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August 19, 2019

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On injury updates for WR Paul Richardson Jr. and RB Derrius Guice:
"Yes, Paul is back out there on a limited basis today, he's working himself back into the lineup. As to the extent of how much or if he's going to play we don't know yet on Thursday. Derrius, were still playing it day-by-day and wait for the green light."

On how much game planning the team will do in preparation for the third preseason game:
"Yeah, we do for sure. The third preseason game, you watch a little more film and prepare, try to make it as realistic to a game week as you can without going overboard. But yeah, we'll put a little bit more preparation time into it, so they get used to how we practice, how we run the cards – all that stuff in practice."

On if he thinks QB Dwayne Haskins Jr. will need to use a wristband during the regular season:
"All our quarterbacks wear wristbands. We have some wordy plays and sometimes it's quicker to read a number and then they can read the play. So, they all wear it."

On if Guice has been cleared for full contact in practice:
"He wasn't clear for full contact, but he's OK to practice. He should be OK here pretty soon."

On if there is a timetable for when DL Tim Settle will return:

On if CB Adonis Alexander was back out at practice today:
"He was doing individual drills."

On RB Samaje Perine:
"Yeah, he hasn't had many good looks for sure, we have to do a better job of paving some holes for him and eliminate the one yard, no yard gains. So, I think that's been a point of emphasis for us to try and get the running game going this week and that's something we will try and intend to do, try to get him more looks and get better looks because once he sees a hole, he's been really good with his vision. But, there hasn't been anywhere to go for him, unfortunately. So we've got to do a better job up front, quarterbacks, tight ends, receivers, everybody."

On if he thinks Perine is a different kind of running back compared to the rest of the room:
"Yeah, for sure, it's the same thing with receivers, you have some bigger type receivers that are a bit more physical. Same thing with the running backs, you have your first-down backs, you have your third-down backs, you have guys that can do a little bit of both. So, he's definitely more of a first, second-down back, but he's been much better in protection on third down and his routes have gotten a lot better as well."

On if there are any updates on T Trent Williams:
“There are no updates whatsoever.”

On the difficulty of preparing for game without Williams:
“We're preparing with the guys we have right now. That's all we can do. We're getting Geron [Christian Jr] ready, we're getting [Donald] Penn ready so we'll go that route.”

On RB Shaun Wilson:
“Yes. He has a pretty good ankle [injury], so he'll be out for a little while.”

On how much a player's kick return ability affects their roster spot:
“Very much so. Trey Quinn has been able to return punts. We've got to get [Greg] Stroman some, [Steven] Sims [Jr] some and whoever else can get back there – maybe [Jimmy] Moreland. Kick return right now has been [Byron] Marshall pretty much so we'll have to look at some other people there as well. We have to find a returner and that returner, odds are, will make the team.”

On if Williams has been staying up to date with the playbook:
“Trent is very smart. He can handle it.”

On an injury update for WR Terry McLaurin:
“He's been practicing every week, every day. He's been fine in practice.”

On if he has communicated with Williams:
“Talked? Maybe. Texted, talked. Maybe. It is what it is right now. He's not here so we just have to talk about the people that we have.”

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