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WFT Quotes: Post-Game at Atlanta

McKissic for the win


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Apr 11, 2009
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Greensboro, NC

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Head Coach Ron Rivera

On the status of injuries to players today:
“The only thing I really know about Logan [Thomas] is it's the hamstring. I don’t really know about
Brandon [Scherff], we'll find out more when we get back to Ashburn.”

On QB Taylor Heinicke and how he delivers in the clutch:
“He's got a tremendous ability to deliver and hats off to him. He's a courageous dude that plays all out,
and his teammates, they feed off his energy. Especially the offensive guys really kind of get him and
understand that no play is dead. You see the way they keep working, great illustration is J.D. McKissic.
Taylor is working and working, he's off to the far left, he sees J.D. to the right and throws it out there.
That's who he is.”

On Taylor Heinicke’s performance in late situations:
“I honestly couldn't tell you that, I really couldn’t. I do know that it kind of reminds me a bit of last season.
For whatever reason, that second half we tend to do things a little bit better. Still a lot of things we’ve got
to work on, a lot things we’ve got to get better at.”

On Taylor Heinicke’s performance when the team is trailing:
“Well, I think one of the things is, we never really got down. And that gave us the opportunity to continue
to compete and give Taylor, a fair chance. And that's all he really needed just to have is a fair chance.”

On Taylor Heinicke managing game:
“Well, I thought he managed it well obviously. The big thing is, and we talked about it, make a play when
you have to, and he made several. We appreciate that, that's for sure. Taylor is just one of those dynamic
players that knows how to make plays and as I said, nothing is ever done with him. He's just going to
continue to work.”

On Taylor Heinicke scrambling:
“Well, I love the way when he did scramble he did protect himself. I don't understand why he took the very
first hit. I guess he likes that. But it does serve as a check down, for the most part. Especially if teams
want to play man against us. With Curtis [Samuel] back now and with Terry [McLaurin] out there, you got
to honor those guys and I think that also helps. It’s going to make things more difficult on paper.”

On the defensive performance:
“Well, I think we weren't consistent with some of the stuff that we need to be better at in terms of
coverage. Our guys are competing and trying some things but, we dropped a couple of coverages when
we shouldn't have. Again, as I said, we'll go back we'll look at it, and we'll really evaluate once we get a
chance to see exactly how those things happen.”

On whether this game served as a measuring stick the team:
“Well, the biggest thing, I'm pleased at the fact that we bounced back. We fought to the end. Sometimes
you lose the game like we did in Buffalo, you struggled to find your footing. I think we did find a little bit. I'd
love to see us take this momentum we have right now and carry it in the next week. We have a very good
New Orleans team coming in. Coached by really one of the really good coaches in this league too. We'll

On evaluating the defense and looking back at play calls:
“I look at it balanced. Could we have made a different call, we could have. But when the plays called,
we’ve got to do the best we can and we’ve got to execute the way we need to execute it. As you evaluate
it if you executed as well as you can and they still beat us and that's on us. That's the thing that we'll do,
we'll take it.”

On RB Cordarrelle Patterson’s 42-yard touchdown catch:
“There was a dig that came across the middle and we were a little shallow. We should have been a little
bit deeper, and we just saw Patterson going deep.”

On how they respond to injuries:
“It's kind of the next-man-up mentality, and that's kind of what has to happen. Wes Schweitzer is a guy
that he could be a starter in this league he's got that kind of ability in my opinion. Some of the stuff that
we've had in terms of the injuries in the secondary. I thought some of those guys stepped up when they
got opportunities. Linebacker position, Jamin [Davis] had to play a lot more than we anticipated, and it
was good to see him get an opportunity to run around and make some plays. That was huge. Cole
Holcomb did some really good things today too. Getting it out the way he did. But it's good to see the
next-man-up mentality kind of step up when you get in that situation.”

On his reaction to the two last touchdown passes by Taylor Heinicke:
“The Terry [McLaurin] one, there was a penalty. Him being able to just throw it up there, it helps us. The
last one, that's really just him, the one thing we told him is you can't have a negative play on that because
we were in field goal range. For him to see J.D. [McKissic] on the other side was pretty impressive.”

On whether he is pleased with the win and how will he look at the film:
“I’m more pleased with the win, but at the same time, I told the guys let's be realistic and be honest about
the things that we've done correct. You're always happy about a win and you really are. You should be at
least, I believe you should, but you also have to be realistic, there are some things that we have to
correct, things we'll go back, and we'll work on because they need to be worked on to be very honest,
they really do. And we have to be honest with ourselves because if not, we’ll run into a wall very quickly.”

