Skins Quotes 5/11/19: Rookie Minicamp

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QB Dwayne Haskins

On adjustment coming into rookie minicamp:
"It's been great being able to throw the ball around again. I've had a lot of fun out here, and that's the most important thing is taking it day-by-day."

On learning the playbook:
"I mean I only get about 20 percent of the plays, so it's not the whole thing, but doing the best that I can do understand the adjustments and the different types of reads and protections that come with the plays. It's a lot different than college, but I'm looking forward to the challenge."

On becoming comfortable within the offensive system:
"I just feel like once I understand the playbook and understand what I'm looking at, it'll be easy as far as the timing and where the ball needs to go. But when it's just One-on-One routes on air it's pretty easy. It's just being able to adjust going to team and 7 on 7s is the most important."

On his mother during Mother's Day:
"She means everything. I'm a mama's boy, so being able to be home for Mother's Day – I haven't' been able to the past couple of years – and spend some time with her. I'm really excited and looking forward to it."

On the significance of wearing No. 7:
"It has great significance to me and my family. It's more than just a number. Just being able to carry that on throughout my life for multiple years, it means a lot to me, and I'm thankful Joe [Theismann] let me wear the number."

On conversation with Joe Theismann about the number:
"He said he'd give me the blessing to wear it but to think about it, and that's what I did, and it was too much of an opportunity to pass it up."

On if he mentioned the importance of wearing the No. 7:
"No. Not really."

On if he is using his where he was picked in the draft as motivation:
"NFL friends from Ohio State always say it's not about what pick you land, it's where you land. For me being here in a great situation as far as quarterback coaches, a lot of great quarterback minds in the room and older guys that have been here, veterans, and a lot of great players around me. I'm just excited to be a part of this team and get to learn from these guys and it's going to be a lot of fun."

On playing close to where he played high school football:
"It means everything. Being able to be back in the area where it all started means a lot to me and I'm looking forward to keeping the area proud. It's just a lot of work and a lot of responsibility, but I couldn't ask for more, couldn't ask for a better opportunity for myself, and I'm going to make sure I do it right."

On being ready for Week 1:
"I'll be ready for whatever the coaches want for me, whether that's starting right away or next year or during the season. I'm just going to prepare like I'm the starter, and that's with me in the weight room, me in the meeting rooms, me with the younger guys, me with the older guys. Every opportunity for me is an opportunity for me to showcase that I'm the guy."

On not starting right away at Ohio State:
"It was definitely hard. Every competitor wants to play, but you have to know that it's for the team, it's bigger than you. If the coach thinks that I'm the best option to win games this year, then I'll be more than excited. And if they feel like I'm not ready, I'll make sure I'm ready. Just looking forward to getting better every day, and that's the most important thing."

On transitioning from college to professional football with WR Terry McLaurin:
"Terry's great. We linked up the past couple days, and it felt like we were back at Ohio State. It's great to have him here. We're roommates, and we're going through plays together. We played a little Madden last night. It's just great to have somebody that you're comfortable with, and to have him on the same team as me is a blessing."

On the mental side of rookie minicamp:
"It is hours and hours of film. The biggest adjustment from college to now was just the terminology and how the plays are called. In college you have like four or five signals and that's it. In the West Coast play, you have like 15 words and it's a lot, it's different, but it's pretty cool. It makes it easier for the guys around me because I tag everything. Just me taking responsibility of learning what every play is and how every play is different and how different tags are for different things, and it doesn't happen overnight, but I'm looking to put the work in."

On balancing a lot of information in a short period of time:
"It's challenging. You want it to be challenging. Like the biggest thing is applying the meetings to the field. We've put in 50 plays so far, so there's a lot of stuff going into it. It's just fun to be able to throw the ball around again, and you're going to make mistakes, but the biggest thing is rebounding from them. I'm just looking forward to getting better and putting the work in, pushing the guys around me, and just hopefully I can contribute this year."

