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  1. The Bon Voyage Thread

    This makes me sad. Thanks and goodbye.
  2. Random WFT Thoughts

    Alex Smith sucks ass
  3. Official Game Day Thread: Redskins at Giants 2018

    Alex Smith sucks ass
  4. Official Game Day Thread - Week 6: Redskins v Cowboys

    Alex Smith looks like the worst player on the field
  5. Random WFT Thoughts

    Alex Smith is a disaster. That is all.
  6. Random WFT Thoughts

    I've run out of steam. Hopefully the team can excite me again. Please? Sometime in my post adolescent lifetime would be nice. Most definitely anti-Cousins. Hope he's tagged. Don't care if it cripples the Skins' cap. Let him ride the pine for a year. Eff him. Fake ass bama. I can suffer another...
  7. Well here we go, Defensive changes?

    As the wise and timeless Pacman Jones once said, "It's the Rams, dude!"
  8. Well here we go, Defensive changes?

    I'm fine with the organization canning Barry. His resume was probably the worst in the league when they hired him and more than likely still is. I doubt anybody picks him up. Wish him well in his future endeavors...
  9. 2017 Draft Poll

    So many holes. BPA
  10. Kirk Cousins Development Tracker

    Skins are in a predicament. Give in to Cousins and his outrageous demands, or become the Browns. Yes, it's that bad. The strength of this team is the passing game. They lose the passing game and they are terrible. Defense is atrocious, running game is poor, and now the once heralded kicker...
  11. Well here we go, Defensive changes?

    This is not going well... I don't know if I can tolerate the Skins hiring another second rate/tier defensive coordinator. I'll probably be all out of ****s to give at that point. The Skins seem to be about as attractive as the Browns because it feels like nobody wants to really be in...
  12. Random WFT Thoughts

    I'm high on life
  13. Random WFT Thoughts

    I'm not feeling good about this past draft at all. No player drafted thus far is giving me any hope. Batting .000. It's early, but that's the vibe I'm having. Doctson might have been fool's gold with a bad Achilles.
  14. Random WFT Thoughts

    This. The Browns knew what was up. Nobody acted surprised.
  15. Joe Barry Report Card

    Skins have a 3rd and long problem and a run stopping problem. Joe Barry gets an F. The Browns would have destroyed us if Isaiah Crowell had 40 carries. I don't want to hear about the defensive talent. It's not great, but damn, it seems like the ILBs always hit the wrong gaps and get mauled...
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