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Head Coach Jay Gruden
Opening Statement:
"It is over. How'd your mock draft do?"

On the decision to draft RB Bryce Love coming off an injury:
"Yes, very talented. He had 2,000 yards in his junior year. He was not on that pace, but he was still pretty darn good. Unfortunately, he had the injury, but we thought when you go by the board he was ranked up there pretty high for us and he was available and we took him. Give him time to get better, number one. Get him in the building, get his rehab going in the right path, which it already is. The type of guy that he is, team captain. I think he'll be ready in no time."

On his expectations of Love participating in team activities:
"I don't know yet. We have to get him in here first. We're obviously aware of the injury. As far as the length of time it will take for him to be 100 percent in football shape, we don't know that yet."

On RB Derrius Guice:
"Derrius has been awesome. This is no reflection of anybody. We just got an opportunity to draft one heck of a player with an unbelievable production at a big-time school. But, Derrius is on track to be full-go soon."

On if Guice is expected to be ready before training camp:
"Yeah, I think so."

On plans to address the free safety position:
"Yeah, we still have Montae [Nicholson]. We obviously drafted [Troy] Apke last year, which is a pretty good option. We have [Jeremy] Reaves here in the building. He's doing some good things, did some great things at the end of the year on practice squad. And Deshazor [Everett] and Landon [Collins]. So, we have five pretty good safeties. We'll address it probably as the college free agents go. We'll probably get a couple there."

On the status of S Montae Nicholson:
"We're just waiting to see what happens. But, yeah. I think he should be ready."

On G Wes Martin competing for the starting left guard position:
"We're going to come in and battle everywhere really. We haven't had the chance to see these guys in pads yet or anything like that. We just had a nice draft, took a great guard, a very productive guard. Played a lot of snaps at left guard, which obviously we had some issues at that position. Ereck [Flowers] was brought in here. He's never played guard. Wes has obviously been doing it for a long time. We're hoping that athletically, the skillset that Ereck has, he can do that. But Ereck is also a good tackle. So, we have some options there. We'll look at all of them."

On if G Ross Pierschbacher is an option at left guard:
"Yeah, he played guard at Alabama and he transitioned to center this year. And versatility on that front, we've mentioned it many, many times how that comes in handy throughout the course of the season. Ross has played some big time games and has played both positions, so it's great to have that luxury of versatility."

On the status of QB Colt McCoy:
"He's in Texas right now and he will be back here probably next week to get everything checked back out. I think we're hoping that he'll be ready sooner than later. I don't have the exact timeline though."

On the reason for McCoy's additional surgery:
"He had an issue that they had to go back in and just check some things out. It wasn't a major surgery, but it was a surgery and it's going to take a little bit of time to heal. Some things popped up in there that we weren't expecting. But he'll be in the process of recovering and rehabbing here soon."

On CB Jimmy Moreland:
"He's a playmaker. He's player of the year in his conference. He's a team captain and I like the fact that he gets his hands on a lot of balls. He's very talented, he's quick, quick-twitched. He played corner. He played some nickel in the bowl games that he played in, moved around a little bit. I think as far as crystal balls concerned, you're going to look at him at both corner and nickel. I think he's got the skill set that fits nickel extremely well."

On if QB Dwayne Haskins urged the team to draft him:
"Everybody wants to be drafted. They say that. He said that to all the teams probably."

On WR Kelvin Harmon:
"Yeah, very surprised he was still there. We really like Harmon a lot. He's another productive guy. The guys we drafted here are all productive players. You look at Wes [Martin], he's played a lot of football. Obviously, [Cole] Holcomb is a three-year starter at North Carolina, hundred plus tackles every year, very productive. Harmon, very productive, 177 catches. [Jimmie] Moreland, obviously, great. [Jordan] Brailford who we got late here was productive, led the Big 12 in sacks. The name of the game is being able to produce where you're at and then displaying the skillset in the offseason or at the Combine or your workouts or your Pro Days or senior bowls. Then we have an opportunity to take you, but we like all their skillsets and production."

On Harmon and WR Terry McLaurin's skillset:
"Well on game day you dress five receivers and you usually use at least four of them and sometimes your fifth one might be a special teams ace or what have you. But four of them are going to get into the game a lot. I think their skillsets will be used appropriately. Harmon, despite his so called '40-time,' he can still run down the field and make some plays. You see him make some plays on deep balls all the time. He may not get great separation, but he's got great leaping ability, he times it great, he's got big, strong hands and he's physical. He's also a great blocker as well. Terry is another guy that can take the top off, but he's run all kinds of routes. He's run shallow crosses, he's run stuff across the middle. They are both very versatile in their route tree. That's why we like them. They don't just run bubble screens and hitches or go-balls. They run a little bit of everything. N.C. State had a great passing game and he [Harmon] was a big part of it without a doubt and ran all kinds of different route combinations and routes. So they are both very diverse in what they can do."

