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October 28, 2019
Interim Head Coach Bill Callahan

Opening Statement:
“So today we started preparation on the Bills. We went out in helmets and spiders, and really the energy and the effort on the practice was good to see after a few days of break. A lot of good energy, enthusiasm, good head start preliminarily on the Buffalo Bills. We're anxious to get going and get the players back in the building on Wednesday, but good start for today.”

On injury updates for QB Case Keenum, RB Derrius Guice:
“[QB] Case [Keenum] didn't practice today and we'll find out a little bit more this evening and tomorrow, and we'll get a little bit more data as they do the baseline testing in terms of the protocol. [RB Derrius Guice] wasn't rolling around in the grass as much as I could tell, but he was out there working. We've released him back into the program, so it was good to get him on the practice field. He's worked hard to get back and his workload was a good amount today, but not too much because we're still monitoring his conditioning level as he works back into football. So, it was great to see him work at the level that he did today. I'm really happy for him because he's really, really had a long, hard trail to get back and he's put the time in and the effort in to get better.”

On whether Keenum is considered day-to-day:

On when he expects Guice to return from injured reserve:
“It'll be two weeks before he gets going, probably after the bye. He'll be ready to go for the Jets game.”

On whether he saw anything different from QB Dwayne Haskins Jr. in practice today:
“I thought [QB] Dwayne [Haskins Jr.] had a really good day today. I thought he responded well, bounced back well from the Thursday night loss. We visited personally – he and I did – this weekend on a number of things and we're just working closely together to improve his game in every aspect. He's shown the willingness and the diligence to improve. He's taken it upon himself to come in and visit and talk and to express himself in terms of what he can do better. He wants to win, he does have that aspect to him, he has that trait that you'd like to see in all of your quarterbacks where they hurt afterwards, but let alone they bounce back. So, he did a really good job today on the practice field, he took command of the offense, really good tempo pre-snap and post-snap. I thought the execution was good – the ball wasn't even on the floor for the entirety of the day, which was really impressive.”

On if he believes there is an ideal time to start Haskins:
“I would never speculate or try to create anything hypothetically as to the situation at quarterback. [QB] Case [Keenum] is our quarterback and that's where we're rolling right now. Like I told the players, I said, ‘Everyday you come in the National Football League, you earn your right to be here. It's not a privilege.' No matter what position you're at, you've gotta put the work in, you gotta put the effort in. it's a day-to-day business. Let's face it. The only thing we can focus on right now and control is our improvement. I talked to the team this morning about individual improvement, unit improvement, positional improvement. That's what we can control. I really believe if you improve every aspect of all your fundamentals, schemes, tactics, coaching, you give yourself a chance. I don't worry about anything else. Everything else doesn't mean a thing to me. I love winning. I wanna win. Everything is about winning, but you've gotta focus on what's important first and those are the things you can control. Improvement in your personal game is everything for a player.”

On why he believes sitting a rookie quarterback will help his development in the long run:
“I think that we started a course in the beginning of the year philosophically and we've held true to that course in terms of where we're at right now currently and we're going to maintain that. I really believe at the beginning of the year, [QB] Case [Keenum] earned the starting quarterback position. He was voted captain by his teammates, certainly deserving, certainly our starting quarterback. So we're not confusing the issue here, Case is our starter and if he's healthy and ready to play this Sunday, he will be going forward.”

On how much direction he is receiving from the front office for the quarterback situation:

On the expectations for Haskins when he starts:
“For any player who starts and for any player who is on the roster for that matter, when you're called on, you have to step in and step up and do your job. It's really that simple. We're all paid professionals – players, coaches, so when you get that opportunity, that's something you got to take advantage of. And I'm certain for anybody, whether it's a quarterback, a lineman, a receiver, a linebacker, they're all anxious to do well. We expect them to do well. I think they're trained and worked in that capacity and they're guided and coached to play at any time and that's why the roster is only at 53. There's not a lot of spots. It's a special room to be in, and like I keep saying, it's a privilege. It's not a right. Our players are of the understanding that when their moment is called, they've gotta deliver and it's a production business for me, for anybody. We all have to take that accountability seriously and produce when the time is called."

On how the plan at quarterback changes in the season:
“I just think it's week-to-week, we're judged week-to-week, we look at our team on that basis. All I'm trying to do, for our team is put them in the best position possible. I think we have shown some improvements that haven't shown up in the win column. That's disappointing, it's disappointing for our fans, for our organization, for the people that work here, for the players who are the most disappointed. But there's so many positive things as a coach that you can illustrate and show the team where we're good at and what we need to improve in that. So, the improvable areas of our teams, we're there. They're communicated on a daily basis. Not only as a team, but as a unit and a position. Going out on the practice field, our players have a good mindset and focus as to what they need to improve upon so we don't go out there mindlessly and practice plays. So we really put a lot of effort and thought into exactly what players or the player needs to get better and we work diligently on it."

On the trade deadline:
“It's interesting when all these reports come up and come out. They're stories, some have credence, some don't, and I look at the trade deadline in terms of our organization whatever happens, happens. I'm not privy to anything of that nature at this juncture. So a lot of it's hypothetical, and so if I had something to report, I would. But to speculate, it wouldn't be fair to anybody, fans, players it would be disrespectful to our players number one and also our fan base. So again I would never say anything to indicate or show in any term what we're thinking about from a trade perspective. So that's a little bit different for us.

On S Landon Collins' contributions to the team this season:
“I love the way he plays. I love the way he leads our team – the players get a lot of energy from him, he's a great communicator on the field and he's always in the right place at the right time. Every day he comes to work, he's focused, he works hard, he's diligent, he's smart, he's tough and he's physical. He has the things that we want to be as a team. When you've got a player like that, when you're strong up the middle, when your battery is strong up the middle, you've got a chance and that's what I think we've been seeing the last few weeks. You see [S Landon Collins], you also see Montae [Nicholson], and at the linebacker position [LB] Cole [Holcomb] obviously is getting better as a rookie, [LB Jon] Bostic has been really solid for us, then you get [DT Daron] Payne, [DT Matt] Ioannidis and then [DT] Jonathan Allen. If you have a strong battery and you're really good up the middle, you're a good defense and you've got a chance to be a really good defense inside-out. So that is attributed to what Landon Collins brings to our team. All those cover traits, pressure traits, coverage traits that he has and then obviously his ability to sting down a tackle with his physicality is impressive. I love watching him play.”

On whether QB Colt McCoy is being considered for the starting quarterback job:
“Like I said going back a few weeks, [QB] Case [Keenum] is the starter, [QB] Dwayne [Haskins Jr.] is the backup. Of course, if Case did not play and Dwayne was the starter, then [QB] Colt [McCoy] would definitely be the backup.”

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