On the team’s response to winning two close games:
“Well, first it says, we got to play better across the board to give ourselves a chance so we don't have to
come down to the last play. But it does speak to resilience that these guys are getting it they're learning
they're working hard. They don't quit. They don't give up. And that's important. And I think that's really
important that our guys understand that we're never out of the game. And I think offensively the guys look
at it with a guy like Taylor we aren’t. We always have a chance to win.”

On rough in the passer penalty on DL Chase Young:
“I can't comment on the refereeing, in terms of that type of stuff. I mean you know just because I disagree
with it but I can't say that.”

On defense being better on third down:
“There are certain moments that happen that you have to have something happen. It does, but again we
still got to be better on third down, there's a resourceful spot right now that really just contributes to it. It
truly is what's going on in third-down we have to find an answer for that. And sometimes it's really just one
guy. Sometimes it's one guy making a play and we'll see what happens.”

QB Taylor Heinicke

On how emotional the win was:
“It was pretty emotional there for a little bit at the end it was, it was even more so, again, for my sister and
my brother-in-law to be there to experience that type of ending with all the stuff I kind of put them through
living with him for a while. It means a lot to me and I know they were excited to be there.”

On late touchdowns to WR Terry McLaurin and RB J.D. McKissic:
“He kind of has like a triple move on that one. It looked good all week through practice, unfortunately
Dante Fowler got through – I think it was him – and got me pretty good but luckily, I escaped from him
and I saw Terry in the back of the endzone wide open. When you have a guy like Terry, you want to give
him a shot to make a play. He makes plays days in day out so I kind of threw it up to him, you know, let
him do his thing and, fortunately, he came down with it.
Then that last one the J.D. one, we had a flood concept, but we had four guys going to left and they did a
good job covering it, and J.D. kind of slipped through the line and went to the right and there's no one
there. So, initially I thought, ‘Hey this is great. It’s going to give us better field position.’ He broke that first
tackle and then he kind of superman-ed into the end zone which was huge for us if you kind of look at it.
That made the Falcons have to go score a touchdown. So, little things like that, those guys are making
big plays. So, I'm very fortunate to have those guys in there.”

On whether he can sense he’s frustrating a defense by extending plays with his legs:
“No, not really. I'm just kind of still focused on my job. But again, I think it's a good part of my game that I
can do. Just like last week, it's good to have that. Being able to keep making good decisions while you're
doing it and I feel like today I did that.”

On whether he practices cross body throws:
“Not really, again, he was my fifth read. So, it was one of those things where no one's open, and we have
to make a play and I knew he was going to be out there late and again he just made a great play.”

On throwing passes into tight coverage:
“There's a couple throws out there I kind of wish I had that they had a chance to make a play on. But
again, it was one of those things I talked about throughout the week just taking what's there. So, there's a
lot of check downs today and when we don't turn the ball over, we move the ball pretty well so I really
hung on that this week and I think we executed that pretty well.”

On friends and family attending the game:
“So only got 10 tickets for close family and friends, but I want to say, estimate probably like 60-70 guys,
here, that I knew. The Falcons had a little promo with the high school. So, I think a lot of high school kids I
actually trained, when I wasn't playing was here so it's (a) cool experience. I think that was cool for those
kids to see it, hopefully gives them a little inspiration to know that they can one day do this too so overall
today has been pretty special.”

On seeing his sister:
“I'm going to go see my sister right now, after this so I'll be good to see her.”

On defying the clock in his head:
“You want to get the ball out quickly, obviously. Offensive line has been doing a great job these last four
games. I want to keep saying that because they don't get enough credit so the offensive line, they did a
great job. (Wes) Schweitzer came in and did his thing, but again when you have more time, and you kind
of let those guys that we have at receiver, do their thing, awesome special things can happen. So again,
like I said earlier, just got to be smart with it. I think today we did that today”

On whether a play he made shocked him:
“No, I mean throughout the years, high school and college, there's been some bizarre plays so, you know,
things like that happen, it's a lot of fun, it’s really cool, but I feel like I've kind of been doing that, those type
of plays throughout my life and I think that's kind of the player I am. Again, I grew up watching Brett
Favre, so I saw a lot of crazy stuff from him so it's a good part of my game.”

On a bizarre play that shocked him:
“I don’t know, maybe throw the ball over my head. Again, there's been a lot of a lot of crazy plays
throughout the years so that one to J.D. (McKissic) and that one to Terry (McLaurin) were up there.


The Commissioner
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BGO Ownership Group
Apr 11, 2009
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Greensboro, NC

Marine Corps Virginia

And some bonus quotes from Bobby McCain...lol....


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