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July 27, 2017

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On TE Jordan Reed:
"We’re going to take it slow with Jordan. He’s got an injury to his big toe, and it has affected him the last couple weeks of his working out, getting ready for training camp. So we want to make sure he’s 100 percent before we got him going. He’s going to get some upper body work going and as soon as he gets healthy we’ll let him go. Should be about a week or so, we’re hoping.”

On if the team signed a tight end today:
“Yes, we signed E.J Bibbs today."

On if QB Kirk Cousins is a “system quarterback”:
"I think Kirk would be just fine in any system, yes. We try to tailor our system to our players, but actually I’ve always said it’s about the players not the plays, and they tend to make coaches look good. So Kirk would be just fine anywhere."

On when Reed injured his toe:
"I don’t know, I think it was just a gradual thing. I think he was trying to compensate for his sore toe and he turned his ankle once. I think we just want to make sure we got him right. He looked so good at mandatory training camp and then during the offseason he went down to Miami a little bit and was training and just had a little, small issue with it. You know, we don’t want to push him. We’re going to get a chance to get him with the strength guys and a good week of rehab and then we’ll see where he is in about four or five days."

On how cautious he wants to be with Reed:
“We will be extra cautious with Jordan. Like I said, the way he looked at mandatory camp, the way he played at the end of the year, I think he’s the type of guy that has a great knowledge of the system right now. So I think it’s better safe than sorry with a guy like that, especially with the amount of tension he puts on his feet and ankles with the way he comes in and out of breaks. Let’s make sure we get it 110 percent before he comes back. It could be two days, it could be four days, we’re not sure, but I don’t think it’s a significant injury where anybody should worry. We just want to make sure we get him right, let Vernon [Davis] and Niles [Paul] and Derek Carrier and Sprinkle get a lot of work in and get them ready.”

On if there is a timetable for other players on the PUP list:

On the importance of height for a wide receiver:
“That depends on the guy, that depends on the player. There’s been great receivers that aren’t very big that have been very productive. I don’t really care. I do like to have bigger receivers in the red zone here and there to be able to throw some fades, too. What the heck, you know, I love the fade [laughter]. With Josh’s [Doctson’s] size, there’s a lot of room for error when you have a guy who’s 6-foot-5. You can throw the back-shoulder fade, you can throw it over the top, they can go up and get seam-balls. It’s a friendly target, but that has nothing to say that Jamison Crowder can’t do the similar-type things because he’s a great target also. If you run good routes and get separation… I really have no preference. I just want to play the best player and the ones that the quarterback is most comfortable with and understands the system.”

On what WR Jamison Crowder can do on the outside:
“I think that’s part of the reason you miss the guys that we lost, the two starters that we lost, but like I said, when we lined up with Vernon Davis and Jordan Reed at tight end and we had two receivers playing, you’ve got Pierre [Garçon] and DeSean [Jackson], and Jamison’s standing next to me and I’m like, 'What are you doing here? Get out there.’ So I think now it’s going to be more of an opportunity for him to be out on the field more and make more plays. Now we have [Josh] Doctson, if he’s 100 percent, and Terrelle Pryor, Ryan Grant’s obviously been a major part of our running game and Mo Harris has done a nice job, so we have some great weapons. We just have got to figure out ways to utilize all of them. But Jamison, the more opportunities he gets, the better he’s going to be, and there’s ways to use him in the running game also and there’s also ways to get him outside and inside. He’s just a special guy and special receiver, you know?... We’ve got to spread it around. Jordan Reed is going to get his touches. Chris Thompson is going to get his touches. We’re going to run the ball. Terrelle Pryor, he wants 1,500 yards. Doctson wants the ball. So we’ve got to do the best we can to utilize the talent we have and let the system take care of the plays and Kirk [Cousins] make the decision and understand we have weapons across the board that can make plays.”

On Cousins’ drive:
"I think he has accomplished some great things already, and I think he understands there's a lot more he can do as a quarterback. Just understanding the concepts and the pass protections, the comfort level that he has being behind center with a snap count, all the things that a quarterback has to go through pre-snap and then makes it easier for him to execute post-snap. I think he's just getting better, more comfortable. Obviously we see how accurate he is with the football. He can throw any type of ball you want – a deep ball, a crossing pass, a short pass, he's got great accuracy. But now that he understands the protections, he feels more comfortable in the pocket, the scheme, what plays we like versus what coverage, what audibles we want to get to versus certain blitzes and looks. He's just going to continue to get better and better. We just have to provide him with more information and find out what he can do and what he can't do and just go from there. Not a lot he can't do, really. He's a fun guy to coach and a fun guy to see how much he's grown from year in to year out. From his first year when I had him to now, it's amazing how much better he is."

