I'm glad Snyder didn't hire Rick Smith as team president and turn the organization over to him.
  15. Random Redskins Thoughts

    If he gets the job imagine how awkward it will be on bring your Dad to work day lol
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