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Top 5 reasons the redskins won't pass on Clausen

Washington Taylor beat Panthers


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Aug 1, 2009
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Florida State

I can list more QB's who were picked up in trades, Free Agency or later than the first 10 picks of the draft who have won a SB in the last 20 years than can be named who have been taken within the first 10 picks of the draft. That tells me a QB can be had without using such a valuable pick when so many other needs have to be addressed.
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Jul 15, 2009
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Navy Salisbury

I'm ok with drafting Bradford at #4, although I still would argue that LT is the position to address at #4. But if Shanahan sees Bradford as the guy for the next decade, then you probably have to take him and pray we can find some talented offensive linemen that can block guys like DeMarcus Ware so Bradford doesn't wind up broken in two.

I'm not ok with Clausen, nothing personal- just not a big fan and I get a Jeff George vibe with him. I would have concerns especially if Bradford was already off the board and we took Clausen "because we need a franchise quarterback" which has been the argument by some of the "we must draft a quarterback at #4" crowd here, then this franchise would again be set back for years like the Skins were when they drafted a quarterback named Shuler.

Although Colt McCoy in the 2nd round looks intriguing to me at this moment. Or taking a guy like Jarret Brown or John Skelton in a later round and developing him like the Skins are/were trying with Colt Brennan sounds like a possibility.

It's funny b/c the same arguments that some have here that "we'll never have a pick high enough to get a franchise QB again" I could say about elite LTs and if you tried to counter my argument by saying "well, look at Michael Oher and Sam Baker" I could counter yours by saying look at Aaron Rogers and Joe Flacco.

It's a philosophy issue. I personally believe in building a strong line, developing a dominating run game that allows you to give the QB time to throw, set up play action and force teams to play in a weaker zone or have single man on man matchups which you hope in today's league most WRs and TEs could beat. In this situation, maybe you don't need an elite qb to win.

On the other hand some believe that you need an elite qb who has a the strong arm, an amazing release and makes incredibly smart, quick decisions that can set up the run by having a great pass game and that as long as you have adequate O-linemen (which currently the Redskins don't in at least 3 positions) to protect the passer long enough (he shouldn't have to hold onto the ball too long) and can run block then you can win.

I'm not saying that either side of this philosophy is wrong or right, if anything I'm giving you a little insight to my thought process on the topic and either way that whatever Shanahan decides to do will make this franchise better for years to come.


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Jun 30, 2009
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I ran across this article on that Packer forum with an interesting note about Claussen. It comes from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel by a sportswriter named Bob McGinn picking some scout brains in Indianapolis about current "hot" draft prospects and this paragraph about Claussen.

Jimmy Clausen--, QB, Notre Dame: 6-2 1/2 , 222. Started 34 games for coach Charlie Weis, who has had nothing but good things to tell scouts about him. "As a person he's a jerk," one scout said. "He just thinks he's ready to go. People are going to start comparing him to Drew Brees. He's not Drew Brees." Several other scouts also said they were turned off by his personality. "But as much as I don't like the kid, the way he carries himself and all that, he's probably the best of all of them," another scout said. "He plays in a pro-style offense. He can throw it good enough. He's really got good vision. He can make plays."
Some comments hint that this could be a case of scouts blowing public smoke to divert interested parties off the trail but if there's any substance to it I wonder if the apparent arrogance might lower the probability of Shanahan putting him at the top of the list?

At any rate here's the rest of the article with scouts comments on a lot of the names we've been looking at.

Read more: http://dailyme.com/story/2010022800...entinel-bob-mcginn-column-.html#ixzz0hWknwIBd

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