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  1. Random WFT Thoughts

    Today was a good win
  2. Random WFT Thoughts

    Just think as bad as we have played we are 2 points away from either being tied for the division lead or out right division leader
  3. Haskins - Going Forward

    both with the division up for grab it makes sense to try to win it. I do think if Allen stinks it up we will see Smith in there soon
  4. Haskins - Going Forward

    Here is a video from training camp look at Haskins response
  5. The Positive Thread

    eagles are getting spanked and giants are losing
  6. Game Day - 2020 Week 2 - Washington @ Arizona

    If everything continues as is we will be still be in first
  7. Comment by 'redskins26' in pool '2020 BGO NFL Pickem Contest'

    I goofed and forgot to get my picks in till after the game started
  8. Regular Season Practice / Roster / Injury updates

    Teams are starting to focus on Terry more so he needs to figure out how to get open more and make plays. I would love to see him dominate Patrick Peterson. I think Logan Thomas could have a good game AZ defense isn’t that good against receiving TE
  9. Game Day - 2020 Week 2 - Washington @ Arizona

    Another key will be some long drives offensively for us. All our scoring drives came off short fields last week. We took advantage of what our defense gave us now we need to get some long drives ourselves
  10. Burner’s Burning Questions: Grades, Predictions, Evals, Questions, 2020 Season

    I’d be very surprised if AZ challenges for the NFC east crown lol 😂
  11. Random WFT Thoughts

    Ryan Kerrigan nfc defensive player of the week.
  12. Game Day - 2020 Week 2 - Washington @ Arizona

    Our defense getting some good props Junior Gallette says it will be better with Kendall fuller playing this week Marcus spears of ESPN says if you fall behind and are playing us watch out you might not have a QB the next week. Keys to this game will be keeping Kyler Murray in check
  13. Washington Is The Rodney Dangerfield Of The NFL

    ESPN had us moving up from 31to 24 that’s no small jump and one of the larger Jumps. If we win next week I would imagine we jump up to 20,19, or 18
  14. 2020 BGO Pickem Contest: Week 1 Results

    I didn’t check but I thought I did worse usually I get out to a slow start lol
  15. Game Day - 2020 Week 1 - Washington vs Philadelphia

    I know it’s only the conclusion of week 1 but I checked the standings and the team with no name is in first place
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