On LB Cole Holcomb:
“Well when you're looking at linebackers this day in age, you want to make sure they have the ability to cover in space and that's what his gift is. He's very good out in space. They [North Carolina] asked him to play a coverage out there where he's got to take the number three receiver and take him to the flat, take him up the field but also play the B-gap and that's not easy for a linebacker to do. Sometimes it will look like ‘Well, he's not running.' But this guy can cover out in space. I think he's got the physicality to him. I've seen him take on blocks and do some great things in that regard. He had 22 tackles against Army. I saw that game and watched a lot of him and I just wondered why he wasn't as highly touted as a lot of these other guys because he has the speed. He ran a 4.48 I think at his Pro Day, like a 38-inch vertical. He tested out of the moon, so you say ‘Oh, he's just a tester.' No he had 100 tackles three years in a row. So, he's 300 tackles at North Carolina. He's had production, so I think it's a great pick in that spot and I'm excited to get him in here.”

On if Holcomb can call a defense:
"He's very smart, yes. He can do whatever you want."

On how he views the defense right now:
"I'm excited about it. It starts with that and Landon [Collins] at free agent. That's obviously the tone-setter we were looking for. Then, getting some of the guys back. Obviously, Reuben Foster is a wild card for us. We're excited to get him in the building. We're teaching him the defense right now, getting him on the field. We can't wait to see him run around. Shaun Dion [Hamilton] with a year under his belt, it's going to be great. Some of the draft picks that you mention, the young defensive line that we have. I think we're all very excited about the prospects of our defense being fast and physical. The cornerback situation with [Quinton] Dunbar coming back and Fabian's [Moreau] versatility. He played nickel – inside or outside and adding [Jimmy] Moreland and Danny Johnson and the other guys getting more experience. I think things are looking up. We have to go out there and play and play together."

On if using five picks on offensive players was planned or where players fell on the board:
"Yeah, a little bit of both. I think there were talks with all of those picks to take defensive players, but we just thought the best player at that time was the offensive player that we took. We just kind of went by the board. Like I said, Kyle Smith and the scouting staff did a great job. Bruce [Allen] did an excellent job of picking the right guys. Time will tell, obviously, but we're excited about the guys we have."

RB Bryce Love

On his reaction to being selected by Redskins:
"Dang. I mean obviously, it is surreal. I am excited and ready to get in there and get to work."

On his rehab process:
"I've been progressing to treadmill work and introducing impact, different impact drills and things like that. I'm still looking good according to Dr. Andrews and everybody. I am feeling good as well."

On when he will be able to do lateral movements:
"My goal is to be ready by training camp, mid-training camp. Being able to find a way to compete and do my thing."

On if he expected the Washington Redskins to select him:
"In this process, everything is kind of a surprise one way or another. I actually got recruited by Coach [Randy] Jordan while he was at [North] Carolina back when I was in high school for a little bit. I knew we had that relationship and what not. But as far as knowing where I was going to go, it was definitely a surprise."

On coming to play alongside RB Adrian Peterson:
"Yeah, I mean it's a blessing of course. I mean he's one of the greatest to play the position and one of the greatest players of all time. So being able to come in and learn from him and learn from all the other backs in the room will definitely be big."

On if he is happy he returned to Stanford for his senior season:
"Yes. Absolutely. I wouldn't change anything. God writes the plan. I'm just excited for the opportunity and excited to get out and compete."

On if he learned anything about himself this past year:
"Absolutely. I mean life is about learning, developing and progressing. Obviously, I feel like I am a better player for what I went through. Ultimately down the line, it will be able to be shown. "

On what he can bring to a team and what role he can play at an NFL level:
"Being able to bring explosiveness, versatility, being able to do a lot of different things. Ultimately beyond anything else, getting out there and competing and doing whatever I am asked to do.”

On if he wants to showcase his pass-catching abilities:
“Oh yeah, absolutely. One of those things we were doing, we had a lot of different options as an offense with JJ [Arcega-Whiteside], Trent Irwin and Kaden Smith and all those different things. So being able to go out and showcase that ability as well will definitely be big.

On leaning on Redskins running backs Derrius Guice and Adrian Peterson for advice on returning from an ACL injury:
"Absolutely. I mean ACL's are a process and everybody's is unique and different. Being able to ask questions and just stay on the grind by seeing the results of the work you put in will definitely be big and definitely be exciting."