On if Cousins being on a one-year contract impacts the division of reps:
"We're focused on Kirk. He's our starter and he's going to get all the starter reps. Period. Colt [McCoy] will take advantage of his reps, I'm sure he will. And Nate [Sudfeld] will get a few sprinkled in there. We're trying to develop Nate also for the future. But, this is Kirk's team right now, and it's our job to get him ready for Philadelphia and really surround him and make him feel good about the people around him. Trying to get him used to [Josh] Doctson, get him used to [Terrelle] Pryor, we have some new weapons around him, so it's a matter of getting him ready. But Kirk will get all of them."

On if Cousins can risk some efficiency to create more big plays:
"I think we had a lot of big plays last year. I think we were in the tops of the league almost... So, we do take our shots. I think it's a fine line between taking shots and taking what the defense gives you. I never say a completion is a bad play; all completions are good plays in my opinion. We're keeping the ball moving, keeping the chains moving. We don't want to force the ball down the field, but we do want to take shots. Now we have these big wideouts, now we have got to try to push the envelope a little bit out here at camp, see what they can do as far as going up and getting it against smaller-type defensive backs. Every play is its own entity, I keep telling them, and we'll try to push the envelope with those shot plays, but I'll never fault them for a completion."

On if DL Terrell McClain and DL Stacy McGee have defined roles entering training camp:
“We're not set at all on how we see their roles. We're going to keep probing them, see where they fit best. Base, nickel, how they rush, all that stuff, that's what we're out here for. Same thing with all the new guys we have - Zach Brown, D.J. [Swearinger], Terrelle Pryor - all these guys, we're going to try to find what best suits them and put them in the right situation. But, so far I've been impressed with both of them, now it's a matter of where to put them – inside, what packages they want to be at, nickel, dime, sub, all that stuff. We'll figure it out."

On how his approach to training camp has changed in his fourth year:
"Well, you have a system and a schedule that you want to go by. You’ve got to make sure you hit different phases of game-type situations. So that will all stay the same – the way we install plays, how we teach, it'll kind of stay the same. The first four or five days of practice will be about the same every year, basically, how we install. Once we branch off, we can do more situational work, more red-zone work, more third down work, more move the ball work where they’re unscripted plays, maybe a couple live sessions here and there, see how the team's doing. But really the first four or five days of training camp I think in every pro football team is going to be about the same as far as installing, the types of practices you'll see."

On Defensive Backs Coach Torrian Gray:
“I think he’s been great so far. I think the big thing is, we wanted to get the best technician we could find. I talked to Kendall [Fuller] and he had a lot of good things to say – he played for him at Virginia Tech and Kyshoen Jarrett did also. They both talked to me about him and when they saw that we had an opening, we called him and tried to get him here. He’s everything that we thought as far as teaching technique and I think the players are receptive. He’s learning the defense, he’s feeling his way through there, but what you really want as far as a defensive back coach is technique and fundamentals and he’s as good as anybody that we’ve had here, so it’s good.”

On DL Jonathan Allen:
“Jonathan’s been excellent, man. He works hard, he’s healthy, he’s strong. It’s just a matter of just slowly getting him into the lineup. Right now he’s going with the twos, a little bit with the threes, we’ll get him with some ones here once we get into camp a little bit more. Everything that I’ve seen so far from him from as a person, character standpoint and athletic ability has been what we thought, so he’s going to be great addition for us for a long time. Any time you’ve got a big guy that can rush as a three-technique this day and age, especially third down, that's a huge benefit for us. He also is excellent against the run — I think he proved that at Alabama his last year. He was kind of known as just a pass rusher his junior year and then he came back his senior year and wanted to show people he was really a good run defender and he did that. All-around defensive end, defensive tackle, it’s going to really help us.”

On how he and Senior Vice President of Player Personnel Doug Williams have been interacting:
“I talked to him today! [Laughter] Doug and I have been very close for a long time so we have no problem working together. I love his knowledge of the game — the players that we have, he knows very well so we’re going to work fine together.”

On waiving LB Houston Bates:
“Houston, he’s obviously injured right now and he’s going to hopefully get himself right. Once he gets healthy towards the end of the year, there’s a chance that we could bring him back or next year when he’s 100 percent fully. We needed a spot for the tight end because of Jordan [Reed] and Vernon [Davis] has got a little bit of a tweaked hamstring but he’s going to practice, so we had to make a move unfortunately. Houston was a great leader for us on special teams, a great player for us and hopefully we’ll see him again soon."

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If Houston Bates is not claimed on waivers, his rights would revert to the Redskins and he could go to IR. That would end his season. We could find out tomorrow if a team claims him or we could find out by Saturday if there was no claim.

Also, the Redskins could simply be moving on from Bates altogether. We'll know soon.

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