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Apr 11, 2009

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August 18, 2019

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On the Injury Report:
“We're in preseason now, so there's no injury report. Everybody's OK and getting better.”

On if he has anything to add in regards to QB Colt McCoy's injury:
“No. He's just rehabbing.”

On if he has any thought about McCoy's availability to Thursday's game:
“No thoughts at all. No.”

On how McCoy not practicing affects the reps for QBs Case Keenum and Dwayne Haskins:
“Oh, they're getting all the reps which is good. It's not good for Colt obviously but like I said, what's most important for Colt is to get that [leg] to where he can fire off of it, push off of it. It's his right leg, so he's not getting enough fire off of it push off of it and until he feels like he's 100 percent doing that, I'm not going to put him back there.”

On CB Fabian Moreau:
“He's got an ankle sprain.”

On the quarterback depth chart with McCoy not practicing”
“Yeah, we still have two preseason games left to determine that.”

On the timetable for Colt coming back
“Oh man, it might not be the end of camp, it might be two or three weeks into the season. We don't know yet. Like I said, there's no timetable for him until he feels like he's 100 percent to push off that leg. Until that time comes, he's going to be rehabbing.

On when he thinks the ideal time to name a starting quarterback is:
“Ideally, it'd be after this game. Like I said, there's still some work to be done. You might have your general thoughts on who it might be, but if something happens in preseason game three where you might have to flop them, you never know. But I think both of them are getting quality work and we've got a lot of stuff on tape to look at and grade, which is good. And then we have another big preseason game in Atlanta on Thursday it'll be another great tape grading scale and we'll go from there."

On Dwayne Haskins getting work with starters:
“He got some a little bit. We worked a little starting offensive line in there, Brandon [Scherff] I think played a little bit with Dwayne. So yeah, we could do that.”

On if there is value in Haskins being the first or second string quarterback:
“It's worked both ways in the history of the NFL. There's been some guys who have sat for a year or two and had great value in that and there's some guys that played their first year and had great value in that experience. So whatever we decide, we intend on getting him better regardless of if he's starting or he's the backup quarterback, we're still going to make sure we get him ready to play in every game.”

On balancing T Donald Penn's playing time:
“He needs the work. He needs the work, yeah. So, he's played a lot. He's played in the 3rd quarter, sometimes a little bit in the 4th quarter. Its good work for him. He came off the streets and is getting himself into shape and this has worked for him. Not only getting his pass sets down, the terminology down, the cadence, all that. It's very important.”

On his thoughts on Penn's performance
“He's done good. There's some things we've got to clean up as with every position but he's picked it up quickly. He's a smart guy and has done some good things.”

On Keenum and Haskins' performances based on the film
“Yeah, I think last week both of them had their moments of glory. We had a couple of unfortunate penalties which put us behind down and distance for each group which kills drives and that's something we have to correct for sure, but overall I think they both did some good things.”

On if Moreau's injury is a high or low ankle sprain:
"Medium [laughs]. I don't know. It's down there somewhere in the ankle."

On if the first string players will see increased playing time in the third preseason game:
"You know, typically I've gone about a quarter and a half, maybe. Maybe into the second quarter, could be until halftime. I doubt it will go into the third quarter. I just want to get these guys working together, get some drives – communication, different sets, both sides of the ball, maybe get some no-huddle. So it'll be good for them. I pray and anticipate a quarter and a half maybe two at the most."

On if he believes the team has the right processes in place to get players fully recovered from injuries:
"I have faith in the trainers and the doctors. That's all you can do and then the players have to buy in and do what they have to do to get ready. Some of these injuries take time; there's no rhyme or reason. Look around the league, some ankle sprains last a week, some last six weeks, some last eight weeks and then it could be a different degree. Same thing with AC joints, hamstrings, I've seen those things get better in a week, some last about eight weeks. So, it's up to the players to do the work, the doctors to give them the direction, and the trainers to work them. And I feel like we have a good enough staff to do that. We just have had different types of injuries that some have lasted longer than others. We've had a lot of guys that have had injuries that have come back quickly that don't get talked about. So there is some good also."

On if he is surprised that McCoy is still having injury issues after thinking he would be available last season had the team made the playoffs:
“Yeah that was probably part of the issue. He probably rushed back, we probably rushed him back a little too quick and it didn't have a chance to heal so they had to go back in a little bit. That was nobody's fault, just a fluke type deal that something else happened. Hopefully we get him right. He's working hard, man. Colt is a hard worker and he'll do whatever he can to get right, we've just got to get it right first.”

