WFT Quotes 9/16/20: Dwayne Haskins Jr.

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September 16, 2020

QB Dwayne Haskins Jr.

On the difference between the first and second half against the Eagles:
“I think the biggest thing as far as turning it around going into the second quarter and halftime of that game was
just trusting in what we were doing and just understanding that [offensive coordinator Scott] Turner is going to
put us into the best position to make plays and we’ve got to trust the plays and try to execute each one as best as
we can. As we got rolling, that’s what we tried to do each play.”

On when communication with his offensive line went well Sunday:
“The slant to [WR] Terry [McLaurin] second quarter, two-minute drill, we had a protection call with the line
and communication where we were just figuring out where the ID was and figuring out where the hot was. [C]
Chase [Roullier] and I redirected the ID to a blitzing linebacker and we threw a slant where the linebacker was
supposed to be and were picked up, protected and hit for a big gain. Just stuff like that where we’re getting on
the same page and it happened a lot.”

On his relationship with Cardinals QB Kyler Murray:
“I’ve known Kyler probably since high school. He was a class older than me coming out. We’ve always just
kept in touch with each other over social media or just texting back and forth. I’m looking forward to playing
him this week. We’ll hopefully be able to swap jerseys and send them to the facilities. I know we can’t do it
after the game. But, he’s somebody who’s game I respect and is a very talented player. I look forward to
playing him this week and having great competition.”

On the decision to go hurry up in the offense:
“Scott and I get on the same page as far as what he wants and being able to move at a tempo and change it at
any time during the game and being effective. So, kind of just earning that trust and knowing that if you do go
in a huddle that we’ll be able to move the ball or make effective plays and not move the ball and then get caught
in second-and-longs or get caught in situations where you’re moving fast and you’re not really eating up time
on the clock and you’re making it harder for our defense to make some plays. I just try to figure out the happy
medium between tempo and balance between slowing it down and running the ball.”

On his mindset after a win:
“Kind of that Sunday, especially after a win, you want to get all of the highlights out and all of the
conversations you can have with your cousins and nephews and nieces and try to get all the social media out of
your system before Monday happens because that way when you get to Monday it’s a new week and now
you’re focused on your new opponent. The biggest thing is trying not to get caught up into last week and what
you did and not necessarily worrying about the new week, but not trying to outdo yourself last week and trying
to do better and put yourself in a mindset where you’re trying to make plays and you’re not really helping the
team win. The biggest thing is just getting ready, getting prepared for Arizona knowing that Arizona is a
completely different opponent and we have to come in there ready to go because if we don’t, we’ll lose as with
any team in the NFL. So, trusting the fact that we did some good things last week that we can take on last week
but knowing that it’s a different week and we can’t expect to play the same we did last week expecting to win.
Everybody scouts everyone in that nature and stuff like that. So, the biggest thing is just having that competitive
edge and trying to be better but not worrying about your stats or anything like that from the team that you

On having mobility as a quarterback:
“I just think when playing quarterback, you’ve got to be able to do everything whether it’s drop-back passing,
vertical passing, air raid, reading the defensive end, being a dual threat out of the backfield. You just have to
make the defense and defensive coordinator respect everything that you could possibly do. With guys being
able to throw the ball just as easy as they’re able to run it, it makes it easier for those dynamic athletes to play
quarterback especially when they’re a quarterback first. I definitely like the ability to create and play within the
pocket, so that’s kind of my game. But those guys who create just to make plays happen for their team, you’ve
got to respect it. It’s fun to watch.”

On how much film he watches of previous games before he moves onto the next game:
“We watch our film on Monday of what we did the day before, and then kind of watch it at home on Sunday
like I said on Sunday with your family or whoever you’re close with then you get that out of your system and
then as soon as the team meeting’s over on Monday, you’re moving onto the next team. We started watching
film on over Monday night. Well, I watched Sunday. But we started watching film on Monday as a team.”

On the Big Ten Conference returning to football this fall:
“I’m excited for the Big Ten. I wish they had more games. I’m looking forward to Ohio State whooping up on
the team up north for the next 30 years of my life. But, I’m just excited for some of my friends that still play.
I’m looking forward to [Ohio State QB] Justin [Fields] being able to showcase his talent and those guys to get
the opportunity to play some ball this fall.”

On creating energy in stadiums without fans:
“It’s tough not having fans in the stadium because you’re so used to the momentum changes, you’re so used to
the ooh’s and aah’s of the fans when they’re in the stadium. The biggest thing is knowing that you’re in the
game and it’s a game like atmosphere when you get a big play. When [DE Ryan Kerrigan] got that record for
the sacks, I ran on the field and gave him a hug. The biggest thing is knowing that every play counts and having
the same energy like it is a game despite a lack of fans or presence in the stadium, but to know that we worked
multiple weeks in the offseason to get here and enjoying the moment, being home and it’s our home stadium
and having fun. Football’s about fun. It’s a game. It’s about motivating and leading the guys.”

On having jitters early on against Philadelphia:
“Just kind of not having any preseason, rookies are kind of new and we never really had an opportunity to call a
game before. So, it was our first time calling a game and—not to make any excuses—but, for some guys it’s
different getting acclimated than others. The biggest thing is just having that energy. If a guy’s not quite sure
what he’s doing, trying to get him up to speed and making sure that he’s going as fast as he can. Every play he’s
in, he’s not thinking that much. The biggest thing is just trying to figure out ways to just make it easier for
everybody, whether it’s a completion or calling a run play for [G Brandon] Scherff and getting downhill. Or,
just getting Terry the ball and finding ways to get the ball moving. We’ll figure that out each game how we get
started. I feel like once we get started with our defense, we can make a lot of big gains this year.”

On the biggest difference without fans:
“I miss the boos. I miss the Philly fans screaming at us on the sideline. That’s probably the most fun thing about
football, not the interactions with fans but all the different stuff that you can hear on the field. Just trying to stay
locked in and not letting the atmosphere of game day get in your head and let it distract you from playing well.
So, I kind of just miss that. I miss the trash talking, even though the Eagles did a great job of doing that. I’m just
trying to figure out ways to make it feel real. With the crowd noises or I know some teams have some fans in
the stadium, just making it feel like a game. Getting a big play on third down and hyping the offensive line up
and getting guys going.”

On his speech to the team at halftime:
“I definitely feel like halftime mattered. A couple guys just came up to me and said: ‘I know what you can do
on the field. For you to step up and bring those guys together and have that conversation for us and for it to
resonate with a lot of players just meant more as far as captainship or leadership or being a quarterback of this
football team.’ It was kind of like in that moment where there was no direction—not saying that we don’t have
any direction, but Coach Rivera was just busy and we were kind of just: ‘Alright it’s time to play the second
half.’ I just grabbed the team up and got everybody going and: ‘This is what we’re going to do and I’m going to
lead you for the rest of the game.’ I wanted to win the game before the second half even started, but the way we
started the game I felt like it was on my shoulders to get the offense going. I felt like it was on my shoulders to
let these guys know that they have something to believe in and we’re going to make these plays in order for us
to win and we did. It felt great to know those guys went out there and went to war for me.”

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