On why he is a big film guy:
"Film is very important. I just feel like it slows the game down as far as what you're seeing on the field. I took pride in that at Ohio State it made the games very easy, and of course, being able to make the adjustment to the pros is different. Me being able to study as much as I can and learning the plays in great detail from how to read it, to different adjustments and coverages, different protections, different sights, different reads and there's just a lot of stuff that goes into one play that a lot of people don't know. The biggest thing for me is just trying to apply myself and do as much as I can to learn."
On what he likes about film study:
"I just don't like defenses, so I want to able to be the most prepared to rip them apart. That's what I like about it."
On if he has a new car:
"Not yet. Got mom a car though… she likes the Benz, it's her dream car so we'll see what the contract money's talking about – working on getting her a car for her birthday."
On McLaurin's leadership:
"I wouldn't say Terry's always vocal. I mean, he always knew what to say and when it needs to be said and that's very important to being a leader. Everybody respects the guy who has to talk all the time. Terry did a great job; he was respected in the locker room, there for five years and put all the work in. When Terry spoke you listened, and that's just great admiration for him and how he prepares and how he works. Just being able to be close with him throughout the season, having him here in D.C. will be great for me and my career, and his as well."
On WR Kelvin Harmon:
"Kelvin is a beast. I call him baby Julio. He just looks like Julio Jones from how he runs his routes and how hard he works. He's a very physical guy and I'm just blessed to have him and Terry in the same class as me."
On what he's been able to show at camp:
"Just me trying to be the best that I can, bringing it to the field – different plays, different terminology, calling plays in the huddle, but being the best that I can and just hit the open guy. Working really hard on that and it's been great to throw the ball around again and have a lot of fun."
On what the transition:
"It's just football. It is fun, it's competitive and that's what you like about it. Being in the locker room, being able to be around the guys is what I've missed most about the process. Now that I'm here I'm going to enjoy it and be in the moment with these guys as we're getting better. I'm sad to have the last day of mini-camp today, wish we could practice again tomorrow."
On how he'll handle the pressure of playing in the NFC East and in a major market:
"I'm a homebody, so I don't have to worry about all that. The biggest thing I have to do is just play well on Sundays. That's what I'm looking forward to, what I'm working on. A lot of the stuff comes when it needs to and me just being grounded as humble as I can for myself, my family, my teammates is something that's important to me. Being here in DC, somewhere where I'm from, I don't see it as a big city, even though it is. Being from this area, it's not different, it's very comfortable for me."
On having McLaurin around:
"Very comfortable to know how Terry runs routes, how he grinds, and what he works for. Great chemistry and we will have that on the field."

LB Montez Sweat
On how rookie minicamp:
"Oh, it's been great. Getting out here and getting back to football has been great."

On the amount of players attending rookie minicamp:
"Oh, it's definitely a big group. I love the competition and it's what we live for."

On the difference between learning in the classroom and trying to translate that to the field:
"Oh yeah, they're throwing a lot at us in the classroom, just going out here and translating it to the field is what's most important -- trying to get the defense as quick as possible."

On if he liked running the suicide sprints at the end of practice:
"Oh yeah, that's fun. Conditioning is part of getting back into football shape, so that was fun."

On if he is able to get back into the competitive spirit:
"Oh yeah, most definitely to get out here and compete. I'm a competitor and that's what the game is all about. So yeah, it definitely felt good."

On how much of the playbook the coaches have given him so far:
"I think they've only gone over the first install. I've gotten a little bit more of the playbook, so I guess I'm a little bit more ahead of the other guys. But I've gotten a good grip of it."

On what they have him focusing on:
"Just learning both SAM and WILL positions – I'm going to play both, so just focusing on those positions."

On the biggest takeaway he has had in these two days so far:
"The biggest takeaway – just really getting back to football – learning my assignment and what everybody has to do around me."

On the draft process and participating in minicamp:
"It definitely feels good. It gets a lot more pressure off of me rather than being nervous about when you're going to be picked. It's good to just get back to football and actually learning your job and all that stuff."

On being picked late in the first round:
"God makes no mistakes where he wants me to be, so I'll take it and run with it."

WR Terry McLaurin

On how the first couple of days of minicamp:
"Good. Back to playing football, a game I love, playing at the highest level. It is a dream come true."

On his expectations:
"I didn't really come in here with any expectations. Coach Gruden expects a lot and the energy that we've had, I feel like it's been going on during these first two practices, so that's pretty good."

On playing with his college teammate QB Dwayne Haskins during camp:
"It's like back at Ohio State. We worked during the offseason together, so he knows where I'm going to be and I know where he's going to put the ball. We've connected a lot these past two days and have had trust in each other."

On if he feels comfortable with what he has accomplished so far during rookie minicamp:
"I feel like I've gotten off to a good start. I wouldn't say any specifics on it, but I'm involved in all the special teams and I'm out there getting great reps at wide receiver, so I'm just trying to learn as I go and make plays when I'm out there."

On why he draws so much joy from blocking and special teams:
"I feel like it matters and anytime you step on the field you should do everything that is expected of you to the best of your abilities. That's how I was raised, that is how I view the game and I feel like that's how you respect the game is to work as hard as you can. I'm the type of guy who is willing to do whatever for the team."

On making it to the NFL:
"It is kind of surreal. It kind of hit me when I saw my locker the other day and I'm like, 'Wow, I'm really here in the NFL.' Then for a storied organization like the Redskins it was a dream come true for me. I just want to get in here and learn as much as I can and try to help."

On balancing both wide receiver and special teams duties:
"I'm a pretty smart player, so I just do a lot of studying at night, try to pay attention in the meeting rooms and take great notes and just try to apply it on the field. Our coaches do a great job of walking us through it and then we come out here and walkthrough it on the field. So like I said, I feel like I'm a pretty quick learner."

RB Bryce Love

On joining the Washington Redskins:
"In my mind, I just wanted the opportunity beyond anything else. Once my name is called, will I be ready to go? I'm just blessed I have the opportunity to learn from the [running] backs that are in the room. I feel like, it's a great group of guys. A great group of people and I'm excited."

On how he is different:
"I'll say… I'm just big on taking a lot [skill set] from a lot of different people. You know, everything that I can learn from everybody in the room will definitely be big to add in to my own game. I'm just building to be the best player that I can with the aspirations of being the best to do it. Working for that perfection and achieving excellence."