On the youth at the inside linebacker position:
"Josh Harvey[-Clemons] comes in, he's got a couple years in now, so he's good. Cole [Holcomb] is very smart, that's part of the reason why we were attracted to him in the draft. He's a very, very smart player – instinctual player. He's picked it up very smoothly, very effortlessly. He needs more reps obviously, but he's a little bit slowed down with his shoulder. [Jon] Bostic is such a great communicator. We didn't really know that until we got him here, how he communicates with the other linebackers and the secondary. He makes it easy for everybody that plays with him.”

On special teams being a factor for final roster cuts:
“For sure, that's always an issue. You come down to the fourth, fifth receiver, which one is the best on special teams? Fifth, sixth corner, special teams. The outside linebacker, special teams. The middle linebacker, they've got to be able to play [special] teams. Tight end, third tight end has to be able to play some [special] teams. Ideally, you'd like one of your running backs to play [special] teams. That may not be the case this year, we'll wait and see. That is an issue. I'm watching special teams everyday on tape and games, finding out who's good, who's struggling. If it's close, we're going to err on the side of special teams."

On if there are some examples of that on the team right now:
"The receiver position for one, that's a big one. Corner, probably. Two safety. Corners and safeties are very integral parts of special teams. They've got to be able to run. They've got to be able to play special teams – third, fourth, fifth corner. Same with the third and fourth safety. That's why [Deshazor] Everett is such a big player for us. He's a four-core player, captain on special teams. He's doing great at safety too. Those positions for sure. Inside backer, outside backer.”

On WR Robert Davis:
“He made another big play in the game. Great throw by Dwayne [Haskins]. He continues to make plays. The more he gets his legs under him I think he's got a chance to do some more things this week. Hopefully we'll get him in there for some more reps this week. Mentally, he's doing a good job. Physically, he's making some plays. Looks like he's running pretty good.”

On if Davis' speed is what allows him to get open:
“Cleveland game was a coverage breakdown, they didn't roll a safety over top. Case [Keenum] saw it and recognized it. Next one, he just beat the safety over the top. Little cover two or palms type defense. Great throw, great route. Little bit of both.”

On the ups and down of CB Jimmy Moreland:
“As a defensive back playing nickel or corner, you're going to give up some completions. The big thing is he's forced two fumbles already, had a lot of interceptions in camp. He's around the ball a lot. He's a guy that can turn the ball over, which is exciting. Before camp, one thing we asked him to do is tackle and he's proven to us he's very, very tough and can handle any type of contact whatsoever. He checks all the boxes. He's not a very big guy, but he makes up for it with great instincts and ball skills.”

On McCoy being hit in training camp:
“Nothing happened to re-aggravate it. Just a little gimpy going in.”

On if McCoy's current leg injury is the same leg as last season:

On if the team will sign someone else if McCoy isn't ready:
“That's an issue we'll talk about for sure. We'll wait and see how far along we feel like he is once we get going after this game, heading into preseason game four and heading into [the regular season opener] Philadelphia week we'll see where he is and make a determination on how many quarterbacks we'll keep and what we're going to do with that spot. I don't anticipate him being out too long."

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The All-Time Great
Jul 19, 2009

Well, Jay saying that Colt might not be available until a few games into the season all but puts the three way competition to rest.

If Case starts the season and plays well, we probably won't see McCoy at all.

And if the team does start well but falters in November and falls out of the race with Case then you would figure Haskins will get those last 4-5 stars to prepare for next season.


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Apr 11, 2009

Marine Corps Virginia

I view the Colt situation as a good thing for several reasons (making it clear I'd never be happy or 'glad' that a player is injured).

Firstly - there was no way we could continue splitting QB reps 3 ways with 2 of the 3 potential starters being new to the squad. That was a recipe for disaster. So from that perspective, weaning it down to a 2 man race is a positive development.

Secondly, while folks emphatically state that Gruden will absolutely carry 3 QBs this season, because we were so traumatized when we lost our starter AND backup in 2018, they are missing the point. If we reach a point where we are playing our 3rd string QB at some point during the season, it's highly likely we are out of contention by default at that point. I view carrying a 3rd QB - at any time - as a waste of a precious roster spot. With our recent history of devastating injuries all over this roster, I'd much rather we carry extra linemen than a QB who won't play unless it's a lost season. McCoy's injury may force Gruden to embrace that approach, and I think that would also be a positive.


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Jul 22, 2009

Colt can go on IR. If we go through both Case and Dwayne, we bring Colt back.
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