Skins Quotes 8/15/16: Post-Game Redskins Players

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Apr 11, 2009

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On the team's performance:
"I thought we did some good things. Again, I think there were some negative plays that kind of stopped our drives. There are always going to be some plays I want back and there's a few plays that I definitely want back, but I thought we did well. We popped some runs, got Adrian [Peterson] loose there early and then I think a few plays that we were close to kind of getting in a rhythm and that's just kind of preseason. You get to that point where you're almost there and then you're out of the game, so it's tough. You kind of get left wanting more, but I'm excited. I think we're better than last week and I'm looking to be better next week."

On his comfort level in the offense:
"I feel really good. I really do. I think it's been really good with [Head Coach] Jay [Gruden] and [Offensive Coordinator] Kevin [O'Connell] and just the communication there. It has continued to get better and better and we're past certain points and we're able to talk more in-depth on certain plays and I love the way they look at defenses and I love their philosophy. So, I think the more on the same page I can get as them, the better and I think every day we're taking steps in the right direction."

On how much easier it makes his job when the team has speed at the tight end position:
"Guys like that, it's matchup nightmares for guys on the other team. Just finding ways to get those guys in space, mismatches and finding the right leverage in man coverage, finding the weaknesses in zone, the coaches are doing a great job of doing that and we haven't really gotten into any real game planning yet. It's just kind of putting some stuff together on the fly and I thought tonight we did some good stuff and put some good stuff on film, but I think we got some good stuff to learn from as well."

On playing with RB Adrian Peterson:
"I've handed off a lot in my career to a lot of great backs and it is different, it is a different feeling when you hand it off to him. I'm going to have to get used to it, I'm going to have to get on my horse because he is on his horse early. That's all I have to say about that."

On if his progress thus far gives him optimism about where he can get between now and Week 1 of the regular season:
"I think so, yeah. We don't want to be at our best right now. Going into games I want to be perfect and I want to make all the right checks and all the right reads and all the throws and go score touchdowns every time, but this is a process. That's what training camp is about, it's about learning, learning your guys and we've got a lot of guys that can do some special things. I feel like we haven't even tapped into even a portion of our potential that we have as an offense."


On his first NFL touchdown:
"It was exhilarating. I enjoyed it. It was fun. I will never forget it. It was exciting for me."

On what stood out about the touchdown play:
"I was more proud of what happened pre-snap than anything. I did a hard count, had rotation late and flipped the protection. I still got hit but Rob [Davis] did a great job of getting open. The corner and cover safety was low. I saw him back pedaling pretty slow and told him that I was throwing deep. He caught it and scored a touchdown. I wasn't worried about getting hit. After he scored, I was excited."

On how that play works in practice:
"We have tried it but I don't think we have hit on it yet, at least I have not hit on it yet. I know Case threw a couple of them. I haven't gotten that play too much but I am glad that I got it."

On the rest of his night aside from the touchdown pass:
"It was good. I was just trying to move the ball and make smart decisions. Don't put the ball in harm's way. I did great with my protections today and didn't miss at all. I'm just trying to put it all together and get better every day."

On avoiding mistakes:
"No, I just play. I am not really conscious on making the same mistakes twice. Before the game I am like, ‘Alright, I am not going to throw two picks again.' That is what I thought and I didn't, so that was good. When I play, I just play. I don't think about making the same mistakes twice or just missing a throw. I just let it go and move on to the next one."

On the improved protections:
"I think I was a little more settled down this week than I was last week. Just the first time playing in the NFL and that stuff. I felt like I was more in my element today."

On playing in FedExField for the first time:
"It was good. There was a lot of sevens [jerseys]. Might have been [Joe] Theismann, I don't know [Laughs]. It was good to be home. My parents came to the game and it was good to see them. It is great to be back."

On the reaction after the TD:
"I was hyped. I don't really get too excited too often but when I throw a touchdown pass I like to go off a little bit."

On if practice helped him make adjustments tonight:
"The reason why I did that was because I wanted to be closer to what the coaches were looking at. I play quarterback, I love the position and I felt that me sitting behind the quarterback during practice made it more realistic for me to get my own mental rep. That is what I learned at Ohio State. Just from listening to the play, watching the play, knowing what I am reading and where the ball should go each play. It is just like getting the aspects of it. That is probably why I threw a touchdown to Rob [Davis] today because Case got the play in practice, I saw it, took the mental rep down and executed it myself."


On the touchdown he scored:
"Honestly my read on that was to clear out the deepest defender, if I run past him he throws up the ball, if he stays over the top, we got other reads that we go to. He did a good job of giving me a chance to make a play for the team."

On the offensive pass interference calls:
"The refs made the call, we just got to continue to play. I feel like Kelvin did a great job battling for the football today. Calls are calls. We move on and go to the next play."

On scoring two touchdowns in two weeks:
"It is a blessing from God man, can't even explain it. I am firm believer that Christ can work miracles and I feel like He's really got His hands on me right now. I am just excited to be out here playing with my boys again and continuing to try and get better every week."


On defense's energy and communication:
"We were flying around, guys out there making plays. They're hungry, you can see it. First day out."

On encouraging signs from the defense:
"Yeah, guys flying to the ball, 93 [Allen] was everywhere, shoot. As soon as I looked up he was there. Look around 94 [Payne] is there. Shoot, they lost weight."

On the defense meeting expectations:
"Guys first day out, fresh out. Like for real for real, they were hungry, you could tell. They were tired of going against our offense, granted, they wanted to come and make their presence felt. Today, they really did that and they showed what we can become. We always say we want to attack the ball. We want to attack whoever has that ball and go straight for them, no matter if it's in the air or on the ground. With guys running to the ball, great things happen."

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