On if he has talked to former teammates about what to expect coming into the league:
"Oh yeah, beyond anything else just be ready to put your head down and be ready to go to work. The big message that has been consistent with everybody, which is learn, grow, understand that it is different and just take it day-by-day."

G Wes Martin

On if he thought he would be one of the Redskins targets:
"I did. I came in on a top-30 [visit]. I knew they were in the market for a guard, so I definitely knew I was on the radar."

On being able to compete for a starting job right away:
"Yes sir. It's unbelievable. It's pretty wild to think this whole process is going on. I'm just really excited to get in there and work my tail off and do everything I can to help this organization."

On describing his game:
"I'm most know for my brute strength. I grew up working on a dairy farm. That's my background, a strong kid. I.Q, I guess. I got like a 31 on the Wonderlic. I'm pretty sharp, I'd like to think. Being able to I.D. things and make decisions quickly. I think my explosion, along with my strength, is a big thing and my getting up on the second level, getting on backers is something I've been doing a long time here at Indiana."

On Redskins Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line Coach Bill Callahan:
"When I came in on the visit, we had a good long meeting. We got to know each other really well. That was the first time I've ever spoken with him, but he's awesome. I can't wait to get in there and work with him."

On if his 38 pre-draft reps of 225 lbs. were accurate:
"Yes, sir."

On if his 38 pre-draft reps of 225 lbs. were a career best:
"No. I did 42 three weeks before my Pro Day. I've done higher numbers than that. My rhythm was a little off that day. I burned out a little quick. I was actually pretty mad with 38, but it still showed I was strong."

On if his strength comes from the dairy farm:
"That was the start of it."

On how growing up on a dairy farm led him down this path:
"Physically, there is a lot of grit strength involved and brute strength. It kind of instilled the work ethic, and it makes you not afraid to work extremely hard and put in a lot of hours into what you are doing."

On raising money for dog shelters during his Pro Day:
"It has been awesome. It is something I take a lot of pride in. I grew up, my mom and I, we were rescuing and re-homing a lot of dogs. So last summer being able to start a 501-C-3 and get the actual dog recuse up and running was awesome and something I took a lot of pride in."

G Ross Pierschbacher

On how many current Redskins players from Alabama reached out to him:
"I just had to hang up on Shaun Dion Hamilton. He FaceTimed me and I got the call from you guys. I'll talk to him after and I'm sure I'll get hit up from [Daron] Payne and [Jonathan] Allen and Ryan Anderson and all those dudes. I'm excited to join those guys and just ready to get to work."

On the comfortability of having former teammates on the roster:
"Yeah, absolutely. Being familiar with them and knowing the kind of the standard they have set, just their background and where they come from. Also being a guy from Iowa, Brandon Scherff, I've met him before. He hosted one of my visits when I was getting recruited by Iowa there, so I know him. I'm just ready to get connected with those guys. I can't wait."

On if he met with the Redskins at the Combine:
"Yeah, I had an interview, an informal interview with Coach [Bill] Callahan at the Combine. Then they came and worked me out privately as well."

On if he prefers a position on the O-Line:
"Really no preference. That was kind of my selling point is that I was able to play all three [positions; Guard, Center, Tackle]. The Redskins came and worked me out specifically at left guard, so I'm kind of ready for anything to be honest. I'm comfortable, you know, started 42 games at left guard, two at right guard and 15 at center. I think I'm able to play at the highest level at all three."

On describing his game:
"I'm a type of guy that's consistent, reliable, tough, smart. Just get the job done type of guy. You know that you can throw me out there and I'm not going to mess up. Just going to get the job done. Just really a blue collar, lunch pail type of guy. So just go in there, be tough, smart and hopefully just be a great teammate and leader."

On practicing with former Alabama teammates DE Jonathan Allen and DT Daron Payne:
"I thought I escaped those guys and I'm coming right back. Also, Ryan Anderson off the edge and Shaun Dion [Hamilton] in the middle. It'll be a lot of fun during practice and I'm looking forward to going against those guys again – a reunion."

On playing alongside T Trent Williams:
"Man, he's a mauler. It would be awesome and just an honor to play next to him. We watch NFL film at Alabama and all those guys just drool over Trent Williams' film. So it's awesome to hopefully get the chance to play next to those type of guys and just learn from them and learn what it takes to be a pro."

LB Cole Holcomb

On his overall thoughts on being drafted by the Redskins:
"Ecstatic. I'm speechless right now. I really can't put it into words. I've been working for this for a long time. It's a good feeling, a great feeling."