On his rehab and learning the playbook:
"Rehab is going great. Every day I feel like I'm getting better, being able to do more and more things. With what I got, you got to kind of be slow with it. Make sure you do it right. Make sure your 100 [percent] before you're ready to go. In terms of the playbook, I was blessed to be able go to Stanford; learn from Coach [David] Shaw. Of course, there are a lot of differences but I have a solid foundation by going there, really building off of the knowledge that I brought from over there."

OL Wes Martin

On how it feels to be in the NFL:
"It's awesome. It's a dream come true to get to this level and be able to get out here and start working."

On the learning curve from college to the NFL:
"Yeah, I mean it is what I expected. There's a ton more to it than the college game. There's a lot to learn, a lot to adapt to."

On the camaraderie between teammates:
"It's been great. You see a lot of the guys coming together, guys leading, guys following all that good stuff."

On the type of player he is:
"Blue-collar guy that's going to show up every day, do all the little things right, be consistent in his play and finish people into the ground."

On his experiences this past week:
"It's been good. We've been staying busy, getting into the routine. Like I said, that's been the biggest thing just getting into the new system and getting used to things."

OL Ross Pierschbacher

On getting back on the field:
"It was a great feeling. It feels like a long time coming between the last game we played in college to all the prep that goes into the senior bowl, combine, training, pro days and stuff like that. To actually be here with these guys and being able to compete with my teammates, feels awesome to be back and just be able to play football again."

On what he wanted to show at minicamp:
"Just show that they didn't make a mistake picking me and just bond with these guys, compete and build some comradery with the rookies. I feel like we did that this week."

On working with Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line Coach Bill Callahan:
"He's been awesome. It'll be a tough love type of relationship, but that's how he gets his players to play the best that they can. I'm really excited to be able to work for him. I feel like I've already improved two days in. He knows so much about this offensive line play. I'm just excited to get after it."

On how the weekend was mentally:
"It was more just getting down the lingo. I feel like scheme-wise, it was a pretty similar offense compared to what we did at Alabama. It was just getting the lingo down and then their techniques, just really learning what they want us to do each play. That's a little different, just kind of like I said with the verbiage that Coach Callahan wants us to use."

On OL Wes Martin:
"He's awesome. Once we got drafted, we kind of bonded right away, just being back-to-back offensive line guys. Midwest guys coming in, competing for a spot. We're roommates in the hotel as well. We've just really been partners out here, setting the tone for the offensive line as well. It's been awesome to work with him, and we have a lot of great offensive linemen here at camp right now."

On what he's taking away from minicamp:
"Just the speed of the game, as fast as college was, this is a whole different ball game. Just really having to take matters into my own hands, be proactive, not reactive. That will be the biggest thing for me."

WR Kelvin Harmon

On his role:
"Mainly, [Wide Receivers] coach Ike [Hilliard] told me to be at Z right now, come to learn at Z and just a little bit inside at slot, but mostly outside just trying to get the playbook down pat and just get used to the transition.”

On playing with confidence:
"Yeah, I definitely agree with it, it comes from my competitive nature, always trying to bully the guy in front of me if I got to block him or win a route or sell a route being a decoy for my teammates. I'm just always trying to win every one-on-one battle."

On practicing with QB Dwayne Haskins:
"It's been pretty good you know we connected on a couple good throws and today we had not a good couple one-on-ones but you know we're going to go back into the film room and look at it, talk about it and come back and be better next time."

On developing chemistry with Haskins:
"I think it's just developing a relationship on and off the field, you know me and him, we know each other for a couple years now so we have a relationship. You know just helping each other with learning the playbook."

On how his skillset fits the Redskins:
"I was just talking to coach Ike and he just wants me at Z being that big body guy going in and being physical, going over the top get some passes in the middle in the medium circle just making those 50-50 catches and contested catches."

On WR Terry McLaurin:
"Me and him been talking a lot, obviously he's a fast guy, he's like 4.3, I saw him take the top off yesterday on one-on-ones with a post, that was very impressive."

On his speed:
"I guess it just depends on who you ask. I just know the coaches know what I'm capable of doing, so I'm just going to go out there and prove it each and every week."

CB Jimmy Moreland

On what the Washington Redskins knew about him prior to the draft:
"You know [I went to school] two hours from here. When I got here, most people already knew who I was. A couple of people knew where I was from – Belle Glade, Florida – like this man right here; he's from Palm Beach County. There are a lot of people around here that know where I'm from and got to see me in college as well."

On what he has learned during rookie camp:
"You have to be always on beat, always on point. They are not waiting on you. The playbook is right there. They expect you to know the playbook before you get into the meeting. So, you always got to be head up on the game and keep your best foot forward."

On how much LB Andrew Ankrah has helped him:
"He's helped me a lot. He's helping me get around now because I don't have a car and plays and things like that. He's help me off the field as well."

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I'm really digging Ross Pierschbacher pick as well. The way I see it is Jay must have picked Payne & Allen's brain for intel on RP. If those 2 say he's a baller then we just may have a great interior o-line for the immediate future.

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