The 2020 BGO NFL Pickem Contest

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It's hard to imagine - but our 2020 Pickem contest will be our 12th epic battle!

In 2019, MisterPinstripe crushed all comers to seize the title and coveted winner's avatar.

This year, we take a different approach. Since its inception, we've used an external 3rd party contest software. In 2020, for the first time, we'll utilize our own NFL Pickem software, with picks, results, and standings embedded right here on BGO. You'll join the contest here, make your picks, see your results, compete with other members, and talk smack right here on the site via the 'Pickem' tab at the top of your page.

Some other changes coming with our 2020 contest:

  • There will be no physical prizes. That's probably not going to be the most popular change - but for more than a decade I've funded the prizes for the contest out of pocket, to the tune of hundreds of dollars per season. I just can't continue doing that. We appreciate the financial support many of you give us to keep the site going, but it usually isn't enough even to cover operating costs. One of our *conditions* of updating and launching the new site was getting more help from membership in funding it. Spending a bunch of money on prizes that goes well beyond funds raised just doesn't fit in with that goal. We'll still celebrate our winner and top 3 runner ups and award a cool avatar and bragging rights - which is really what it's all about anyway!
  • The contest is getting tougher! Why do I say that? First of all, you'll no longer have the ability to select 'Favorites' or 'Home Team' and have your picks auto-selected. You'll have to make ALL of your picks each week - individually.
  • You will not be able to set up all your picks for the season at once. You'll be able to make your picks for Week 1 as soon as you join the contest, but after that you can begin making your week's picks each Wednesday. You will be able to make a pick for any game up to the start of the game, so if you miss a Thursday night game, you can still make the remainder of that week's picks. We do have 'auto-pick' enabled. That means that if you go brain-dead and forget to make your picks for the week, the system will automatically select road teams as your selection. That helps prevent one missed week from ruining your contest chances.
  • You'll get almost real-time results as we'll update game results as they happen and you'll be able to see updated standings more quickly right here on the site.
  • The tie-breaker each week will be the combined team's score in the first Monday night football game each week.

As previously, we're keeping the contest simple. Final results will be based on total # of correctly predicted wins.

We encourage you to go ahead and join the contest by visiting the 'Pickem' page, clicking on this year's contest, and the 'Join Contest' button. We will likely add the pre-season weeks in this year just to give folks some opportunity to practice before things get real :)

Please chime in here if you have questions about this year's contest or the new software! We look forward to another great, competitive contest in 2020 :cheers:

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