On what he can add to the team:
"Speed, effort, preparation. I'm going to be a guy who is going to go in there and we're going to live in the film room. That's what we have to do."

On his special teams experience:
"My senior year I played on the punt team. I was a left guard on the punt team. But I played on all four special teams. That is kind of how we had to make it. Being a former walk-on, you had to start off on special teams to be able to earn the trust from the coaches and the guys on the team to be able to reach starter."

On how he has evolved from a guy that started as a walk on to someone who lead his team in tackles and was second team All-ACC:
"Well, when I was a walk-on starting, I didn't necessarily have the intangibles. But now that I have grown into my body, I have matured a lot through this process. I have always had to beat people in through technique or through being smarter than them, but now I have the intangibles to go with it. So I really think if we put it all together I will be a really good football player."

On believing he could play in the NFL despite being a walk-on:
"Once I got there, I realized I could do this. I had people believing in me and telling me you could do it. Once we got there, you see who you're going against and the level, it's 'You can do this.' That was kind of the thing. Once I got there, the goals changed very quickly."

On if he received an invite to the NFL Combine:
"No, I did not."

On if he used not receiving an invite as motivation:
"We had a Combine group and a Pro Day group. We had a little competition between us both. I'm happy for the guys that got that opportunity. That is the dream to be able to do when you're going through this process. I'm happy those guys got the opportunity. But I wish I could have gone there and could have made some waves there. It just threw a little gas in the tank and kept me going."

On his 40-yard-dash time
"I heard 4.4's."

WR Kelvin Harmon

On the moment he got the call:
"Oh man, I was excited to get the call. You know I've been waiting, but everything is in God's hands. This is the team I'm supposed to be on, so I'm ready to go to work."

On meeting with the Redskins:
"We talked a few times at pro day and we had informal meetings at the combine."

On his profile listing him with ‘Big Dog Swagger':
"Yeah, it's just that alpha mentality – always competing hard, whether I'm blocking or catching the ball. It's just always going hard and just wanting to get the ball away from my opponent."

On his strengths as a receiver:
"I would definitely say my hands, ball skills. Just going up to get the ball no matter where it's at and just making those contested catches. Also, my blocking abilities are pretty great too."

On skipping NC State's bowl game to prepare for NFL Draft:
"I think it helped me. Just the timing to get my body back. I feel a lot fresher compared to how I did at the end of the season. I just got around my new team at the Mamba Sports Academy. I just think the timing was better for me and it worked out."

DB Jimmy Moreland

On being drafted by the Redskins:
"My overall thought is I'm just glad to be here. It's been a long process. I'm just happy for this moment, man. My family, they're proud of me. I'm just ready to go to work that's all."

On what he had to prove in the draft process coming from a smaller school:
"I had to prove what I'm worth. I had to fight for every step, every step I had to take. I had a little incident in my early college career. I'm just ready to go now. They look at big school different than small schools. I'm 5'9 and a great corner in the NFL. Now, I just have to show and prove that."

On his incident in college and what he told teams when asked about it:
"I just told them immaturity. The incident, I had a petty larceny charge on me after my freshman year and that matured me and showed me my life lesson. It showed me a different way of being around people and watching people and my surroundings. I'm just good overall and I'm ready for this."

On what made him successful:
"I'm a dog. I'm just a dog, you know. Just coming from where I came from in Florida and the type of player I am, I'm just a ball-hawk player."

On his special teams experience:
"Oh, my special teams experience? I have over like six blocked kicks in college and over seven blocked kicks in high school. So, it's been good."

LB Jordan Brailford

On being drafted by the Redskins:
"It's an amazing feeling. I got a little nervous there, but I'm happy to be picked up by the Redskins."

On how his performance at the East-West Shrine game helped make an impression on teams:
"I think it helped a lot, man. I think it showed that I can take coaching and apply it in a short amount of time. I made some big plays there and got to get a lot more exposure than I would have without it."

On if he wanted to go undrafted as opposed to getting drafted late:
"I mean, I was starting to feel that way a little bit because I had a whole bunch of teams calling me, but they weren't calling about the draft. They were just calling about free agency. Once you get that call and see your name flash across the screen, all of that went out the window. It doesn't really matter. I'm just happy to be where I am at now."

On where he was watching the draft:
"Yeah, I was watching at home. My family was over here, and we were all watching it together."

On his interaction with the Redskins during the draft process:
"Really we had limited contact. I think I mostly talked to them at the combine, and I guess there was something about me they liked. They weren't one of the teams that talked to me as much as others, but they liked something about me."

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